Why Can’t The Main Stream Media Tell The Truth?

Well it’s quite simple really, but let’s not make a sweeping statements to tar everyone with the same brush. Lets re-phrase that; why can’t 95% of the main steam media tell the truth? Well in my often not so humble opinion, this small problem of honesty comes down to another little thing called money – and the love of it. The problem is, money is needed in order to have a livelihood – to eat, and to feed your family, and of course to get ahead of other outlets and people – the riches the allure of which is something most humans are unable in and of themselves (without God’s humbling Spirit) to resist.

So think of the average clever and hungry for success grads leaving college and landing themselves a dream job at Clown News, Yazoo or ABCD Inc. or some other news outlet owned by a bazillion foreign investors and/or some far off oligarch somewhere in some distant country who has 101 special interests other than the people of the country where the outlet is based, trying to state the truth when he or she knows it might show the interests of the company owners or the owners themselves in a bad light – it simply can’t be done if one wants to retain their job.

One day these well-paid enthusiastic college grads are asked to report on some unpalatable – unsavoury news that just happens to be the truth – but that really doesn’t sit well with the paying viewers, advertisers or investors. Buy this time they have a small family, mouths to feed, PC school meetings to attend – a close nit group of cool city slicker friends of various persuasions  to impress and stay in with – many with lifestyles and views that in private they might disagree or disapprove of but in public must agree in order to retain their status, connections and job, plus 101 other peer pressures from family and all that comes with this ungodly thing we call political correctness – but which is just that – political – by dictionary standards something or some position said or held to for effect and not necessarily because it’s true.

Now it doesn’t take a genius to guess what will happen. If you are not made of steel, the whole business of being an honest reporter can easily descend into a charade, but out of necessity and survival more than anything else – not because these folks are all bad. Most reporters I’m sure start with good intentions, but you simply can’t run the story as it is and keep your job. The truth has to be doctored to suit the tasted and preferences of ALL the many different groups involved with the news outlet, and to satisfy the free speech rules – or not as the case may be of whatever government is in place. That or be taken off the air, go bust and not be able to feed your family. The truth is always compromised by money and has been since the year dot. In fact there is sometimes so much money involved that the truth can literally get you killed. It was the truth that got our Lord killed.

The thing is we all know this – but I think we forget from time to time that the Bible was absolutely right when it said to basically, in so many words, follow the money; that “the love of money is the root of all evil” (on this earth – I’ll add, to give it it’s obvious but often missed meaning since of course there are greater forces at work in the heavens).

So then once in a while you get a character – love him or hate him that doesn’t need the money – doesn’t need to be PC and all hell breaks lose. Another thing to note – is that when you are speaking truth, you can be sure you will have more enemies than friends. This does not always mean that the Trumps of the word right, but if you really are speaking truth – you will have more enemies period. In an era of mixed and confused messages and half-truths, I find it’s sometimes a good litmus test to look at who is supporting a view and who isn’t, to help me determine who might be telling the truth – or at least who is trying to be more honest. But sometimes it’s just obvious to everyone. Like when a bunch of multinational big-business bosses who make much or their products at dirt cheap rates abroad leave a business council in the dust and say it’s for reason X – you can be pretty sure it’s really for reason Y that strangely relates to theirs and their investors pockets.

The truth is, wether we recognise it or not this money versus truth problem actually affects all of us whatever position we are in – rich, poor – small business owner or Google CEO, or even church, something I and many Christians, and others who love truth battle with daily. It’s one reason I’m sure there will be no money in heaven – but that’s another article!

Why Does Trump Use Twit-ster – sorry I mean Twitter?

I don’t really like Donald Trump, but even I – an uneducated fool have recognised for decades that the swamp that has formed here in the UK by career politicians who’ve never had a proper job, and the similar swamp that has formed in the US – does need draining once in a while if we are to retain real freedom, and the only person that could possibly do it, would be someone that has already ‘made it’, who does not need the money of big business, and does not need fame and self aggrandisement or have an obsession to ‘leave a mark’ because they’ve already made it. I would have voted for him, not because he is going to be a saviour, but because he may for a period at least, hold off the socialist world government that is predicted in The Bible and now very visible just over the horizon.

Back to the Twitter question; should he use it, and if he is, why is he using it? Well love him or loath the Donald – watch this and you’ll see he’s using CNN’s own stupidity and pure money driven goal to get ratings to make them expose their own real interests – trash stories! In fact the essence of and what most of CNN and Twitter is about. These folks are so blatantly biased that people need to stop watching them or they’ll be telling us all what to think and what’s right and wrong for another fifty years.

How silly – this guy is very rational and telling this anchor what CNNs problem is, and she carries on doing the same thing not once – twice – thrice – four and five times. The president is not puerile enough to use the children’s playground that is Twitter, to air and discuss his most important decisions to get America back on it’s feet – he’s not going discuss and have a serious debate on a website where twits just trade insults all day, and turn everyone else into twits in the process – he knows what Twitter is, and he chooses to talk real politics and to real people in person. But the CNN folk are fixated with Twitter and trash proving his point – if he is trying to make one that is and I suspect he is.

Here’s what’s happening; they love junk news that gets ratings – so he gives them little silly comments on Twitter like piranhas – and they then expose their real $$$ driven interests by non-stop – I mean –  non-stop coverage of it, instead of what matters undermining their whole dishonest-by-omission channel. I have to say – whilst he is arrogant and I probably wouldn’t invite him to tea – he is very smart in some ways.

CNN ‘News’; For The Love of Money

Listen – I hate the term ‘fake news’. I don’t trust BBC, CNN, ABC any more or less than I trust the plethora of ‘news’ reporters making news videos about other people’s news videos in their mother’s basements. Personally I think the whole world has lost it’s mind and become fake over that ‘love of money’ that the Bible speaks of as being the greatest evil in the world – not just the main stream news networks (this of course is ignoring the deepest root of all evil that The Bible says is in the spiritual realm – but here on earth – it’s plain and simple be it in the church, business or politics – the love of money).

Journalists that never leave their seats

Well there is only one way to see through the lies of the internet – that thing which is turning out to be the Devil’s best propaganda and misinformation tool, or to see through the myriad of basement YouTube news channel and outlets for that matter – and that’s The Bible. The one and only thing that can truly inoculate and warn any soul in their spirit that reads or sees biased news, and tell them if it’s true or not, and it’s reading and knowing The Bible that will help us in discerning falsehoods whenever they arise from the mouths and minds of devils disguised as ‘journalists, and unscrupulous news outlets disguised as ethical organisations who’s primary desire is to disseminate the unbiased spreading of the truth wherever they find it.

CNN Ethics? “No – it’s about ratings”

But if we are really going to see what the truth is about companies like CNN and others, let’s just cut to the chase, stop speculating like they do – day in day out – and listen to their own words and admissions;

Have All US News Anchors Become Partisan Mud Slingers?

Is it me, or have all the US TV news anchors lost their job descriptions as well as their minds? No I’m serious – aren’t TV news readers and news stations supposed to be impartial places of serious debate, or are they supposed to be more like playgrounds filled with children – posing as adults, engaging in name-calling and mud slinging matches, conducting completely and obviously bias interviews, altering facts, and lying by omission?

Donald trump is no saint, but he is right that the media had descended into a complete farce in most cases, with each station clearly taking sides and actually getting involved in passing opinion after opinion, when their job is clearly to ask pertinent questions and shut up and listen!

We should and do love all Muslims – we are commanded to love everyone by God and His Word – The Bible. But some people may have a problem with people that have gone abroad and been radicalised and come back and wish to harm us – if we want to protect our people that it. Is that an unreasonable stance to take? If I were president I would have one BIG concern; that people I was serving did not lose their lives unnecessarily on my watch and on account of me not taking action where effective action was possible. That seems right to me – to take necessary – temporary measures.

The interviewee is cool as a cucumber as he clearly has nothing – zero to hide. Interesting as Jesus said; “do not worry about what you will say when you are hauled before the rulers (paraphrase) as I will fill your mouth.” It’s a wonderful lesson for all Christians worried about how to answer these people. There is no need to fret or calculate your answers so long as you ARE telling the truth as far as you know it. Just speak the truth according to your conscience and you will do fine – no matter what pressure you are under. But try to weave a story – and it will last for a while before it comes back to bite you.

Anyway – watch and marvel as this CNN news anchor talks himself into a smaller and smaller – and smaller corner. Something he has clearly not learned is that the truth will always out – and spinning will always trip you up…  just a matter of time.