Marxism – a Revolution in Foolishness

What is planting a tree, tending to it, and then eating from it’s fruit (profiting) if not a form of so-called ‘capitalism’? Was Marx above this? Did Marx in his private life, not work at anything in order to profit from it? Perhaps not – but only because his lounging about and musings – or ‘thinking’ sessions (when he wasn’t down the pub drinking) was patronised (paid for) by people that he conned into believing in his foolishness. So Marx didn’t need to get a job and work like the rest of us.

The problem is – if you don’t believe in God who teaches us to be charitable individually – then perhaps a heavy handed state is the best answer

It’s all foolishness because whether they know it or admit it – every person on the planet is a ‘capitalist’ in some way or other. And unfortunately the word ‘capitalist’ obviously from the word capitalising – like many others has had its meaning substituted to always mean only money and the real problem – the greedy – those that abuse the idea of rightfully profiting from enterprise. The truth is, profiting is a fine and noble reward for hard work and sacrifice – and yes – to it’s always to be shared willingly with those less fortunate  – not stolen by the state. After all – how can an individual share or be charitable if they own nothing? The communists want a sterile – godless – loveless – dead world, and they are fools to conceive of such a prison which in the end they themselves will become slave.

The root cause of suffering is man’s greed – the LOVE of money Jesus called this

Marx – thinking there was a grand ‘fix’ for everything – started a revolution in idiocy. But more important than any of this as already mentioned, is that it’s the ABUSE of capitalism by greedy people that is the real problem (the LOVE of money Jesus said) – and this abuse is a completely different problem to so-called (I hate labels because they easily become deliberately misinterpreted straw men) ‘capitalism’ the idea of people getting of their behinds, being enterprising, creative, working hard and creating better living conditions and prosperity for all – all ships rise on a rising tide. Oh but Marx was too intelligent to waste his time working – he was patronised by others, so he could keep busy dreaming up daft philosophies for the rest of us. Unfortunately it’s not dead, and probably only just beginning.

“The poor will always be among us” – Jesus knew there was no fix – only bottom up reform of personal character to improve things, and looking after one’s neighbours as oneself – bringing others UP – not taking the industrious down

The problem is not capitalism (being industrious and profiting from your hard work) but greed. The best answer (there is no fix for man’s greed unless you take away all freedom – Marx’s answer) is not to steel from the greedy, but individual reform, education and looking after your neighbours as yourself – bottom up – not a giant sticking plaster in the form of a hammer on the whole world top down. If you don’t own anything (you worked for) there is NO possibility for charity – the greatest of all loves, according to Jesus. He was also right when he said; the LOVE of money (greed – not money itself) was the root of all evil.

To try to FIX everything by spreading wealth by taking it by force is not solving the problem at it’s root – at best it’s a band-aid that eliminates the possibility to care for our neighbours (as the state does it for us)

Unfortunately the inequalities in the world (which Jesus himself took on) are precisely what give us the ONLY opportunity we have for charity (giving away what we own that has value) – the greatest of all loves according to Christ. The poor will always be among us Jesus said – the problem is greed (LOVE of money he said) and we can only seek to improve.

It’s not going away; In Revelations, The Bible describes a final socialist world order Marx would have loved

There is no ‘answer’ to greed – except personal spiritual reform through Christ. This is what life is all about – the opportunity for us and others to see where our real interests lie – in serving ourselves or others. Once everyone is given everything on a plate as Zuckerburg and many before him have suggested, we are living in a sterile, loveless, vacuous false Eutopia. For a potted history of Marx time wasting – see this documentary…

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The Early Church Was Not a Heirachy!

Just a thought on the title of this article; whilst this may be true, and those who are against ‘hierarchies’ in the church always cite the fact that the early church was not a heir-achy, as the reason churches should never be such.

But wait – whilst I  am not arguing one way or other – this argument holds no water as being a good reason not to have them. Why? Because the early church – or ANY group of people or movement would never start as a heir-achy. It would always start and as a rag-tag group of folks in agreement (and often not) without organisation.

So my point simply is – if we are saying heir-achy in the church is bad (Im not saying it necessarily is) then we need a better reason than to say it didn’t start as one.

It also might be worth noting there will be heir-achy in heaven. Not perhaps the kind we are used to modelled by the kings, queens and rulers on earth, but this is described in The Bible.

Why The Gnostic Gospels Are as Not Wise as They Claim

We all know our flesh jumps for joy when we hear the gospel according St. Do As You Please, or the gospel according to St. Prosperity, or St. Opera, or St. Osteen – and on and on it goes. But if we take time to be still we also hear the small still voice that tells us we are being sold down the road.

The Gnostic Gospels are salvation through knowledge – through wisdom – if you know enough – you can make it to heaven. Apart from being unbelievable daft even in the premise alone (as if God would allow heaven full of bad folks – so long as they were knowledgeable) many people fall for it – or rather their flesh does. And then Jesus comes along and tells the disciples and us all the things we DON’T want to hear – and our flesh hopes and prays it’s not true – but everyone knows in their spirit what Jesus said goes.

The Gospel of Jesus is Salvation through humble repentance of cleansing of sin. The Gospel of the Gnostics is salvation through Knowledge

We all know that it’s right that the first should be last and the last first, that sin is our problem not lack of knowledge. But sin itself clouds our ability to see the truth. And so sinners are ready to believe the gnostic gospels at the drop of a hat. It takes far more of a man to accept the truth – what you don’t want to hear – namely that WE need to change in order to get to heaven – not because God has designed some big cosmic test to play with us like fools, but because there can be no sin in heaven. You can’t have extortion, lies, deceit, fakery in heaven – there IS no other way except to deal with sin. And unfortunately there is only ONE way.

Thankfully god has made it really – and I mean really really easy. Depending on how stubborn and proud you are; all he asks is that we except our filthiness and face Him, and His light will begin the cleaning up process. Naturally we need to stay facing Him – but that is all – wow what a deal! Who on earth could refuse that? Well unfortunately half the planet it seems!

Why Heir-achy (the way God designed it) is Good

A heir-achy has a bad rap these days – and it associated with greed and all things bad. That’s because the proper reason and function of a ‘heir-achy’ is rarely understood or adhered to. We are just told they’re bad – and that’s all there is to it. Animals have hierarchies – but they rare primitive and only really exist to because each member wished to save their own bacon – and most human hierarchies are no different, because they evolve with no fear or understanding of God and His design and purposes for heir-achy. That purpose in a nutshell – is to make the lot of all men – better.

A Heir-achy can be ugly or beautiful – depending on how it’s implemented

But the bible promotes heir-achies for sure – but it promotes one very different from the type it is often accused of. When you really read it you realise that carried out in a biblical way it’s a beautiful thing. carried out in a worldy way it’s avery ugly thing. But they will and exist and The Bible says even exist in heaven.

Now humans are animals – we share the same DNA there is no question as animals.  But – God asks us – in fact the whole purpose of the BIble and Jesus is to teach mere animla s(us) to rise above the animal kingdome spiritually – in order for us to re-recieve our etherial bodies. Can you imagine a dictator or monster that lived forever? God cannot and will not allow this not least because man will never improve himself and. And so Geneisi tells us HElimted our lifestapn for a very good reason – PRESERVATION of the earth – yes – men are that bad that God reasoned that 70 years is about anough a man can live and not destroy himeself an others and twoetd in the process.

People should rise not because they just should – but because they merit it spiritually – they are real givers and work for the Kingdom – not themselves. They are hard working, industrious, servant heart.

Any human Heir-achy without checks and balances will fail

A hierarchy allows people to develop into better and more useful people. A heir-achy allows all to move from bottom to top. A heir-achy should not be fugal and those at the top should always give a hand up to those below – and if those below become better more useful and more responsible beings than those that drew them up then so be it – those people should be allowed to rise above those who

But then we must use religion – not some man-made sky fairy – the real God and His ‘pure’ religion the Bible mentions – to cause people to self improve and self monitor and server their fellow men even when they sit at the top of the heir-achy – not to save their behind – but for the sake of being good.

This allows the entire group to rise – all ships rise on a rising tide.