Have Faith in God!

I went to a house group meeting last night and a lovely man from Macedonia – now living, church planting and spreading the gospel in the Balkans gave us an idea of the kind of persecution he faces over there (eg he has frequent death threats) but has persevered in faith for 20 years and finally established a church of 80 (which is great achievement as its such a hard hearted area and they keep trying to throw him out and he refuses to leave!).

His told us how his father killed himself in front of him and his family and his family later disowned him when he became Christian, but after 20 years they are now believers! Obviously I cried but hid it very well.

Also this morning I was listening to a sermon relating to what he was talking about – they quoted a verse about enemies of Israel surrounding it (the man last night was talking about this saying it is almost done). So I opened my Bible today while I was listening and it fell open at the exact page and my eyes were on the exact verse?! There are 1500 pages in Bible:)

This man also told us that where he is, God is doing big miracles (I read in the Bible yesterday that at times god actually stopped doing miracles because of the hardened hearts, and looks for obedience but also, God choses his timing to do miracles and signs very carefully as they are aften to help people like this man who need great faith in his situation).

He told us that twice – he prayed simple prayers (not expecting them to live) for two terminally ill women were completely healed of cancer that covered their body!

He also said – without being alarmist, that looking at those surrounding Israel, the Balkans, The Middle East, Turkey and prophecy in The Bible it would appear that we really are approaching the end-times. Something that I bleieve we are all sensing in various ways. But as the bible says – don’t be fearful – these things must happen. God bless you all.

What is Believing in Jesus?

What is believing in Christ?… I suggest it means believing in his ways, his statutes and his teachings. It’s more than believing that he really existed, and he really was the son of God, and he really was raised – all of which we do believe. It’s like getting in my car because you believe I can drive because I told you – believing in Jesus is faith in what he told us, his worlds, promises and in him totally!

I have never heard Jesus say anything in the Bible I thought was unfair, untrue or not correct or truthful. But I have heard many preachers and teachers and gurus say things that didn’t ring completely true. This is the mark of Jesus being truely who he said he was.