Bitcoin is Just a Bubble! So’s My Whole Life!

Q: is Bitcoin a bubble?

Everything we do – day to day – moment to moment – our jobs – our families – our cars – our wealth – our house – our heath – the stocks we’ve gambled on (come on let’s call the stock exchange the giant casino for grown-ups what it really is) – it’s ALL a bubble that the Bible promises one day will be burst.

So yes – Bitcoin may well be a bubble – but it does have some interesting difference to other financial bubbles – namely – if it becomes the currency of all currencies – then it’s one that may never burst. But whatever – everything is a bubble in this world – period – except Christ!

So let’s forget the bubbles and concentrate on what God told us to concentrate on; loving Jesus, caring for our neighbours with something other than lip-service, looking after our families and learning how to be good stewards of all the little bubbles we have been given to take care of – so that when all is said and done God will reward us with all things bubble-proof!

Want to invest in Bitcoin before the universe bursts?

Before that happens as the Bible promises – you can invest in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies here >>

(and don’t panic – it’s not The Mark of the Beast – how do we know – because the Bible tells us in crystal clear terms; namely we can still buy and sell in a myriad of other ways and The Mark will be the ONLY means to buy and sell)

God bless you all today:)

What is Bitcoin?

Smell The Roses

Every now and then in this crazy world, when we forget how incredibly amazing God and his intelligent design is, or at least nature if you believe God used other methods, and we take everything, our ability to think, walk, talk, the birds, tress and blades of grass for granted, I think we need to look at nature to restore our faith in God.

This morning I woke up with an inexplicable desire to find out how a bird builds it’s next – don’t ask why! But it is something I’ve often thought about – how on earth it gets those first few twigs to rest in place on a branch blowing in the wind, on which the whole of the rest of the nest sits – it has to be impossible for a bird with no hands, fingers or thumbs etc?

Well I found this fascinating video shot by a camper, and having always wondered how a bird gets a nest started was blown away by the speed and cleverness (Im sure there is no such a word?!) of this little creature, and how the intelligence and creativity to do this is built into the cells and soul of this creature – for instance we all know how unbelievable the humble ants are. Have a look and be amazed as I was.

Science Has Found Proof of the Existence of God

Watching science slowly uncover God’s means and ways of creating the cosmos is like watching them open Pandora’s box – the more they find out – the more they realise they do not and cannot know… because let’s face it, if God exists, He cannot be in our physical realm and can therefore never be seen or touched or ‘discovered’ physically.

But the genius of the cosmos is just that – a true genius and one that has left His mark indelibly on His creation, so that the more we discover – the more – and crucially not less as we are often told – it points to information – which then in turn has to point to a mind – His mind.

God says in The Bible He reveals things to children that He will not reveal to the most intelligent adults who choose not to love or search for truth, but suppress it in order to fit with their lifestyles

Watch the following video and discover what everyone knows in their hearts to be true, ‘unbelievers’ and believers alike, and especially children, when they first see the stars in the sky. We all know in our hearts they must have come from somewhere or something other than ‘nothing’ – which by definition is in fact something, before we become sucked into this unbelieving world and choose to suppress what we know to be truth because by accepting it means we must accept accountability for our lifestyles – something most of us are not willing to do – preferring to search for ways to disprove God’s word so we can continue in sin, and somehow avoid judgement.

And to think that ‘clever’ adults do this in the hope that when they meet God they can say; “you didn’t give us proof’ to which He will laugh, and reply something like; “so what exactly more would you like me to pull out of the hat other than a perfect cosmos and the mathematically impossible – life itself in not one, but a billion forms?”

Scientists tell us they will believe only what they can see with their eyes to be true (except the cosmos and everything in it)

God is no fool – he has not left the kind of ‘hard scientific proof’ that scientists demand is required proof of God, open to finding – but only the kind of proof that sits in front of your eyes and stares at you, and to deny is to deny the obvious – the truth. The infinite, immortal, immaterial and intangible mind of God, by definition cannot, and will never be seen, ‘proved’, ‘disproved’ or touched by mortal, physical men, and to pursue the afore mentioned is futile. Over time, the knowledge of God’s Pandora’s box-like cosmos will unfold to reveal ever more complex design, and all scientific evidence will point ever more towards Him.


God Can No Longer Raise People From The Dead*

The asterisk in the title might give you a clue that I am joking, I mean we all know from The Bible that God is the same yesterday today and forever right. Well on April 22nd, 2015, Reverend Lee Stoneking addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York City and he gave the following testimony of how Jesus Christ – God in flesh raised him from the dead. We should never be surprised that the same person that raised living, breathing and walking men from dust, can raise men from once living men.

Watch this video and if your jaw does not drop then you just may be DOA already;) I hope you are blessed by this man’s courage to go before an organisation that could do worse that swallow a dose or two of Biblical truths, rather than think that all the solutions the the world’s problems lie in human attempts to bring peace by law and enforcement, rather than God’s more perfect way of planting in us the desire to allow ourselves to be changed from within by Him – first by acknowledgement of His existence and love for all creation, then the acceptance and repentance of sin, and lastly the renewal of our minds.

If we do that, He promises He will do the last part, and renew our bodies for all eternity in a renewed heaven and earth, but without the sin and death that was brought on by man’s pride in himself, and his unquenchable thirst for power and desire to be god himself. In the meantime, He promises to give us glimpses of His power as you will see demonstrated in the following video testimony.

What Does a Real Man Look Like?

Does a real man look like the weasel-men we see on the news, that strangely always seem to occupy the highest places (or not so strangely when we read the Bible), or the glamorous film actors who pretend for a living, or the lurid rock and pop stars we see always seeking ways to be more shocking and gain more attention than their teen idols, or the lying, narcissistic politicians that dodge, swerve, smile sweetly, love the sound of their own voices, play dumb, evade, play dumb some more and never answer a question directly, in order to get, and hold onto their power and prestigious positions at any cost whatsoever? Or is are the real men the name it and claim it prosperity preachers we see leading super churches and driving BMWs? There are a lot of role models for us and our kids to choose from for sure.

Well let me suggest in my humble opinion what a real role model should look like – and I don’t think I’m being over the top in making a big deal about this – it really is something we all need to grasp in our  modern self-obsessed culture. Below is a what a real man looks and sounds like. Yes, he is being forced into facing the full reality of life and death head-on and becoming even more of a real man by his dire circumstances as you will hear – but he was a real man before his health problems started because he searched for truth and loves God, and I have watched him carefully for several years and been constantly inspired and amazed at his bright, honest, truth seeking personality.

So I won’t go on any more, I’ll just let Nabeel and his video speak for itself. Frankly it puts me to shame and hence I want to inspire and encourage you all with his message of hope and love and staying faithful in the face of adversity and his case possible death. God bless you all:)