Actor Richard Dreyfuss Talks Some Sense

I have no idea if he is a Christian, and it matters not in terms of the point of this article, but interestingly in the following interview brilliant actor Richard Dreyfuss – the man that rightly pointed out that; “fame is like a poison” – suggests that if we do not learn the 10 commandments we are doomed from the get-go. I have on this site many times argued that if this simple set of ten laws or ‘rules’ – yes I’m a Christian and I said it – were known in every heart and mind on the planet and taken as sacred – all the world’s problems – and I mean ALL would disappear. It’s not going to happen, but I believe they are really that powerful. Why? Well lets start with the number one problem (or at least near the top spot for man’s bad habits) in the world – coveting. Men covet their neighbours watch, their car, their lifestyle, their money, their resources and even their land – and the latter is what most wars are fought over.

He also says; “We are not born knowing the ten commandments” which I partly agree with – except that as we develop into adults, there does seem to be a universal understanding of these ten laws in arguably every person and tribe all over the planet. These basic laws have the power to turn naturally ungodly, animalistic men and women from beasts into real men and women. The Bible alludes to God writing in them in the hearts of all men – at which point this happened I am not sure.

I suggest it is not legalistic to stand by and teach the laws as all Christians once used to everywhere – not for salvation – but for reproof and correction, and for the love of God and your fellow man, and we see the ways in which we are to love of our fellow men in several commandments. Yes Jesus summarised these laws into two – love your neighbour as your self and love God – but these ten, decrypt the two, and tell us exactly HOW to love God and our fellow man. You simply cannot love your fellow man if you covet his wife – you cannot love your fellow man by not honouring your parents (however good or bad they are).

Let’s put the ten commandments where they were almost universally seen before we became as self-centred as we have now become – back on our homes, our church walls, our school walls, our courtroom walls, prison walls. Enjoy this clip of someone talking sense for a change and getting to the root of all our problems – our collective lack of knowledge of the ten commandments that should be ingrained in the heart of all men and women and children – NOT for salvation but for the good of society. My thoughts of course – feel free to disagree and comment below.

Keeping The Commandments of God

My thoughts today..

Bonnie religious ten_commandmentsI find it interesting that the commands God gave Moses are not actually (when you really consider it) that hard to keep (unlike the dozens of laws that Moses decreed that by their great number alone makes them hard to adhere to since learning them would be hard in itself).

No, in my experience, it’s far more difficult to give my time to someone in need, forgive a neighbour, or avoid gossip or sinning in our hearts and minds when no one is looking than to keep the ten commandments – which are written in our hearts.

Whilst I believe we are not saved by works and also that our sins are now under the perfect lamb’s blood – i.e we are no longer under condemnation of death for sin and now look to Jesus blood for forgiveness of sins rather than that of a ‘perfect’ animal sacrifice, could it be that God is on our side and asks us only what we are able to do with his help?

Which one of the 10 commandments is too difficult for us? It really does seem as if Jesus was speaking the truth when he said; “my yolk is easy and my burden is light.” God help us to keep your commands and be a light to the world.