Don’t Sacrifice Your Marriage, Wife, Children & Relationship with God on the Altar of ‘Success’

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be anyway and the Bible (Soloman) calls chasing it ‘folly’. Any ‘successful’ person who has hit the top will tell you that once they got there there was a terrible empty feeling of “what now?” Then there is the other issues that there is always someone better off – richer or with greener (looking) pastures to deal with. Where do you stop?

We were designed for relationship and to serve others – not ‘success’

Much wiser to do what the Bible commands us to do – go forth and have children, be good, honest, responsible mums and dads, bring our children up in the ways of the Lord and teach our kids to do the same with their families. There is simply nothing more important than this – no career, no job, no fame and no fortune will come close if you want real and lasting contentment in life.

Success is not bad – just not what it’s cracked up to be

Nothing on earth is more fulfilling than a happy marriage and children that come out of the love of that relationship with God at the centre of the whole thing. If you try like I have and many people are encouraged to do today to keep up with and if possible exceed the achievements of your peers, get that successful career and all those accolades before you consider God and His plans for your life – namely family, you may get to mid-life and regret it. Just sayin’!

Christ chose to work with his hands

“The labourers’s sleep is sweet” says the Bible very wisely. How many rich folk can’t sleep at night?.. a great many I would imagine. Remember the most powerful and successful man in history was a carpenter that worked with his hands. The only difference this man modelled real success. His mission meant that having a family was not a pleasure he had the option of (though I guess he had an super-extended family in us!) and in fact he put all before his own desires, I would wager when all was said and done will probably turn out to be the most contented being in the universe.