Why ‘Globalism’ Vs ‘Nationalism’ is Irrelevant

A famous banker once said; “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.”

Why is this related to the nationalism v globalism ‘debate’? It’s because at different levels in the human and especially political food chain, there are different, and even opposing levels of thought on this so-called issue.

On the ground level you have the masses worrying about football and baseball games, and issues like left, right, gay, straight, black white etc. Then on the political level you have career politicians – most of whom care nothing of race, gender or equality but are pretending to ‘fight’ these issues on our (the plebs) behalf and also over ‘nationalism’ versus ‘globalism’ as further entertainment and distraction for the masses (as if nationalism is some how bad when in fact, when it’s not being done just as en excuse to keep ‘foreigners’ out – which is wrong since we are all of mixed blood and foreigners to one degree or other) nationalism should simply be no more than pride in a counties good achievements, and it’s borders should be no more than a protection mechanism to keep out the few bad apples that have the power to ruin a nation, but should never be a supremacy / race or colour thing).

Then, while all the arguing and ‘debates’ (distractions) are going on at the lower levels pitting ‘race’ against ‘race’, black against white, man against woman, gay against straight, rich against poor, football against baseball, kneeling versus standing for the anthem, left against right, it’s all in the end irrelevant to the real powers that lie behind the career politicians.

Why? Because at the deepest or highest level depending on which angle you look at it, you have big business folks who care nothing about nations, states or even individuals (though they will pretend otherwise with grand philanthropic gestures and constant mantras about loving everyone and being inclusive when this is just being used a s vehicle to line their pockets further) who are the ones really in control. These are the people that pay politicians and fund campaigns to get the outcome they want for their business – and it nearly always works, though spectacularly failed just recently.

The so-called nationalism versus globalism ‘debate’ is just another tool in the hands of big business and bankers

As long as we are not looking at what they are doing, and endlessly debating amongst ourselves about anything but, these people are laughing; nationalism versus globalism or whateverism? – just let the people fight over it and all the while, we in the background are busy creating a borderless business world in which every transaction is digitally recorded, making every person, whether they like it or not, part of a single governing body – which we and our friends – the banks – will run. Let them have their pretend borders and nations they will be saying! We don’t care, as we have already created a borderless world in which everyone will be working for us.

You don’t need to erase borders to have a borderless world – we already have one coming into view

So now we already see our single, borderless ‘inclusive’ socialist world (where no one has a choice to opt out if they don’t like what they are seeing, with those in control of course exempt from the socialist part, having appointed themselves masters of the universe, experts at giving away other people’s money, and kindly mapping out for us – the un-enlightened one’s – destinies) and global government coming into view regardless of country names or drawn out state lines, with what were once real borders reduced to pseudo borders and pseudo ‘countries. It’s been the plan from the beginning, the reversal of God’s judgment on Babylon and men becoming God’s as mentioned in the Garden of Eden and written about and foretold in many other places in the Bible.

The Bible clearly says; we are all of one blood – and if we believe we were created in God’s image and all descended from Adman and Eve (it’s either that, or amoeba and monkeys – take your pick) and the Genome Project that corroborates the Bible’s explanation of us all descending from two people is anything to go by for all the science buffs – then we should believe the Bible, and realise that all these debates are no more than distractions from what’s going on under our noses.

Those with the money (or rather those that practice making it without doing any work by printing it and loaning it out at interest – a practice that until a few hundred years ago was forbidden everywhere) have for hundreds of years been planning the only world order in which they could possibly envisage having ‘peace’ without Jesus reigning in, and therefore keeping in check, the hearts of men, women and children – all be it a pseudo peace. One where they are in control of everything and everyone – and that would require being in control of one thing; every financial transaction – everywhere. Once this happens, and we’re almost there, ‘borders’ as we know them may exist physically, but will cease to have any meaning, and for all intents and purposes cease to exist.

Why Banks are Just Legalised Ponzi Schemes

Have you ever asked what the credit state of your bank is?.. the one that is freely allowed to lend money at exorbitant interest to you – money they often don’t have, yet when YOU give money to them, which they can go and invest and make massive amounts of money and profit from to continue this scheme – you get nothing?!!

In other words every time you put money in your bank account, you are giving the bank an interest free loan! Can you imagine these massively rich organisations ever doing the same for you? No – that is why the bank is rich and we are not.

The fact is many of these banks do not have the money in their vaults that we put there. They have spent it into investments and bonds and other things that at any time can go bad which means they can never pay back all their small depositors (fools like me and you) should they ever need to – that friends is a legal ponzy scheme.

Which means if this happens, under their terms and conditions they do not have to give you back your money – something most people are not aware of when they give the bank money to put in their personal account – effectively it is not your account at all – technically it becomes their money! Now that’s sobering.

Why banks that practice this extortion are not allowed to go to the wall when they are not just practicing usury – but usury on steroids is a mystery, until you do what any good investigator does – follow the money! Allowing such business practices can only ever weaken a nation and god wants strong independent nations and people that are able to help their neighbours. Sound familiar?.. the Devil is described in the Bible as ‘he who weakens the nations’ and this is one of his favourite schemes to do so.

Did you know that only 150 years ago, the word ‘usury’ in the English dictionary meant; ‘interest’ – period – no more no less – lending at interest. Now, rather strangely (or not so strangely when you consider who prints the books we read) it’s been changed to mean ‘excessive interest’ – like somehow interest is now OK and god made a mistake! Interest is never OK for one simple reason; it’s profiteering without work and keeps people and countries (that should never even be borrowing from a ‘central’ bank in the first place) in perpetual debt.

Gold backed money is not enough – usury (profiting by lending at interest for essentially doing no work and producing no goods) must be stopped by both lender and borrower if countries and people are ever to be free from debt

All governments should be in charge of, and print their own money, and never be in debt to anyone – any 2 year old can tell us that. And no, a bit of admin, a huge database and clever IT system that turns all our money into virtual digits and numbers backed by nothing does not pass for ‘work’ as the banks will tell us when we give them interest free loans (our savings).

To really understand money and how we are all being systematically conned out of our hard earned cash by usury (you’ll need to work out for yourself who’s doing it but a clue might be to follow the money behind the central banks), something expressly forbidden in virtually all religions and many countries, watch the best video ever made on the subject of what money really is and isn’t, and should and should not be – and I’m not exaggerating – it’s long but it won several awards and you will never think about banks and money in the same way!

The Banks Should be Paying Us

Where can I go to get a free loan, that I can then tootle off and spend on anything I want from investing in the stock market to loaning out my free loan at interest to someone else? What can I do to get this free loan and – get the person or entity that is giving me the free loan, to pay me extra interest on top of that, for doing nothing more than editing a few electronic digits on a computer server somewhere in my basement? The answer? I should become a bank!

Have you ever thought how ludicrous it is that we little people can’t get a loan from a bank without huge exorbitant interest rates(frankly extortion), yet we – the poor people, gives the bank a free loan with every penny (or to be precise – every digital number) we add to their vault (nothing more than a vulnerable database in reality) that they can then go and invest in any number of enterprises to double and triple their money? Can you imagine if the tables were turned and they loaned us money interest free and even paid us a little interest on top that we could go and invest in what we liked? This of course, would obviously never happen in a million years!

Not only that, they charge US for the free loan we have already given them! The worst thing is, that when you give a bank their free loan by depositing your money into their virtual non-existent ‘vault’ (remembering all the while they are just dodgy digits on their dodgy server), and you dare to spend that loan (it’s your money after all) and go over that amount by 1 cent, you will be billed $50!!?? How did things ever get so backwards?

What is Mammon?

Mammon is not as some translations say ‘money’ itself. It’s meaning is actually something a bit deeper. Mammon is more that money – it’s an evil spiritual power that grips and enslaves men through money. It is out attitude to money that God is interested in, and Jesus rightly says; “you cannot serve God and Mammon” – not God or money but God or Mammon! Money is mentioned all throughout the Bible and a HUGE part of the commands are related to the handling of money. Money is not evil, but serving money is what mammon is.

It’s not money that’s the scourge of the earth – it’s the leaders of the banks and their love money more than they love God that really are the corrupters of the earth. Pretty much all evil can be traced back to the LOVE of money (not money itself), and I for one cannot wait till money as we know it, and especially banks as we know them are abolished forever in God’s kingdom (where I doubt we will have or need either), and we can freely give and receive our goods and our services from our brothers and sisters without having to extort money from one another – to be fair at least. Meanwhile we now have no option but to use their ‘system’ to move money and make transactions, as the powers that be herd us ever more towards the cashless system described in The Bible (because buying and selling will ultimately depend on accepting a ‘mark’ – whatever form it comes in, making ‘money’ irrelevant) and cash and essentially our worldly freedom (as cash allows us the people to decide how and what we use to put food in our mouths) is finally abolished. If only they realised that the cashless prison monster they are so kindly building for us all, will eventually turn on it’s maker!