Why Can’t The Main Stream Media Tell The Truth?

Well it’s quite simple really, but let’s not make a sweeping statements to tar everyone with the same brush. Lets re-phrase that; why can’t 95% of the main steam media tell the truth? Well in my often not so humble opinion, this small problem of honesty comes down to another little thing called money – and the love of it. The problem is, money is needed in order to have a livelihood – to eat, and to feed your family, and of course to get ahead of other outlets and people – the riches the allure of which is something most humans are unable in and of themselves (without God’s humbling Spirit) to resist.

So think of the average clever and hungry for success grads leaving college and landing themselves a dream job at Clown News, Yazoo or ABCD Inc. or some other news outlet owned by a bazillion foreign investors and/or some far off oligarch somewhere in some distant country who has 101 special interests other than the people of the country where the outlet is based, trying to state the truth when he or she knows it might show the interests of the company owners or the owners themselves in a bad light – it simply can’t be done if one wants to retain their job.

One day these well-paid enthusiastic college grads are asked to report on some unpalatable – unsavoury news that just happens to be the truth – but that really doesn’t sit well with the paying viewers, advertisers or investors. Buy this time they have a small family, mouths to feed, PC school meetings to attend – a close nit group of cool city slicker friends of various persuasions  to impress and stay in with – many with lifestyles and views that in private they might disagree or disapprove of but in public must agree in order to retain their status, connections and job, plus 101 other peer pressures from family and all that comes with this ungodly thing we call political correctness – but which is just that – political – by dictionary standards something or some position said or held to for effect and not necessarily because it’s true.

Now it doesn’t take a genius to guess what will happen. If you are not made of steel, the whole business of being an honest reporter can easily descend into a charade, but out of necessity and survival more than anything else – not because these folks are all bad. Most reporters I’m sure start with good intentions, but you simply can’t run the story as it is and keep your job. The truth has to be doctored to suit the tasted and preferences of ALL the many different groups involved with the news outlet, and to satisfy the free speech rules – or not as the case may be of whatever government is in place. That or be taken off the air, go bust and not be able to feed your family. The truth is always compromised by money and has been since the year dot. In fact there is sometimes so much money involved that the truth can literally get you killed. It was the truth that got our Lord killed.

The thing is we all know this – but I think we forget from time to time that the Bible was absolutely right when it said to basically, in so many words, follow the money; that “the love of money is the root of all evil” (on this earth – I’ll add, to give it it’s obvious but often missed meaning since of course there are greater forces at work in the heavens).

So then once in a while you get a character – love him or hate him that doesn’t need the money – doesn’t need to be PC and all hell breaks lose. Another thing to note – is that when you are speaking truth, you can be sure you will have more enemies than friends. This does not always mean that the Trumps of the word right, but if you really are speaking truth – you will have more enemies period. In an era of mixed and confused messages and half-truths, I find it’s sometimes a good litmus test to look at who is supporting a view and who isn’t, to help me determine who might be telling the truth – or at least who is trying to be more honest. But sometimes it’s just obvious to everyone. Like when a bunch of multinational big-business bosses who make much or their products at dirt cheap rates abroad leave a business council in the dust and say it’s for reason X – you can be pretty sure it’s really for reason Y that strangely relates to theirs and their investors pockets.

The truth is, wether we recognise it or not this money versus truth problem actually affects all of us whatever position we are in – rich, poor – small business owner or Google CEO, or even church, something I and many Christians, and others who love truth battle with daily. It’s one reason I’m sure there will be no money in heaven – but that’s another article!

The Masses Are Not Always Right

How do we know this? because we have 3 great religions filled with masses of people, and ALL are exclusive and ALL are 100% convinced they are right and ALL think the other group has got it wrong!

So why have we gone from thinking that consensus is better that conviction when it comes to deciding whether something is right? I’ll take a guess; because we do not believe it absolutes any more and morals and God have been thrown out with the bath water, so like blind animals leading the blind we are left with no option but to enforce a pseudo-peace and security on society, rather than to do what the Bible commands – for us to take responsibility ourselves for our own actions, to be repentant of our sins and to seek God on a personal level regarding our betterment and to personally take it upon ourselves to take care of our neighbours.

We are not supposed to leave it to some government. Government should be small and we the people – and the church should be the ones that take care of the vulnerable in society. This is the reason why corrupt governments always seek to ever expand – because they know a dependent society is a controllable society – which leave the career politicians to do as they wish without anyone noticing and as many backroom deals with ‘special interests’ (an awful word better  translated as ‘corrupt trade deals’) as they like.

Another thing I note is that the socialists always come out and demand the spreading of the wealth AFTER the entrepreneurs have helped to get them employment and raise their standard of living. They stand of the shoulders of hard working business men and women – granted many may have wrong motives, but many have good ones and enjoy using their talents to employ and empower others to bring them up to the ladder – when they demand that the government start robbing those same people and handing it out to not just the poor, widows and children as is right – but them.

Some accuse Margaret Thatcher of being hard and heartless. When you listen to her she is anything but and her Christian background comes through. She says she believed firmly in a ‘safety net’ for the very poor. But that we must not strangle ingenuity and business makers as they create the wealth  and jobs that are needed to bring all out of poverty. She also notes the common misconception that simply ‘taxing the rich’ – a sometimes warranted demand but but normally the mantra of jealousy – it is pointless from a monetary point of view since the super rich make up only a tiny % of the population.

Another point she makes – common sense with no economics degree required – is that the spreading of wealth can only go so far before it begins to have a negative effect on societies overall wealth and people start to become poorer. These are biblical principles; work hard – earn your money and look after the very poorest yourself – but for those that don’t work – the Bible says bluntly – they won’t don’t eat.

And like the question; what is real wealth and and how do we get it, there is the issue of what is real freedom and security. Just like ‘fixing’ the threat of poverty with socialism is just a band-aid – so is an enforced ‘freedom’ – once were we are all monitored day and night by way of political correctness and other means not a real solution to the problem. Real freedom comes to a nation when men and women on an individual basis start to know and live by the ten commandments on a personal daily basis; Do not covet, do not steal, honour they parents.

If my people…

The Bible says IF THE PEOPLE seek my face – these Bible truths cannot and will not be stopped from seeping into the culture and society, and eventually the laws and corrupt governors of the land will no longer be able to hide. Regardless the sins of men or the wrongful actions of a country’s leaders, like disinfectant, the truth affects the land, laws and law courts, so bad things and bad men are brought into the light by the unstoppable power of the simple and plain truth. But it must come from and start with the people – not the government the Bible says.

Margaret Thatcher – daughter of an English grocer, local preacher, says in perfectly in this interview;

“You can have total security without any freedom”

It has to be said, that according to Revelations, this is where the Devil is taking us and looking at recent world politics this is where we are undoubtedly heading!


Most People (including Christians) Prefer Lies To Truth!

Yes it’s true as I’ve been guilty of it myself. But as Christians we MUST break free from traditions and teachings of man, the churches, the media, our loved ones and so on and on and on!

The Bible often talks about being wary of the doctrines and traditions of men – men who trapped in their own personal sins (as we all are to more or less degree) ‘adapt’ the Bible’s teaching to fit with their own lifestyles and personal sins.

We’ve all done it – I’m talking about looking for loopholes in The Bible rather than looking for truth and adapting our sin to conform with The Bible!

(note: please ignore the denomination that this video comes from – but get the essence of the truth of what the man says here regarding men preferring man-made doctrines and so called ‘truths’).

Once To Every Man & Nation

By James Russell Lowell (1819-1891)

Once to every man and nation,
Comes the moment to decide,
In the strife of truth with false-hood,
For the good or evil side;

Some great cause, some great decision,
Offering each the bloom or blight,
And the choice goes by forever,
‘Twixt that darkness and that light.

Then to side with truth is noble,
When we share her wretched crust,
Ere her cause bring fame and profit,
And ’tis prosperous to be just;

Then it is the brave man chooses,
While the coward stands aside,
Till the multitude make virtue,
Of the faith they had denied.

Though the cause of evil prosper,
Yet the truth alone is strong:
Though her portion be the scaffold,
And upon the throne be wrong,

Yet that scaffold sways the future,