Predestination or Freewill?

First of all I’d like to say to anyone reading this article; feel free to disagree with it.

Could it be that the ‘predestination’ question is the wrong question to ask – or even one that is not worth asking?

It is my belief that ‘Predestination’ (ie that we are forced to follow a set and single path that God has ordained and not able to choose good from evil) only exists in the sense God knows the end from the beginning – and hence our names are either in or out of The Book of Life already – so if you want to call that predestination go ahead. However it’s also my belief this confuses people who haven’t grasped God’s eternal no-beginning, no-end and knowing all omnipresence and the deeper truths of eterniy and freewill which are intertwinned.

I say that when God envisioned creating a free-willed man in his image, He knew what would happen when we were endowed with ‘in God’s image’ abilities and free will to exercise them – he saw the endfrom the beginning – that we were doomed before we began.

He knew we would become proud and eventually want separation from him and demand a ‘Godhood’ status for ourselves, each in our own little or large ways, wether it’s the desire to rule a nation or be a pop star – let’s not kid ourselves, we are all the same in this sense – granted some worse than others.

He planned to save us from ourselves and the freewill that paradoxically exists at the same time as his his knowing what would happen (his ‘predestination’), and designed an amazing plan to fix it and turn us from ordinary unspiritual, animalistic beings into Christs’ likeness before the cosmos was even spun into existence!

This plan goes agasint ALL rationality and modern man’ thinking. Instead of being a God as we know ‘God’s he chose not force us to compy to his perfect standards but to woo us to them by chosing to do what we hate doing – to humble and limit himself to the confins of a human body, gave himself utterly and died for us – even though he had all the power of the universe in his hands!

Science is beginning to say that there is no such thing as chance – that everything can only go one way – and yet we know that we most certainly can chose good or evil – red or blue. And say ‘chioice’ was only an ‘illusion’ – then illusion or no illusion it’s still enough to reveal the desires and intent of our hearts (the reason I belive we are in this universe) as whatver way God choses is always enough. So could it be that God in his infinite wisdom has ‘predestined’ everything to go His way – the ONLY possible way – and yet within this ‘predestination’ he does what only a God could do – bends all the ‘rules’ as we know them and gives us freewill within that already known destiny – knowing the beginning from the end? It would certainly appear so, and in fact this makes a lot of sense.

The scientist would say this is impossible – but then the sceintist is trying to understand an infinite god from a finite viewpoint – something that can never be done since if you could know the hidden secrets of creation – of God himself – then by definition he wouldn’t be a god – he would be as we are. But then there are those that insist that man is to be a God – and then we’re back to the original ‘problem’ of our ego and pride.

In any case, as always science yet again ends up strengething the whole notion of God and points towards his power totally outside of the three dimensions we know – never dimishing Him. Therefore we don’t even need to worry ourselves with the predestnation debate – we just need to trust God and his word in The Bible and follow the teachings of Jesus and God’s commands.

Thank you God for revealing yourself in the same measure as science tries to disprove you.

The Divine and Natural Natures of Jesus

The following shows the two natures of Jesus as having both a divine nature and the nature of a man at once.

The Narrow Way

Today, this was brought to my attention regarding the words used in Matthew 7:14;

‘Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it (or ‘small is the gate and narrow is the the road that leads to life’ in other translations). Either way the word I want to highlight is ‘narrow’.

The word ‘narrow’ is #2346 in Strong’s (Thlibo) in the Greek. Thlibo is translated tribulation. So the verse could be read; tribulation is the way that leads to life. Look this up yourself – interesting to say the least. Perhaps few find the road that leads to life because few want tribulation. I will admit this is certainly my natural disposition but my gut feeling is that tribulation is related to purification and ‘proveing’ or trying of the saints which many have endured to varying degrees. If I make it to heaven I would certainly not have a problem with God handing a crown or crowns of life to any that suffered and gave their lives for their faith as they gave all.

My thoughts on this; I think that just because ‘narrow’ can be translated ‘tribulation’ does not mean we should change the words in the BIble as we are told not to add or take away from the words. However, we can all agree, regardless of translation of these words that tribulation would indeed be a narrow road and sought by few. I belive this is worth considering carefully.

In the end, wether we experience tribulation or not, we must not fear persecution or tribulation but belive that god will give us all that is necessary to withstand it if and when it comes, but pray that he delivers us from it.

The Majority Must Be Right – Right?

Are the majority usually right?

Does this verse; Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat” speak to this question?

My thoughts are that this verse can be applied to many things but when applied to living and beliefs of any kind, I believe this can remind us to think twice about associating a large number of people who flock to an idea, doctrine, pastor, teaching or video or anything else as indication of its truthfulness or correctness.

So whenever I see a lot of people like something, advocate something does this mean I think they are wrong? No not necessarily – for instance most people agree that apple juice tastes nice because apple juice is nice. However when you want to poison someone what do you do? You don’t give them pure poison as the person taking it would know isntanty. You give them apple juice with a drop of poison mixed in so they are not aware of the apple juice’s now deadly nature. This is always the way of the enemy – take the truth and mix a little lies that permiate and change the whole nature of the thing.

So we must be on guard. You could say; so then Christinity must be wrong if half the world are Christians? No. I would argue that Christianity certainly one exception to this idea. Reason; because no one making up a religion would make up Christinaity – it’s simply too hard and does not appeal to our fallen nature. It also requires and promises suffering and a life of ‘taking up your cross’. the fact that so many people take up this ‘strange’ (as the Bible says) walk – only attests to it having something special – a real power. A power so strong that people will take it up without the promise of earthly rewards, and without worldy rewards in heaven.

This is how I know Christianity is likely the true religion since other religions all appeal to our fallen nature and our fleshly desires, ie reincarnation = living forever without proper accountability on earth (Pergatory same thing). Isla m promises virgins in heaven and many other promises that appeal to our desire to be like gods. My understanding is that in Christianity, in heaven we will still all work and serve just as we do now – and this seems right since real fulfilment in God’s economy is in serving – even if there are some souls that receive greater or less rewards in heaven, and even if there exists some kind of Godly order and heriachy in heaven unlike the ungodly heriachies of earth in which men rule cruely over each other.

So my conclusion is that the majority are most definitely NOT always right! We know that; ‘men will heap up to themselves people who say what their itching ears want to hear.’ So test everything, every teacher, preacher, idea, youtube video, this article, every thought, yours and others real motives and intentions. Take care:)