Where Did Evil Come From?

My thoughts this morning (yes I do have them:);

I have often asked – and I hear Christians and people in general ask; where does evil come from? After thinking about this and reading The Bible for quite a few years, I have come to some conclusions. I believe evil is not an entity in itself – ie not something you can hold in your hand – and was definitely not created by God, and He was not the cause of suffering – as the Bible says “let no man call God evil” as many – especially ‘atheists’ like to say. This is not to say that Satan doesn’t exist – I believe He does but this is another topic. Athists will often say” “why did God create suffering in the world?”

I say, that deluded and evil is what we become when we reject truth. “I will send a strong delusion to all that love not the truth”. It suggests it is not the actual rejection of truth that is in itself evil – that is just a decison – albeit an unwise one. Evil is what we become by doing that rejecting of truth. There is a difference. Remember God said He hardens the hearts of those that choose not His ways and those who are willfully blind to truth.

The result for others of me of rejecting truth is that I become evil as the light is removed – void of light – void of love – void of wisdom – void of reason and conscience. This evil nature – or nature lacking God’s light then manifests in the suffering of others and myself – eg pain was designed for protection – a good thing – but in absence of truth it becomes an evil. Or when knowledge is used for wrong purposes it becomes an evil – it wasn’t created as an evil. I think ‘evil’ is the term that best describes this process of setting our hearts above God and him removing His light as we request and in that sense ‘hardening’ them – a just reward I believe for wilful blindness.

So what about natural disaters then?  Good question. I’ll try to give an answer that as i see it asap, but for now consider this idea I had and see if it may throw any light on the subject (I realise suffering is much more diverse and complex but it’s an idea): if God withdraws from us at our request – as it suggests He did in the Garden of Eden… we’re gonna need larger pain receptors to survive more than five minutes in this fallen, shadow-world with our fallen shadow-bodies.

How To Banish Darkness in Your Life

Having Problems Dealing With Sin?

All of us sin and I’ll be the first to admit sometimes it can seem impossible to kick some sins to the dust. But here’s a suggestion – not a new one by any means but a way of approaching and thinking about it that might help.

Most of us Christians spend our time fighting and struggling with sin – and this is a good thing. But remember when you walk into a darkened room, you don’t struggle and stress with the darkness – you simply turn on the light and the darkness leaves the room.

In the same way if you are really struggling, immerse yourself in The Bible – play some great video sermons – they don’t even need to relate to your problem – God’s word of truth – His sword has that much of a powerul effect on your soul. Do this while you work or listen to one while you are going to sleep. I guarantee that if you immerse yourself in the light – the darkness will at some point leave of it’s own accord – that’s why it’s called ‘armour of God’.

God bless you all.