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Hi all! I have just started a premium (yet it’s still the cheapest dating site on the web:) and woken up to find this morning to find some Russian’s have put up many many subdomains using my ‘101’ brand to steal the singles site traffic – and branded their site 101ChristianSingles.doman1, 101SingleChristians.doman2, 101datingChristian.domain3 etc etc. It’s a age-old technique folks use to short cut the hard work of gaining a good reputation and search engine traffic. Where unsuspecting Internet users signup to a site they think is yours, but it isn’t.

The web is a dirty business (for some)

What is it with these people who steal and write false reviews and do all manner of evil? Christian sin unwillingly but these people love it. I’ve had everyone – even a Christian couple (bless them) – a designer and her husband steal my web designs (downloaded and rebranded the whole fusion101 dating site and after much denial admitted it – it’s still online:). I’ve had people download and rebrand entire sites of articles relating to my ‘101ChristianSingles’ name and I can only conclude it’s what they call the human condition – laziness – taking shortcuts to success on the back of others. And in the Russian’s case – I’m sure they think that no one is looking over their shoulder (God). I suppose that is the nature of the web – it brings out the best and the worst of everybody in the great drama of life. The web is a dirty business for some folks – but t will bite them in the **** in the end – God sees everything – and that includes my sins too!

Will the REAL 101ChristianSingles stand up!

Well – in case you are wondering what the web address of the real ‘101 Christian Singles’ service is – it can be found here; www.101christiansingles.com. Don’t search and click links – always type in the real address of a site you want to join or enter your card info on. Well – now i have to go through the whole process of reporting this impersonator – thus the Devil has temporarily thwarted my mission to help single Christians! But I’ll get there in the end!

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God bless you all and safe surfing!

Marriage is Dead? For Selfie Millennials Perhaps

Marriage is for people who want a lifetime of hassle think most millennials these days. This is a result of what our parents called the ‘me’ generation but what I have coined the ‘selfie generation’. Jesus clearly told us that; “in the last days people would be lovers of self” and he was bang on the money – I wonder if had he known about mobile phones he may have altered that to; “in the last days people would be lovers of selfies.”

The fact is that marriage is for men not children. People that are looking to please and serve someone else – not themselves. And it’s not surprising as even in the church we see the doctrine of self pervading and being taught either consciously or unconsciously all over the place; what can I get from going to church today? What has the Lord in store for me today etc instead of; what can I do to serve my neighbour today?.. or what can I do to make someone else’ life better?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to pretend to have been any different and might as well be called one of the new ‘selfie generation’ Christians (I was born in 1971 but been little different to most people – i.e mostly concerned with self, but I’m working on it every day). I was churched on a diet of emotionally driven self-serving churchianity teachings (as well as some good stuff I have to admit) that often did not resemble to servitude and sacrifice of Christ.

We simply weren’t told it was all about picking up your cross and serving others was the main part. Having said that there are and have always been many great churches and pastors that do teach and model that we are to emulate Jesus’ servant attitude – and that our needs should come last – or at leat not always first.

In this post I wanted to encourage people to go back to that original servant calling in The Bible, as our servitude of the needs of others is needed by our Christian friends, and our unbelieving friends family and neighbours more than ever, in a world where the light of the gospel is being actively obscured and replaced by the meebies and their doctrines of ‘me’.

Fusion101 Reviews

Hi, I own Fusion101.com Christian singles service and most reviews on the site are very good. However I just saw a review of Fusion101.com free Christian dating service and could not believe how vindictive and frankly downright dishonest some people and some website owners can be in order to get ahead and put down what they see as ‘competition‘ – or basically dating sites and services that eat into their profit.

Fusion101 currently has around 320,000 vetted single Christian profiles and is very successful at what it does – matching people who love God (check out some of the real marriage stories on the site – here’s a few of 100’s UK marriages – I don’t know a single free site with this kind of track record). See a few of 100’s international marriages here >>

Despite it’s good intentions, fusion has suffered many things over 15 years, including failed attempts to overload the site and bring down the server, failed attempts to hack the site, an entire section of the content – 100’s of pages of it’s website articles duplicated and put op on a competitor domain that linked to one of the main stream dating sites (this was a common practice to get other people’s traffic in the early days of SEO and Match.com – the place where these articles then pointed – probably did not even know what their SEO company had done most likely – either way the site was taken down when Fusion101 complained to Yahoo/Google etc), also the site has had attempted and failed hijacks by web developers keen to get their hands on the service.

The worst I have seen was a Christian couple and ‘web development’ company that actually copied the entire site front end (design/layout) code (not the database I must add as that is not visible to malicious persons… the front-end of most websites can be downloaded via a web browser) and recoloured the front end and put this up on freechristiandatingsite.org – and when this person was challenged – after first denying the accusation was unable to wriggle out of it any more when it was pointed out that their site contained all fusion101.com’s bad spelling mistakes and grammar (it was created in a rush cheaply in a bedroom) they finally confessed, said sorry but never took the site down!

Anyway – the latest may take the cake. This ‘review’ of Fusion101 free Christian dating site claims that fusion101 is a “total waste of time site with no useful features”. Now I really hope and suspect that the person that wrote or commissioned this ‘Fusion101 Review’ is not a Christian (though judging from the above one cannot be sure) because if they are not – I guess one has to expect underhand tactics but if they are Christians?.. help!

The review site that I will not name basically lies about the reality of Fusion101.com – that is and has been the most popular, and yes – most successful free Christian dating service anywhere on the web when it comes to matchmaking real Christian marriages – and I suspect that is the problem for the article writer – fusion101 needs to be stopped. If you are in any doubt that fusion101.com is the most successful site at creating Christian marriages just take a look at s few of their real marriage testimonies. Remember these are a tiny fraction of the testimonials.

Fusion101 has real people on its website helpline you can talk to! What dating site can you actually call and speak to a human?

So – now that you know the truth about fusion101 – that free in this case really does not mean low quality service or members, as with virtually all other free dating sites that are in fact useless as the profiles are not vetted and most are fake (did you know there are companies that will sell you 20,000 fake profiles for your dating site!?).

Fusion101 is Christian owned and run with it’s members at heart – indeed – it was created to help church singles – not fleece the flock. If you think free means not good as it normally does granted – then you must take a look at Fusion101 as this review tells the truth! Please try it for yourself (there are n charges, free trials or credit card needed ever) – then help me help singles and recommend it to all your single friends at church as a genuine site and service you can really trust.

Christian Dating Services use ‘101’ & ‘Fusion’ in their Ad Campaigns to Steel Traffic

I’ve had a lot of crazy things happen since I’ve been running Fusion101.com – the genuinely totally – always free Christian dating service that really does care about it’s members and was setup purely to help Christians find a genuine husband or wife in a world where real Christians are few and far between, but this was interesting.

We Christians must not think ourselves ‘better’ than the world – we are ALL sinners!

When you search ‘101 Christian dating’ on the web – you get a bunch of Christian websites that advertise and appear at the top of the search results hoping to cash-in on the 101 and Fusion ‘brands’! Yep – they really are. I discovered that some of these companies own web development companies so are quite knowledgable about ways they can divert traffic (see below also for another case of a Christian swiping my design). I’ve reported this several times to no avail so I guess they will just keep on doing it but thankfully I am not overly concerned as this is just one a dozens of similar issues I’ve dealt with – including – would you believe it – a Christian couple that literally download my entire site and put it up as a FreeChristianDatingSite and changed the colours – but – forgot to change the text which included all my strange colours and odd wordings and spelling errors!

When I called this lady who’s name I will not mention because we are ALL in need of saving including me – and confronted her (as The Bible commands us to talk to people face to face rather than take them to court) having found her contact personal details after quite a bit a research and investigation (I discovered she ran a search engine optimisation service and ‘web design’ service of all things!!! – obviously preferring to download other people’s sites when short of time) she denied everything. However when I pressed her and brought up the copied and pasted text and colours and spellings and every single drop down menu and tick box and even the downloadable ‘flyer’ designed was identical she realised the cat was out and apologised.

The point is, I have no doubt this person was a Christian and that is my point in this article; they were tempted as all are, with anonymity of the web – it was too easy to do what she did. That was all I wanted – a bit of honesty since this was not the first time it had happened – though the times before it was clearly secular services who had employed third parties to swipe my hard efforts and re-host them under their own name.

It just goes to show we Christians (I include myself) are no different to the secular world with the (and most important) exception that most of of accept we need God’s help in order to be honest!

Behind Every Great Man is a Surprised Woman

Are you fed up with your man? Well, most ladies get exasperated with their other half – it’s completely normal. Men (I am told) can be exceedingly annoying creatures. OK sometimes you just have to say things as they are but generally you know men just need a little encouragement, and nagging or criticism rarely achieve the end you want – and let’s not make excuses, it’s often the man’s pride that’s the reason he won’t budge. Nevertheless, the fact is, there is NOTHING guaranteed to stop a man from doing what you want him to do than by making him feel small and useless – he will get worse or in some cases leave! Both not good or what you want.

Sinners are not compatible – period!

I heard a pastor say that when he marries two people he always tells them; “you are incompatible” – yep you heard that right – he tells them they are not suited and you know what – after my few years of living I have come to realise he is right from experience. Two people that have lived separate and self-centred (I mean that not in a bad way but in the sense that they’ve only had one person to think about) are going to be incompatible in many many – many ways – period!

So is there’s no hope for sinners to be compatible?

On the contrary – this is what the Bible and the story of God’s love for Israel is all about and illustrated in Jesus sacrifice for us as we are incompatible for heaven and finally gives us our chance to do the same in marriage itself and in loving all those annoying people a church than never seem to have any problems and know all the answers! (I’m sure I am one). This is our challenge – to love those that we would rather not, because if we honestly examine ourselves we will find many of those traits in us, that we dislike in others.

Don’t look for a perfect person to marry – you won’t find one

Marriage to another ‘incompatible’ sinner is what gives all of us a chance to really love someone – i.e to love what is unloveable – to take the edges off each other – to be patient – to be calm when he or she is doing that thing that really annoys you again – just like the Lord did with us when He laid down His life for us despite us not loving Him and being rebellious. It makes marriage exciting because we are challenged to learn to love not just what we like (liking or ‘loving’ something a lot is not real love and is the poor substitute we now have for real love) but also what we don’t naturally feel inclined to love. That is real love as God loved us.

How to make your man great

So back to the title of the article – ladies – you will be surprised if you support your man in his sometimes hair-brained ideas (I know because I’ve had lots of them), and gently encourage him to do things that will help him improve, and gently discourage him from doing things that are not helpful to him or the family that you are particularly good as seeing when he is not. Never let your insecurities stop you from encouraging him or cause you to act on the desire to want to control him – we all do this to each other when we are frustrated – men and women and it always causes problems in the end and never achieves what you want. Then you will find him much more responsive to doing the things you know will be good for him and you.