The Sabbath

The sabbath is only for the jews?..

“There will be neither Jew nor Gentile in the kingdom of God!”

The enmity of the law was destroyed – not the law itself!

The finger of god wrote the 10 Commandments and God is the same yesterday and forever – the finger of moses wrote the law on moses.

Story: one day a murderer was let off by a judge who ave him grace and pardoned from the death penalty so he was no longer under the condemnation (condemned) of the law. However he enquired if he was now free to kill his inmates should he so wish too?

The judge replied no… you have been pardoned this once from your sin and you are no longer condemned by the law for your sin but you are still under the law and are not free to kill. And you would not be free to do so, and still under the law if I pardon you a 100 times!

There is no Reason Sunday Should be Enforced as a Rest Day

Why do I say this? Because I believe that at some point in the not so distant future this will happen in order to bring about ‘unity’ and the world ‘peace‘ the Bible speaks of in Revelation, and people need to know that enforcing this day as a day of worship, or forcing anything on people for that matter is always wrong.

But this is not an article saying; you must keep the Sabbath – I personally believe we should (not to be saved I might add – but because I believe it was made for man to recharge and bless him after 6 days of work as we see modelled by God in Genesis), but you must decide that for yourself after reading the scriptures and studying the 10 commandments and who and what they were for. What this article is about is why Protestants meet or ‘keep’ Sunday in the first place, which I was never told by my pastors and had to find out for myself. When I found out – I was amazed that it wasn’t taught but now know why. Let me explain.

Sunday was what the early Christians called ‘The Lord’s Day’ because they were celebrating the raising of Jesus and this was the day they believed it happened. There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating the risen Jesus Christ on Sunday – the first day of the week and meeting for fellowship or whatever you wish to do on this day that involves your faith.

But, we must not confuse this day of fellowship with the Sabbath, which is, and always has been – since the creation of the earth in Genesis – and always will be the seventh day of the week – and that 7th day of our week happens to fall on our ‘Saturday’ (the English word Saturday comes from the Pagan Saturn but in over 100 languages the day for Saturday is the same word as ‘Sabbath’! Most english Christians don’t realise this so it’s worth noting.

This was the day that (if you chose or feel you need to adhere to this commandment and many admittedly don’t – and keeping the Sabbath or not is another issue entirely) God said we must do no work during, and that it must be kept holy. The 4th commandment says NOTHING about meeting for worship, praise or fellowship and the activities that happen on the two days and how they came about should not be confused.

So why do Christians meet on Sunday then? Well the Catholic church have given us the answer many years ago and it’s written in their Catechism – their rule book and doctrinal belief book if you like. They say; “the church (Catholic) changed the sanctity (Holiness) of the Sabbath from the seventh day of the week (Saturday) to the first day of the week (Sunday).” In other words The Catholic church have melded together the Sabbath day of rest and the meeting and assembling of ourselves together that we are told not to forsake in The Bible. And most protestant churches – having been born out of the Catholic church now continue in this tradition.

Now, you might be surprised to know that the Catholic church also say (today – not just in the past) that is Christians are to keep the Biblical Sabbath – they must unequivocally keep the Seventh day holy and do no work in it – NOT Sunday.

Don’t panic – this does NOT mean (with my current understanding – you must decide for yourself by reading scripture) you can’t go and meet with your fellow Christians any day of the week you choose and if you choose Sunday so be it. But it DOES mean – that if you are a Bible believing Christian and want to keep the Sabbath – it must be Saturday you keep. So now the only question remains; should Christians be keeping the Sabbath at all? That will be another article you are free to agree or disagree with.