The Desires of Your Heart?

Sometimes we struggle with exactly what godly desires should actually look like, and how they match up to the desires of our own hearts and minds (ie before God gives us a new heart with new desires). Well, I came across this great little video that chimed with a lot of my thoughts and struggles in the area of desires and reconciling my own desires with God’s better – more fulfilling and more productive dreams and desires.

Regarding the opposite gender and what we should be attracted to or desire in a husband or wife check out the video below. The message of both videos is, seek the Lord with all your heart mind and soul and God will give you a renewed heart and renewed desires.

What is a Boyfriend?

According to the 1997 dictionary definition: a male companion.

According to the 2016 dictionary definition: a man that someone is having a romantic or sexual relationship with.

Is this for real?.. yes it is. Something happened (that exactly coincides with the advent of the Internet and probably high speed video streaming I would bet my weeks wages on (thankfully that’s not much:) that had infinitely sped up the sexualization of society. Oh dear. What about this for a definition?..

101ChristianNetwork’s logical say-it-as-it-ought-to-be definition; a man that is someone’s friend.

Man Was Made To Worship!

How do we know this? Go to a rock concert and watch people automatically throw their hands up in adoration to the ‘stars’. You don’t need to tell them – they want to do it and people will look everywhere for some thing or some one to worship.

But beware. If you are someone that wants or may end up by your chosen profession eliciting the worship of men and women and more worryingly children, understand that you might be putting yourself unintentionally in place of God and this is worth some serious consideration as those that end up in this position either intentionally or unintentionally don’t fare too well. Look at poor Elvis, Hendrix, Joplin, Ali, Jim Morrison, Whitney and Jackson. The list is endless.

The question in my mind given this almost unbroken line of super-stars that almost always eventually end up caricatures of their former selves with dyed hair, botox and spray-on tans and fall from grace is who’s next?.. Miley or Madonna?

Paid To Fake – No Thanks!

Isn’t it ironic that the world’s highest paid people are those that add least to society. Ironic but not unexpected – after all this world is the Devil’s domain and he was intent on pretending to be something he wasn’t from the beginning. This is why we so often see actors and actresses and singer ‘super-stars’ doing charity work. It’s because when they go to bed at night they know that the next day they are going to be paid another $million for pretending to be real, and be revered and worshipped for great acting by people that they know in their heart of hearts that shouldn’t be worshipping them at all.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think acting or singing or entertaining are bad in themselves (I am a musician and do them all at times and I’m sure the disciples sat around camp fires, told stories and sung and danced), or course not – providing entertainment can enrich our lives to some degree. It’s just that in time and eternity and God’s economy they are far less than cracked up to be (IMHO). I remember an interview where the brilliant actor Richard Dreyfuss stated himself and that the danger of being a revered actor or ‘star’ is that you are always in danger of believing your own hype and in his case – for a time he did. He actually likened fame and fortune in the hands of the unwise ‘as like a poison.’

You can take it with you – but not to heaven

Am I a little harsh? Perhaps but I’m afraid this is the truth. Jesus told us clearly that; “the rich and famous shall inherit the earth…” ahem sorry correction – “the meek shall inherit the earth” and all this ‘charity’ work done in the sight of men (something our Lord specifically told us not to do) is merely to appease their conscience which I’ve no doubt it does to some degree as I am sure most of the people that do this have not read their Bibles.

Winers and losers?

When I was young I saw all the top stars and entertainers as life’s winners. I wanted to be one – yet even as a child I knew something was up about placing all these people that often sing and sometimes act about literally nothing on a high pedestal.

But something happened to me. As I got older (having secretly wanted to be a rock-star myself whist at the same time knowing it was an ungodly desire and occupation) and saw the mess these people’s lives were, the mess their kids were, the mess they made of others who wanted to worship and/or emulate them and the sheer number of these ‘stars’ that suffered from depression, manipulation by their handlers (just look at poor Elvis and Jimi Hendrix to name just 2 of hundreds of these so-called ‘winners’) loneliness, and all too often early deaths from drink or drugs and even murder through envy and jealously – I now see it for what it is – success in reverse.

The real winners

To me now, the real winners in life and those that should gain the most respect and I would wager – those that are most fulfilled in life (if what The Bible says is anything to go on) are those that the world ignores – the bin men, the postmen, the bus drivers, the teachers, the builders, the carers, the doctors, the missionaries, the gardeners, the toilet cleaners, the road sweepers – the people that really add to society – not the IT gurus, the social network owners that connect us to all but those we need to be connected to, or the world casino players and by that I mean the so-called ‘investors’ and bankers that sit in rooms concocting ever new ways to make more and more money by doing less and less work.

Be careful what you wish for – you might just get it

So my message to all those that want to be stars is, be very careful about what you wish for because God grants us the desires of our hears be they good or evil. If you want money and fame you can have it – but you can’t take it into heaven. God will not tolerate men or women being worshipped above Him for any length of time. Yes you may succeed in the eyes of man for a short time, but before long you will as almost all ‘stars’ do, wind up a sad caricature of your former once ‘great’ self and in almost all cases end up consigned to the rubbish heap of fame and fortune.

If you’re really lucky you might get a book or a movie brought out that says how wonderful you once were or your hands cast in the pavement so people walk on your name for the next decade until people have forgotten who you were altogether as The Bible tells us happens to all eventually.

The road to real happiness?

It’s hard to believe but I am convinced that it is much better and infinitely more fulfilling to have a basic 9-5 job, a little happy family, a small car and a basic roof over your head, and do your charity in secret and be remembered by God for what you did to serve Him and His kingdom, His people and those in need. God felt it important to see to it that Jesus – the most powerful and truthful and fulfilled person that ever lived, was a carpenter and work with his hands. “The labourer’s sleep is sweet” The Bible tells us.

See the Yahoo article that inspired this article here: robert-downey-jr-tops-hollywood-rich-list

Real Men Don’t Swear

I used to swear like a trooper in my days as a young teenager, trying, I am embarrassed to admit, to appear to be cool and carefree and ‘different’ (even though ironically sin makes one more like everyone else in general). I believed in God since I was 6, but I wasn’t to become a Christian until I was around 20, and I am totally ashamed of the language I used back then, and then I had great trouble kicking the habit (as that is what it had become) even after I had become a Christian.

Oddly one thing I refused to do (with the odd lapse) was take God’s name in vain. As despite my rebellious attitude I had been as I said above, quite fearful of God ever since I was 6 and looked into the sky at night and observed all the millions stars realised God’s existence was blindingly obvious. So I was to Satan’s delight and like most of his subjects, a bundle of contradictions, which I still am but hopefully less so each day.

Now things are very different and I actually wince when I hear swearing now days, not so much because of the person doing it or what they are saying, but because it reminds me of my own immaturity and stupidity. I hope no one remembers me in those days at college but I’m sure they do. Thankfully I have learned the truth that real men don’t swear and certainly don’t take God’s name – their loving creator in vain.