Darren Brown’s ‘The Push’

I haven’t seen this show, I don’t have TV… but apparently I hear on the radio the premiss is ‘amazing’ – as it exposes the true nature of human beings. The show purports to demonstrate that almost anyone can be pushed into doing the most heinous things under the right circumstances. But wait? I would laugh, if it wasn’t so sad.

Darren Brown is clever – but it’s old news

The Bible clearly says; the heart of man is wicked above all things, and constantly warns – ‘he who casts the first stone…’, ‘man has a fallen nature’, that ‘hating a person in your heart is no different to murder’ – why? Because little evils are seen as no different to god in terms of the cause (a fallen heart), as big ones – they all lead a person in the same direction – no matter how ‘good’ they think they are.

The theory behind ‘The Push’ – is what the Gospel, and need for salvation is all about

I hate to say I told you so – well I didn’t – but the Bible did – and does – over and over and over (of course no one reads it so they will assume Darren Brown is a  genius and revolutionary thinker – he is clever there is no doubt – but there really is nothing new under the sun), and has been telling people that for thousands of years that this is the case with people – and especially the human heart.

All men are sinners

The fact is, and the Bible says deny this at our peril, that anyone is capable of doing anything – given enough pressure, and the right circumstances. In fact the WHOLE premiss of the gospels is what this program was about – that people are all sinners, and no one given enough time will be able to stay free from sin. All men have broken the ten commandments – if not physically, in their hearts. Apart from the obvious physical trail of destruction that sin inevitably leaves, Jesus said there is no difference between the evil a man thinks in his heart, and what he does with his hands. Now that was a revolutionary, true, and sobering idea.

The Goal of Humanity is ‘Happiness’ – So We Are Told

Well we shouldn’t really expect much more from folks who’s main goal in life revolves around finding ways to make money, and hang on to their wealth and power at the same time – I mean we can’t all be rich right?.. it’s not possible is it? So what is the answer to how to be really happy? Well hopefully the billionaires at Davos will enlighten us, but for now – let’s do an imaginary equation;

Take all the richest billionaires and other wealthy folks’ money – and share it amongst the rest of us (I’m no socialist – this is just for fun:) and we could make everyone happy right? Erm.. perhaps we would all be fairly well off. But wait… while all the clever folks at Davos meet to discuss our future – because relationships and family, food and running water are clearly not enough.

We need Elon Musk and friends and his hair-brained ideas to go and live on an airless, dark wasteland to be really happy – do you reckon there is one seminar we can attend which involves them giving away any of their wealth in this process of making everyone happy (a dreadfully meaningless term in the first place in my view – and Jesus it would appear)?

Nope – they’re getting together to find ways to hold on to their wealth – and make the rest of us happy too?! How nice of them. Oh dear – it’s getting sillier by the minute! Oh well – I’m sure they have our best interests at heart, so here’s an update on what’s being discussed at Davos.

What is Faith?

Q: What is Faith?

Faith for Christians is believing in God for what we want right? Wrong. Faith is not getting what we want – and still having faith that God with provide ALL our needs SPIRITUALLY – or physically if he so desires to supply so that we can glorify Him – unto death – as Jesus demonstrated.

Unless we want to cling on to the immature and puerile doctrines spread about by modern new-agers, and prosperity teachers – who don’t believe what they spout incidentally – but rather figured out it’s a fantastic way to make a killing by exploiting other people’s, deepest insecurities, needs, wants and desires and often misery.

Praise and thanks be to God for REAL faith – for Him to supply all our needs in accordance with Christ Jesus.

Why does God only require faith to be saved?

Why you should have faith in God

Bitcoin is Just a Bubble! So’s My Whole Life!

Q: is Bitcoin a bubble?

Everything we do – day to day – moment to moment – our jobs – our families – our cars – our wealth – our house – our heath – the stocks we’ve gambled on (come on let’s call the stock exchange the giant casino for grown-ups what it really is) – it’s ALL a bubble that the Bible promises one day will be burst.

So yes – Bitcoin may well be a bubble – but it does have some interesting difference to other financial bubbles – namely – if it becomes the currency of all currencies – then it’s one that may never burst. But whatever – everything is a bubble in this world – period – except Christ!

So let’s forget the bubbles and concentrate on what God told us to concentrate on; loving Jesus, caring for our neighbours with something other than lip-service, looking after our families and learning how to be good stewards of all the little bubbles we have been given to take care of – so that when all is said and done God will reward us with all things bubble-proof!

Want to invest in Bitcoin before the universe bursts?

Before that happens as the Bible promises – you can invest in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies here >>

(and don’t panic – it’s not The Mark of the Beast – how do we know – because the Bible tells us in crystal clear terms; namely we can still buy and sell in a myriad of other ways and The Mark will be the ONLY means to buy and sell)

God bless you all today:)

What is Bitcoin?

Smell The Roses

Every now and then in this crazy world, when we forget how incredibly amazing God and his intelligent design is, or at least nature if you believe God used other methods, and we take everything, our ability to think, walk, talk, the birds, tress and blades of grass for granted, I think we need to look at nature to restore our faith in God.

This morning I woke up with an inexplicable desire to find out how a bird builds it’s next – don’t ask why! But it is something I’ve often thought about – how on earth it gets those first few twigs to rest in place on a branch blowing in the wind, on which the whole of the rest of the nest sits – it has to be impossible for a bird with no hands, fingers or thumbs etc?

Well I found this fascinating video shot by a camper, and having always wondered how a bird gets a nest started was blown away by the speed and cleverness (Im sure there is no such a word?!) of this little creature, and how the intelligence and creativity to do this is built into the cells and soul of this creature – for instance we all know how unbelievable the humble ants are. Have a look and be amazed as I was.