90 Year Old Man Faces Jail for Heinous Crime; Feeding The Hungry

Forget illegal email servers and pay to play… the real criminal Abbott had his dastardly plan to feed hungry and homeless folks stopped in the nick of time before more damage could be done by US law enforcers. How dare he look after his fellow neighbours without a license!

Yep, it looks like the times that the Bible describes in great detail are finally here. When they call good evil and evil good. They really have lost the plot, or perhaps they ate some of this man’s clearly poisonous food that needs throwing in the bin and him quarantined. But seriously, the powers that seek to control every aspect of our lives, because we can’t be trusted have actually arrested an old man in the USA – Arnold Abbott – for doing what?… feeding hungry people!

“Officer shouted; drop that plate – right now! – like it was dangerous weapon”

What an evil old man! Listen folks, something is clearly not right – not that we didn’t know that already, but this just underlines once again that the PC lunatics have indeed escaped from the hen-house and unwittingly helping to build themselves and us, a prison for everyone.

The USA for all her government official’s misdemeanours in failing to follow the original American Constitution’s rules – incidentally the most amazing piece of legislation ever created designed to limit governmental powers and install real and lasting freedom FOR the people, is the last genuinely free place on earth – so we should mourn these events. Folks – it’s no longer conspiracy and the Bible as ever was right on the money. Here’s one of many articles on the subject here; www.independent.co.uk –  ninety year old man facing jail for giving food to homeless people

Red Cross Madness?

Not only that, but we hear that the Red Cross have allegedly been kicking out locals who have set up shelters and feeding and clothing stations for flood victims and throwing the food away and taking over. I imagine they will still be happy to take financial donations however and not throw those away at www.redcross.org (look we love the Red Cross really but what’s this all about – did they go nuts?!). What has the world come too?.. how dare these people presume to help their fellow men (and women for the PC crowd) without going through the government. Soon we will all need a license to help old ladies across the road. It remains to be seen if this is in fact actually happened (they have since denied it) but for sure this is what’s coming – no more autonomous serving the poor or your next door neighbour – everything must pass through governmentally approved channels. Read more about the Red Cross investigation here.

Long Awaited Cashless Society is Here!

“It will never happen” said a 60-something non-Christian friend of mine a year ago with a laugh, and this was probably the view of most people up until quite recently. But we Christians (and obviously some of the higher up leaders in the know and their handlers (the bankers)) have been waiting for the cashless society for years and years – and years, and it appears to be right on the doorstep (don’t panic just yet as you will know The Mark of The Beast when it appears, as you will not be able to buy or sell ANYTHING without it and it will be under the authority of one entity – so while we still have cash and/or cashless – or any means to buy or sell without using a single mark or system it’s not The Mark).

As Jesus said, it will all come down to the love (or not) of money

Cashless is delight to the banker’s ears as they know once it’s a done deal there is never any going back to cash and they can get away with not just theft as they do now (giving us 0% interest and now actually charging us interest to give THEM what is effectively interest-free loans they can go and invest for huge returns) but print money out of thin air till their heart’s are content with no one to stop them. I mean why do we give them our money – there is no reason at all except to make digital ‘transactions’ easier as they slowly turn the thumbscrews and force everyone to use electronic payments only.

Of course as I and countless others have pointed out – going cashless was always going to be sold as a means to make the world ‘safer’ – to curb illegal money transactions – laundering, drugs and financial crime etc etc – you know the (relatively little) ‘crooks’, but of course no one has the whatnots to stop the real big crooks – the privately owned central banks printing money they don’t actually have anything to back it with, and lending out 10X that non-existent amount to us plebs (and unbelievably – governments) at interest. If you or I did that we would be inside in a heartbeat. No – let’s go after the petit criminals not the instigators of all the world’s financial turmoil. The few that have been brave enough to challenge these private central bankers have not fared well – JFK – Abe Lincoln and a few others.

The masses will love it!

‘Cashless’ has been trailed in places like Africa and South America – basically places that won’t put up any resistance to wet the appetites of the young and uneducated (when it comes to The Bible) over here in Biblically literate (or more specifically Revelation literate) but rapidly becoming Biblically illiterate Christians and folk generally.

Interestingly the Book of Revelation starts with (my paraphrase); “there is s special blessing for anyone that studies this book” and one must assume that this blessing is tied up with not being hoodwinked into putting your rear end before the eternal destiny of your soul – what really matters – or to put it another way – what it will all come down to – putting your belly before the eternal salvation of your soul.

cashless society is here

Reality or Fiction? You Decide

An Internet video has been going viral around the web that claims to show the real reality of migration from Syria. We certainly don’t see any of this on the standard news TV stations so either it is a collection of videos strung together made to look like something they are not – or they are in fact what the video claims them to be, a scary indication that things have got out of control.

By accident or design?

We all know that bad politicians have always used one situation to manipulate another – it’s a method that’s as old as the hills – pitting one group or nation against another, or one situation against another to precipitate a desired political or social outcome. It goes on in the financial markets too to manipulate markets and create profits that would otherwise not be made. And we all have heard the stories of banks financing both sides of wars to profit from the sale of arms and gain power in the process.

So many people say is the situation with migration, it being used as a tool to manipulate the minds of those who are not aware of the way politicians – especially those keen to implement a single world order – work, and the chaos is being used to cause the people to demand that the governments take and weald more power to control that chaos – powers that in time of order, no government would be ever be allowed by any people knowledgable of history.

And so, we have the conspiracy theorists on one side that will tell you this is all by design – i.e a war created by corrupt governments in order to create chaos and the borders throughout the rest of the world, as in Europe and America are purposely being left open in order to usher in a single world government by using chaos to cause the people to cry out to the governments to issue ID cards for all and ask then to take total control by a single governing entity – something that could never be implemented by force since the people would never accept it. And let’s not forget the Bible tells us; “and he caused all (note – not forced)…” in Revelation giving this theory serious credibility along side the fact that all governments let alone corrupt ones have always sought to find ways to legally number their citizens as in the UK for instance where we have all had NI numbers for decades.

The other side will say this is simply the result of another random war and that we must simply open all borders and let everyone and anyone in so they can escape the tyranny into their homelands. Both could be true – but only one is true, and my concern is that if it is the former (and such conspiracies have happened over and over throughout history as The Bible tells us powerful men are constantly conspiring) we have been asleep too long and will have no way to reverse the problem.

You decide

As ever, I will not tell you what I think, as I could be wrong and you must do your own research regarding what’s really happening with the refugee crisis. You decide if this video is something we should really be worried about.

You may also want to watch this…

Bill Still, an incredibly well-respected oracle on money, it’s creation and the real answers to the world’s financial ‘issues’ has an insightful video below regarding the immigration we are seeing. Again – I have no knowledge of wether what he is reporting is true and only know that everything this guy puts out appears to be well researched, honest and unbiased. If it is true, it is concerning.

We must also remember while we watch or read anything related to the peoples of the Middle East and label them as simply ‘bad’ people – most in the Middle East are not even allowed to read the Bible often on pain of death, so have been exposed to nothing else than their state religion and have NEVER heard the Gospel – something we are privileged in the West to be able to read and study along with any other religion we care to study, and yet many of us are not bothering to. They know nothing but that we Westerners are hedonistic and ungodly which to a large extent is true! This is not to excuse bad behaviour but to put where these people are coming from in context. God is gracious to us so we must extend grace wherever possible to others – but never blindly – we must learn about their background and faith (by reading their holy books) in order to fully understand the situation.

ISIS Slices Fingertips Off Boy Before Crucifying Boy & Beheading Group

Next time you think you are having a hard time because you didn’t get a pay rise, you got the flu, couldn’t go on that long awaited summer holiday or you just feel like your life is rubbish (as admittedly I have often been guilty of and hence I’m writing this to myself), you might want to think again.

A report in several mainstream newspapers (which one has to be wary of in the first place when reporting on political matters of course as they are all biased to one cause or another) say that yet another group of Christians have been slaughtered – most beheaded for refusing to convert to IS beliefs. Most of them were also praying in the name of Jesus Christ as they were killed. See the various articles reporting this very sad but now very common incident here:

www.mirror.co.uk – isis thugs crucify Christian boy

www.express.co.uk – Islamic State jihadis slice fingertips refusing convert Islam

www.dailymail.co.uk – ISIS sliced 12 year old Syrian boy’s fingertips father Christians failed bid-convert Islam executed group victims shouted Jesus

Kent Hovind To Be Released

King of creationism and the fearful thorn in the side of the Christian neigh-sayers – Kent Hovind is to be released from prison after years and years and years behind bars – the courts having to finally admit that the guy was innocent from day one and the whole sham was just a means to keep this great man of God’s mouth firmly shut when it came to keeping the ‘science’ community honest in relation to the ‘fact’ of evolution.

Yes – that spurious theory that the inventor himself said should be considered defunct should the situation ever arise that not enough fossils of intermediate ‘species’ were found – which of course they haven’t. Only one I know exists and at most a handful of others.

Thank you God – I personally prayed very sincerely about securing Kent’s release and thousands of others petitioned the Lord and it seems God honoured those prayers… amen!