Election Night; Now We Learn The Real Reason The Clinton Cases Keep Being Closed

Well, we’re not surprised to hear on election day, the real reason why James Comey has been reluctant to recommend charges against the Clintons. It seems his business dealings are intertwined with The Clinton Bank – I mean Foundation. Well I will not keep you in suspense any longer and let Pastor Paul Begley tell you the details you will never hear on the Clinton… I mean Clown… I mean CNN News Network.

How Much Should A Charity Give Away to Charity?

Sounds like a daft question and the flippant answer would be everything of course! But we all know charities like every other organisation have costs and bills to pay. They say; don’t ever give to a charity unless it is giving at least 90% to it’s intended causes. Why? Because anything else means money being given to that charity is obviously flowing in directions it should not be flowing in. So what’s wrong with The Clinton Foundation in this respect? According to the IRS quire a bit. According to it’s records less than 10% is going to charity – more like less than 5%. Can you believe it? I can!

I’m clearly a fool sitting here trying to help Christians for free, giving my time, putting into it my own hard-earned money and even putting off getting married myself, so that others can find Christian husbands and wives – a cause I feel worth fighting for among many others that I don’t have time to address but would love to. But I’ve got to say, listening to what the Clintons have done is quite hard to hear, but I must remember that we are all answerable to God in the end, and it is not for me to make any final judgements about where people are going to end up for what they are doing – lest I be judged. In any case – judgment rightly begins at the house of God and I’m a sinner just like everyone else. That said, watch Dinesh D’Souza explain exactly how much the foundation that has received HUGE amounts of money gives away and marvel at how they get away wth it. You’ve got to hand it to them for brazenness if nothing else!


101ChristianMagazine (and many other folk) Was Right: Hillary Let off the Hook – Again

A week ago we predicted that the ‘new’ investigation into Hillary’s emails would come to nought. How could it come to anything else? As we have also stated in previous articles – The Donald simply cannot be allowed to win. If he does, the globalists will effectively have to start again. We don’t like The Donald – don’t get us wrong but if we have to choose between the two, our choice is clear, to at least slow down globalism.

Back to the point, we have just seen another charade, disguised as a ‘public enquiry’ be closed with the conclusion that there was “no significant breaking of the law.” It’s almost laughable. We see it regularly in the UK – the case that springs to mind is the slippery Tony Blair – a ‘public enquiry’ that also had a foregone conclusion, that to all intents and purposes was made to look to the public like a really serious investigation. Now he like Hillary is on the loose again, telling us all what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

It’s not that the questioners are all in on it, it’s just that at the end of the day, there are too many friends in higher places than the good men and women doing the enquiring, for any charges to be pressed. It’s just never going to happen to certain people. These politicians are trained actors and emotional manipulators – Blair being one of the best we’ve ever seen. This is why we frequently see them smiling and laughing and joking during questioning. They can’t believe their good luck. Of course, we will all be accountable to the same God in the end.