What Happened to the 1970’s Promised Ice-Age?

I remember as a kid in 1977 in the sunny South of England we were told at school over and over that pollution and C02 would lead us into a global ice-age. Even then as a six year old there seemed a strange ring of untruth about it – as if there was more behind the panic than just the cooling. Yet I can remember still thinking – we’re all going to die. My guess is a lot of people were given pots of cash to research this – which is fine if they’re not milking it for their own ends.

But several times since 1977 have I have scoured the Internet to find remnants of this prediction and have never found a trace of it – almost as if it’s been scrubbed and my friends and family ridiculed me insisting I made it up (until I happily – or perhaps unhappily stumbled across it yesterday as it reminded me of the nonsense some folks tout as ‘fact’ when they’re being paid – see the 70’s original documentary clips below) – though that’s bordering on the idea that sometimes in history – men have been known to conspire to forward their own agendas or line their pockets – but I don’t want to go down that route. 

Uh oh… lots of people are making pots of money. Jesus said – the love of… is the root of…

Certainly the LOVE of money – and profit before ethics is behind most pollution, junk floating about in the oceans and over-consumerism + the relatively small (very) amount of CO2 humans put in the air (see the documentary below – it will be taken down I’m sure). But I’m totally all for cleaning up the planet and looking after every tree and animal if possible (don’t forget people – they often seem to get forgotten).

We should be good stewards of what God has given us – look for ways of cutting down on plastic and junk and chucking everything away the day after we bought it for the next model – including our spouses. I mean – why can’t we just go back to healthier glass and cardboard and chip-paper which can be watered or melted down and doesn’t fill us and the land with carcinogens? And any glass that isn’t recycled eventually gets bashed up into to nice friendly sand over time – or at least doesn’t leech poisons.

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing the title of this video – just putting it here so folks can see what the other side are saying – and how things were mis-predicted (word?) in the past. I wanted to add: may contain traces of nuts – but I won’t:)

In the 70’s we were heading for global Ice-Ace – yep it’s true – the documentary’s here

Even my school-friends and family say they don’t remember and are sure I’m making it up. It bothered me that my middle-age friends don’t remember this flip-flop let alone any millennials having a clue of it’s existence. Then – last night I came across this 70’s dogma online by chance and there it was in all it’s un-gloriousness woven into this documentary. It shows you the original 70s documentaries that started this idea that worked it’s way all the way down to little me in my over-crowded and easily persuaded class of 30.

Since the climate always has and will always change – using the word ‘change’ means you can never be wrong – rather neat.

I’m not saying anything one way or other – the theories are right or wrong – I’m not a scientist – but I just think there is something is wrong when you are not allowed to discuss something – that’s what science is isn’t it? I mean no one in their right mind would question that the climate changes so what’s wrong with always being open to facts – after all the 70’s guys weren’t as correct in their predictions as they could have been.

No – I’m open to all interpretations of things + scientists who want to question the prevailing ideas. In fact – it seems really daft not to keep an open mind all the while trying to reduce whatever we think its the cause – but realise along the line we may have to change our minds. Scientists of all people surely should embrace this way of working? If they can’t be open to new more enlightening knowledge – what hope have we?

Is there a political angle on this?

On a different note – one thing is for sure. You could not have the prophesied biblical single world government without it being a socialist one – and you cannot enforce socialism on people that understand it’s evils without a cause – one that puts huge pressure and guilt on those that do not want to live under it – and rage on everyone else against those people from those that do not understand it’s evils and are quite happy to go along (read  Animal Farm if you are unsure what I mean).

Anyhow – for a another view –  of this issue – right or wrong – see the video below – and I suggest you watch Al Gore’s (no he’s not the inventor of the al-gor-ythm) take on it and weigh it up yourself. It’s also worth looking up his Wikipedia page – not that you can always trust it 100% but it’s an interesting read.

The Bible: Spiritual Inoculation

The powers that be – whoever and wherever they are found in homes, families, schools, governments, nations and even some churches – don’t like The Bible because it’s the equivalent of a spiritual vaccine that protects a person or nation or whoever reads it against lies. Really? Yes. A person that knows the Bible WELL – and I mean well – has read the gospels back to back cover to cover many times and absorbed the millennia of wisdom it contains is not someone you can easily pass off a falsehood, or a half-lie or even a tiny drop of arsenic in the water.

Ignoring the corrupt leaders for a moment (God is far more interested in the spiritual health of a nations’ people) – just look at the two countries that’s laws were squarely based on the Bible – UK and even more so USA – the last bastion of real freedom on the planet we must fight to protect. If it wasn’t for the USA the world would be very different – sure some of it’s bad apples have spread some terrible things (and it might well be the sinful Babylon described in the Bible) but we would have NO freedom in the world at all without the Bible and it’s effect on the USA and it’s constitution. Once the USA goes socialist – the rest will go like dominos.

Hence the feverish attempt to bring it down by the globalists who don’t understand (or do and rather like the idea) why God introduced borders – to limit the damage the inevitable political corruption that happens when you have ever-more centralised power – because they haven’t read their Bibles.

Christians armed with Gods words and teachings inside them should be human lie-detectors

This makes it especially disliked by so-called  ‘progressives‘ – sorry who said they could commandeer that word?.. communists or anyone or any organisation of governing body that is anti-God. This is why throughout history governments and even religious institutions have gone to such great lengths to stamp it out – it literally opens people’s eyes. It gives people a healthy skepticism about the state of all men’s hearts, instead of just hoping and praying that mankind is essentially good and all things tend in that direction eventually. They don’t – only a kind of pseudo-good – created by using a heavy state hand. Just like the universe – once in perfect order tends to disorder naturally – so left to their natural inclinations do men.

Listen to these KJV Bible gospel audio books back to back at night – at work – at play – whenever you can…  you will be amazed at how many ‘questions’ clear up when the Gospels are listened to as a complete set of coherent books!

Tyrants always go for the root and seek to stamp out the Bible first

And now we see history repeating itself yet again where just about everyone is trying to demonise the Bible and ridicule it – all the while while they are literally standing on it’s shoulders and using the freedom of speech the very book they want to get rid of gave them. If you don’t believe that – just look at the state of governments and peoples around the world where the Bible is not freely allowed to penetrate the society and not taught in families and read and you see naturally see over time a sort of socialist communism takes hold as the only answer to all the problems of disparity – which the Bible says are the people’s (churches) to look after CHARITY – the greatest love – giving of money and often more valuably – our time.

Reading other men’s books and interpretations of the Bible are not enough

The fact is – when you read the ancient truths gathered together by men and edited together by the Holy Spirit working within renewed minds of men – it acts literally as a lie inoculation a spiritual lie detector for your mind and senses. Try pulling a political or any other lie on a well-versed Christian who understands why Jesus had to come – and why only God’s spirit in human flesh is big enough to deal with men’s wicked hearts and schemes. Look at politics – people are falling for anything and everything because they do not know Jesus’ teachings and the historical lessons carefully assembled for us in the Bible.

The Bible is self-interpreting if read with a heart open to The Holy Spirit and to sometimes difficult personal change

The bible warns us with example after example of almost every conceivable scheme that a person or mankind can try to perpetrate on others. It turns people families and nations depending on how widely known and absorbed its universal truths are into human lie detectors.  That’s why throughout history anyone or any organisation that seeks to control a person, organisation, church or nation must first attack the bible first by ridicule and if possible by outlawing it.

Once Saved Always Saved?

People – especially Christians (myself included and YouTube is the worst for this) often talk as if they know everything – so let me break a bad habit (I’m sorry to say) and admit now that I see through a glass darkly. I sometimes fail but try to use common sense, Biblical reading and the quiet still voice to make sense of the Bible’s teachings.

That said – a lot of Christians do believe  in once saved always saved – but a lot don’t. I believe in a mix of the two ‘left’ and ‘right’ doctrines – what I believe to be what the Bible actually teaches – MHO of course.

This debate has raged forever – despite the Bible telling us to avoid debate. I would suggest we’re better off just reading the Gospels back to back ourselves – or even better for not missing things and a great way to compare the gospels – listening via audio gospels back to back on YouTube (KJV as NIV is rather messed up and contradictory in many places for anyone looking for clear answers). But here’s by two cents.

Are Christians Guaranteed Salvation?

First off – believers in Jesus are guaranteed salvation but there is a caveat (by my reading and as far as common sense would go in my opinion – and the Bible thankfully always follows the ‘law of common sense’ so children can understand it). Regarding endless doctrinal debates – it’s sometimes as if God would hand out passes to heaven only to people who get their doctrine right. This cannot be the benchmark to entering heaven or how would all those millions upon millions that never even saw a bible stand a chance?

Doctrine is very important to get right where possible – search for treasure for sure – but salvation is clearly NOT about the head – but about the heart – in my opinion it has to be. The question is; do you love God, and do you love truth?  It’s which way you’re facing that God can work with to reform and purify you and our job is simply remain facing in that direction – in fact it’s about all we can do properly and consistently for any length of time and amazingly that’s all He asks – “remain in the vine” (our link to the living water).

But the fact is, I can if i choose – turn away ANY time I like and a few times when the pressure is too much nearly have. So yes I believe in once saved always saved – but only in as far as you remain in the vine (and those are the bible’s words not mine) – in other words if you don’t in facing the stream living water, you WILL dry up and die – just like any green plant that can be revived even when it is almost dead if the water supply is turned back on and allowed to flow. Making it our goal to be perfect always would be impossible and a little futile but simply staying facing God and thus connected to the vine is possible – every day. What a great God!

Note – you don’t have to keep making down-payments by being good to be saved and this thankfully is very simple and possible – just remain facing Him and He will complete your salvation – that’s a promise and no man can take that away from you (but you are asked in the bible to be good where possible and keep God’s commandments – not to be savedso that others will see God in you and be saved – not least to please the one you love – God).

But can you imagine how hard it would be to be saved if it was just a matter of getting doctrine right! Heaven would only be filled with proud scholars!

Thankfully we are saved by faith in Christ and his teachings and truthfulness. After all – what sort of person would reject Christ’s words and actions – even if the narrative of Jesus life death and resurrection never happened (I believe it did) you have to agree he would have been a good (perfect) man/God to do that? – and as far as I can see he was the perfect Messiah – all powerful yet true humble servant – not a warrior spreading his message through force but submission and servitude of his people unto death – which incidentally we ARE to model.

Marxism – a Revolution in Foolishness

What is planting a tree, tending to it, growing it’s fruit – then eating of it’s fruit which your body then burns and profits from? In other words – the gain or reward from taking the time and energy to grow the fruit is greater than the input – if not a form of so-called ‘capitalism’? So even in nature – just like the borders and checks and balances built into every cell in the human body – put there to protect the host from destruction by a few bad invaders – in nature we also see ‘capitalism’ at work every time we grow, eat and profit from that food. God built an amazing system when output can exceed input for every creature. If it wasn’t that way man would not survive. The question is who should be doing the sharing? Individuals or the state? Jesus said US!

Was Marx above this? Did Marx in his private life, not work at anything in order to profit from it? Perhaps not – but only because his lounging about and musings – or ‘thinking’ sessions (when he wasn’t down the pub drinking) was patronised (paid for) by people that he conned into believing in his foolishness. So Marx didn’t need to get a job and work like the rest of us and it was therefore entirely natural for him to dream up endless ways to support laziness. Is that harsh? Perhaps, but as we’ve all seen in real life – the results of his thinking implemented were and will always be far harsher.

The problem is – if you don’t believe in God who teaches us to be charitable individually – then perhaps a heavy handed state is only answer – enter socialism – ta-da!

It’s all foolishness because whether they know it or admit it – every person on the planet is a ‘capitalist’ in some way or other. And unfortunately the word ‘capitalist’ – from the word capitalising – like many others has had its meaning substituted to always mean only money – and the real problem – the greedy – those that abuse the idea of rightfully profiting from enterprise is conveniently (for the always wealthy rich socialist masters) missed.

Some state safety nets are good – but for those that can’t help themselves – the old, sick etc

The truth is (and the bible says so – a working man is worthy of his pay) profiting is a fine and noble reward for hard work and sacrifice – and yes – it’s always to be shared willingly by US with those less fortunate – not stolen by the state to do it for us. After all – how can an individual share or be charitable if they own nothing? The communists want a sterile – godless – loveless – dead world, and they are fools to conceive of such a prison which in the end they themselves will become slave.

The root cause of suffering is man’s greed – the LOVE of money Jesus called it

Marx – thinking there was a grand ‘fix’ for everything – started a revolution in idiocy. But more important than any of this as already mentioned, is that it’s the ABUSE of capitalism by greedy people that is the real problem (the LOVE of money Jesus said) – and this abuse is a completely different problem to so-called (I hate labels because they easily become deliberately misinterpreted straw men) ‘capitalism’ the idea of people getting of their behinds, being enterprising, creative, working hard and creating better living conditions and prosperity for all – all ships rise on a rising tide. Oh but Marx was too intelligent to waste his time working – he was patronised by others, so he could keep busy dreaming up daft philosophies for the rest of us. Unfortunately it’s not dead, and probably only just beginning.

“The poor will always be among us” – Jesus knew there was no fix-all because of man’s tendency to sin – so only bottom up reform of personal character would improve things, and looking after one’s neighbours as oneself – bringing others UP – not taking the industrious down is the best we can do

The problem is not capitalism (being industrious and profiting from your hard work) but greed. The best answer (there is no fix for man’s greed unless you take away all freedom – Marx’s answer) is not to steel from the greedy, but individual reform, education and looking after your neighbours as yourself – bottom up – not a giant sticking plaster in the form of a hammer on the whole world top down. If you don’t own anything (you worked for) there is NO possibility for charity – the greatest of all loves, according to Jesus. He was also right when he said; the LOVE of money (greed – not money itself) was the root of all evil.

To try to FIX everything by spreading wealth by taking it by force is not solving the problem at it’s root – at best it’s a band-aid that eliminates the possibility to care for our neighbours (and let the state do it for us)

Unfortunately the inequalities in the world (which Jesus himself took on) are precisely what give us the ONLY opportunity we have for charity (giving away what we own that has value) – the greatest of all loves according to Christ. The poor will always be among us Jesus said – the problem is greed (LOVE of money he said) and we can only seek to improve.

It’s not going away; In Revelations, The Bible describes a final socialist world order Marx would have loved

There is no ‘answer’ to greed – except personal spiritual reform through Christ. This is what life is all about – the opportunity for us and others to see where our real interests lie – in serving ourselves or others. Once everyone is given everything on a plate as Zuckerburg and many before him have suggested, we are living in a sterile, loveless, vacuous false Eutopia. For a potted history of Marx time wasting – see this documentary…

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