Fair Beyond Fair

My thoughts this morning; First I want to praise God for his amazing creation and thank him for giving us his son Jesus to die for our sins.

What is hell and is it fair?

Is hell the cartoon place depicted by the media or does it have a much deeper meaning and purpose? Does God send us there, and is it fair for hell to exist? We can probably answer this by looking at the issue from a different angle. C.S Lewis says; hell is where God is completely absent.

What concerns me is most people want to live in a world without God interfering with them, their lives or families – but they have NO idea what a world where God is 100% absent would be like – they are not thinking.

Think Middle East, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Greece, London Riots – and though God is very suppressed in these places, is still present. Now take God 100% out and multiply the chaos by 100.
So could Hell simply be a place where God doesn’t interfere? In other words – he didn’t create hell as a place of torment but as a place where people go who don’t want to be disturbed by him? (this would be a place of torment for absolute certain). This makes some sense.

” ….because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

So obviously God is very very wise.. he knows that we can’t be expected to always know truth in a world of 100’s religions/doctrines and total confusion (though I believe The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that Christ was who he said he was and will reveal this to others who seek truth also) .. but he’s perfectly fair and says:

“one can be excused for not knowing the truth or honestly believing something else to be truth, but one cannot be excused for rejecting the love of the truth (ie searching for it honestly – not just searching for something that fits my preferences/lifestyle).”

And yet.. it also says to those that ask, The Holy Spirit WILL ‘teach you all things’. But only people who ask with a genuine love for truth – and won’t reveal it to those who are simply seeking a sign or knowledge for knowledges sake. Again 100% fair. He’s clearly not going to judge a man in the jungle as he will those (us) that have access to massive amounts of knowledge.

So he’s covered all bases and there are no excuses or need to guess what is truth and isn’t – basically comes down to this; are we men enough to ask the God of the universe to reveal himself to us (as he says he will do if we ask) and all that entails?  Most are not because they realise they are not able to change themselves – BUT – Bible again says what we all know deep down to be true; ‘you cannot change yourself and your desires in your flesh on your own’. It is very fortunate then that he also says; however, I CAN change you IF you’ll let me (which in my case and others is nothing short of miraculous).

I think c.s lewis said; ‘there are two types of people in the world; those that say to God ‘thy will be done’ – and those to whom god says ‘thy will be done’ – initially this sounds unfair but for reasons above – i.e we have no excuse – it is fair if God’s above declarations are true.

So – we get what we desire. We either love truth and inherit the earth or go to a place where God never interferes. Can anyone tell me what else can be done with someone who doesn’t love truth and doesn’t want God to interfere other than give them what they want. It’s beyond fair.

God Wouldn’t Allow Suffering in Hell

Something occurred to me in the last few years that when people say: “God wouldn’t allow people to suffer in hell.” Granted – while I believe there is suffering in hell, it is debatable, especially if we ignore Jesus teachings on hell.

However, here is what I DO know with certainty that is not up for debate or theological discussion;

God allows (terrible) suffering on earth of ‘innocent’ (I say ‘innocent’ as all are guilty of sin but some are not wicked in the sense that they still love and want God to rule over them) men, women, children and some would say animals too.

Therefore this should send us a clear warning that if we think God wouldn’t allow people to suffer in hell who ARE convicted as wicked against God – but he would allow suffering of people who are not wicked – that would be contradictory behaviour to say the least and God is not author of confusion and is the same today yesterday and tomorrow and just to all.

So now with that in mind, I no longer question this theology and that theology realising that there MUST be justice is God is good and he is. I look at what Jesus said on the matter – and he spoke of hell more than he did of heaven. Whilst it’s hard to comprehend the mystery of Gods salvation through suffering of the innocent – this indicates that to be just, the sufferings of the condemned wicked in hell, should greater than the sufferings he allowed of the innocent that loved goodness on earth.

The above is a bit wordy and probably could be summed up more simply as follows. It’s a sobering thought to ask yourself: if God allows suffering of innocent for a time on earth to display the wickedness af men’s hearts, what would he allow in hell to those that actively sought to perpetuate this wickedness?
On top of this, we know our God is good because He himself didn’t try and weasel out of suffering as he came to earth as a man in Christ.