The Media Industry Really Isn’t That Glam!

Thanks to the media industry, you know that thing we all think is cool and glam and innocuous but which couldn’t be further from the truth – that industry that has blinded most of us and serves no real purpose other than to squeeze God’s purposes for us, and His small still voice out of our lives and replace it with incessant noise, nonsense and news feeds that do nothing that raise our blood pressure all in the name of making us more ‘connected’ – kids everywhere want to be big-shots in music, TV, sport, or big-time stars, fuelled by the never ending string of ‘role-models’ in the industry that frankly are leading our kids (and most of the adults) astray. Let’s face it – there won’t be banks, big business or Facebook in the kingdom of heaven.

We all need to work – but get your real life and worth from God!

Check out this Christian news anchor’s experience with media and how things are not quite as they seem. Her video is about obedience to God and how is can make or break things in your life and whilst she has stayed in the industry, she is sticking close to the Lord in her journey and work life. She highlights how the two must be and stay connected whatever the pressure.

She’s also got some great advice on dating too – not the nonsense advice you often see from secular sources but this girl is really straight-forward, a thinker and really has some great tips for Christian single guys especially! So check out Jazmin Walker’s YouTube video channel for lots of inspirational and on-the-money videos. Unlike what I call today’s ‘Hillsong Christian generation’ – yep I said it – we don’t pull any punches here – she really knows and reads her Bible and doesn’t attempt to water it down.

Christian Singles Magazines

Christian magazines for singles…

What if any magazines are there out there either online or traditional web or paper publications that cater just for single Christians only? Well we’ve had a good look through the web and trawled Google for the term ‘Christian singles magazines‘ and others similar and come up with the following Christian owned publications that focus largely on Christian relationships, love and marriage and family issues.

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