Stars Call Music Industry Demonic

None of us want to believe it – it’s so much fun and I have always loved music and been entertained by many stars and bought their records. But we need not to be taken in by the music industry glitz and glamour – it’s made that way for a reason. All the time we buy the records and fill the pockets of the CEOs and producers, the artists are more and more spending their time trying to dodge the bullets the industry and those tangled up in it constantly fire at them. Elvis – Morrison – Joplin – Winehouse – Houston – Hendrix – Jackson – there IS a connection.

Rock inspires a rebellious spirit – there is no way round it (I know – I played it)

Why did God create sound, music and harmony? To be used to glorify Him and his creations. So that means we don’t have to always sing about God – but what ever we do musically needs to glorify Him – and certainly not glorify carnal man. We can glorify God in folk tales, stories about creation, lyrics that describe conversion – or just lyric-less music of such beauty it inspires us to look towards Him – as many of the old believing composers did. But this all goes wrong when turn music into a commodity. With the love of money being the root of all evil – it is a given that it will soon become corrupt – and soon people will be singing and playing things they otherwise wouldn’t because their contract demands it. The Devil ALWAYS seeks to use money – in other words bread – literally food – to control and enslave us, and cause us to compromise our morals – it’s the essence of prostitution and happens in all walks of life and vocations and to a greater or lesser degree.

The deceitfulness of riches

The problem is this; F A M E – and that’s what undoubtedly killed the ‘King’ – Elvis Presley’s step-brother insists (Elvis hated that label and ironically always insisted there was only one King). Fame means performing – performing means huge highs followed by lows and sleep problems and a perpetually unnatural lifestyle. This requires medication to sleep and to wake up and get going again for the stage. Elvis can be seen complaining about it on film as early as the 50’s. Needless to say by 1977 he was on 32 – yes 32 sleeping pills a day – and all sorts of stimulants to get back on stage and tour.

Now we are told that it’s entered the church (I think it was never not in the church on one form or other – preachers are not immune from the problems caused by fame either – and men were NEVER created to be worshipped. Setting yourself up as an idol has to always end badly according to the Bible) So let’s not revere stars and see fame for what it is. Speak to anyone of these stars parents and the truth will come out. Unfortunately we the fans turn a blind eye to what fame really does to the stars we love – induces a false sense of security – pride, a lack of a need for God and on and on – that’s the unvarnished truth.

Darren Brown’s ‘The Push’

I haven’t seen this show, I don’t have TV… but apparently I hear on the radio the premiss is ‘amazing’ – as it exposes the true nature of human beings. The show purports to demonstrate that almost anyone can be pushed into doing the most heinous things under the right circumstances. But wait? I would laugh, if it wasn’t so sad.

Darren Brown is clever – but it’s old news

The Bible clearly says; the heart of man is wicked above all things, and constantly warns – ‘he who casts the first stone…’, ‘man has a fallen nature’, that ‘hating a person in your heart is no different to murder’ – why? Because little evils are seen as no different to god in terms of the cause (a fallen heart), as big ones – they all lead a person in the same direction – no matter how ‘good’ they think they are.

The theory behind ‘The Push’ – is what the Gospel, and need for salvation is all about

I hate to say I told you so – well I didn’t – but the Bible did – and does – over and over and over (of course no one reads it so they will assume Darren Brown is a  genius and revolutionary thinker – he is clever there is no doubt – but there really is nothing new under the sun), and has been telling people that for thousands of years that this is the case with people – and especially the human heart.

All men are sinners

The fact is, and the Bible says deny this at our peril, that anyone is capable of doing anything – given enough pressure, and the right circumstances. In fact the WHOLE premiss of the gospels is what this program was about – that people are all sinners, and no one given enough time will be able to stay free from sin. All men have broken the ten commandments – if not physically, in their hearts. Apart from the obvious physical trail of destruction that sin inevitably leaves, Jesus said there is no difference between the evil a man thinks in his heart, and what he does with his hands. Now that was a revolutionary, true, and sobering idea.

101 Christian Singles

Hi all! I have just started a premium (yet it’s still the cheapest dating site on the web:) and woken up to find this morning to find some Russian’s have put up many many subdomains using my ‘101’ brand to steal the singles site traffic – and branded their site 101ChristianSingles.doman1, 101SingleChristians.doman2, 101datingChristian.domain3 etc etc. It’s a age-old technique folks use to short cut the hard work of gaining a good reputation and search engine traffic. Where unsuspecting Internet users signup to a site they think is yours, but it isn’t.

The web is a dirty business (for some)

What is it with these people who steal and write false reviews and do all manner of evil? Christian sin unwillingly but these people love it. I’ve had everyone – even a Christian couple (bless them) – a designer and her husband steal my web designs (downloaded and rebranded the whole fusion101 dating site and after much denial admitted it – it’s still online:). I’ve had people download and rebrand entire sites of articles relating to my ‘101ChristianSingles’ name and I can only conclude it’s what they call the human condition – laziness – taking shortcuts to success on the back of others. And in the Russian’s case – I’m sure they think that no one is looking over their shoulder (God). I suppose that is the nature of the web – it brings out the best and the worst of everybody in the great drama of life. The web is a dirty business for some folks – but t will bite them in the **** in the end – God sees everything – and that includes my sins too!

Will the REAL 101ChristianSingles stand up!

Well – in case you are wondering what the web address of the real ‘101 Christian Singles’ service is – it can be found here; Don’t search and click links – always type in the real address of a site you want to join or enter your card info on. Well – now i have to go through the whole process of reporting this impersonator – thus the Devil has temporarily thwarted my mission to help single Christians! But I’ll get there in the end!

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God bless you all and safe surfing!

Are Christians Technophobes? No we are Human Nature-ophobes!

Its very simple – the globalist think that all the worlds problems can be solved by discarding cash and dishing out ID and anyone against this is a neanderthal – and of course in theory that is all true. The problem with all this though, is human nature behind it – that they can’t fix with any amount of digital tech – it’s socialism on steroids and peace and security imposed – ie all real freedom and individuality discarded. It is individuals job to care for neighbours – not the state – no doubt seen as another neanderthal idea – yet the only true means of fulfilment.

I’m not scared of anything – except human nature

And of course we know exactly how it will end – anyone against this digital prison will be accused of being enemies of the poor – enemies of man – when the reality is we understand WHY there is a border round every cell in the body, and why languages were confounded by God, and why distribution of power and separate nations in a fallen world is the only real solution to man’s sinful nature and unquenchable thirst for knowledge and power – not consolidation. We are not scared of technology – we are scared of fallen human nature. But its a train not even the scientists can stop.

We’ll All Soon Be Added to The Blockchain

Its been a problem for years – how to solve crime, money laundering, login to a hundred sites with a hundred passwords, get our passports etc, etc. And there’s been talk of universal ID in various countries for decades. Now we know that the blockchain is a public ledger for all transactions, so will essentially render all these old forms of ID redundant, since everything that happens, every person’s whereabouts, their transactions, their preferences, their wages will all be added into the chain for everyone to see – a totally transparent democratised system to solve all the world’s problems in one go. Err… wait a minute.

Everyone will need a number to be connected to the blockchain

Well that’s the idea… the bible speaks of this, a mark – a number, or identification that all will need, in order to participate in society. What’s interesting is the tech-folks inventing this stuff – talk about it with glee as if it’s all an amazing new concept that’s been about for 10-20 years at most, but Christians and the bible have foretold this would happen for millennia.

I’ve been writing a book about a group of folks building a digital brain since 2005 that arbitrates all matters of law, monetary policy, health and does away with the need for human legislators and lawyers and bankers and just about everything else that is decided by humans – and it’s now happening.

So I wonder what others think?; could this literal all-seeing eye that’s just around the corner – a despot’s dream – ever be used by the wrong people for the wrong purposes?