Joel Osteen Refuses to Open Mega-Church Complex to Hurricane Victims

Yep – the smiling ‘positive-thinking solves all’ preacher is at it again. All we need to do is not worry – don’t do anything and just pray, as “God has it covered.” Why am I not surprised by this ridiculous statement? Well why would I be, these folks have a building to ‘up-keep’ and 1000’s Christians to pack into his football stadium in need of hearing the ‘word’ according to Joel, to fleece – I mean preach to on how giving generously can make you into a wealthy, healthy and happy person – something Jesus never taught. And in any case, flood victims might dirty the carpets in our 4-story mega-complex.

Woah that’s harsh 101?! OK – to be fair to Joel, no he didn’t say that (he did say “pray as God has it covered”) but he might as well have said the rest. One thing is for sure; its not hard to see why Jesus said that in the end-days Christians would be hated by everyone – with spokes-persons like these what hope have we got? We were called to love our neighbours and friends, not speak kind words and positive wishes over them. God warned us about sorcery – the gaining of power and creation of ‘wealth’ through special knowledge and by uttering certain words, using this to do the same for ourselves and others and not sticking to the simplicity of faith in Christ for ALL our needs. This was the very first deception in the Garden – men wishing to be ‘Christ’s’ in their own lunch-breaks is what got us all banned from God’s presence in nigh-on the first chapter of the Bible!

So what is loving someone really?

Love is giving of oneself the things of real value – not tossing out an old TV we don’t want, not positive ‘energy’ or lip service which is of no value. Loving your neighbour is giving of that most precious things; ones time, ones energy, ones ear and of course where we can’t do those thing because of physical location or circumstance (remember Jesus said focus our love on local friends family and neighbours, not Facebook ‘friends’ a 100 miles away) one’s money to those in need and probably in that order.

Pray yes – but pray with action (when possible of course!)

The prayers of a righteous man are always going to be super-powerful, not in a new-agey way but in a deeply spiritual way that will always result in God answering in any way he chooses which may NOT involve financial gain for any party and may still involve suffering as we see over and over in the Bible. But love is not just the prayer of a righteous person (someone that loves God) but also physical action – not inaction with a veneer of words. There is no love sitting on one’s hind end and there is no love in saying “The Lord loves you” without action when action can be taken. Love is that thing that costs us – physical service – something we don’t hear much these days at church. Love may be words, but as Jesus showed us on the cross – it was followed by action.

What is Satan’s End-Game?

You know the Bible says that the Devil’s mission is to decieve and confuse – so when we say we have a million different interpretaions and misrepresenations of God so we can’t know – this is already explained to us and also the solution – to love the truth – thats very different from knowing the truth. Bible says to those that do not love truth – He (God) will personally send ‘strong dellusion’ (by way of lifting his hand of protection away from us the deciever). Either way the seaprnt’s goal has been achieved – we have 100 different beliefs and confusion everywhere.

This ‘sending dellsuion’ to those that do not love truth wherever they find it, is not unlike the inversion of this we of this with Freemasonry – whereby the greater secrets are not revealed to those they deem ‘not worthy’. However, when God does hides truth – its punishement for not loving truth and seeking after false things, when the gnostics hide their so-called ‘light’ and ‘truth’ (freemasons/Kbalistsetc) its elitiem and secrets I or anyone else should not wish to gain special powers from. It’s goodness on it’s head.

Real Godliness is about minimisation of self in relation to God. Godliness inverted is about becoming god’s and goes back to lie in the garden. We see this all over the place with Oprah and the rest – yes I said it – ‘The Secret’ is in fact nothing new and was never a secret – it’s just plain lies and was exposed in the garden – right at the beginning, yet Christians fall for it today hook line and sinker. How to become creative geniuses and ‘gods’ in your own lunchbreak. Of course the love of money drives most of this nowadays – the Bible was not wrong about man’s greatest love on this earth.

GK Chesterton said; “its not blief in nothing that is the problem – it’s belief in anything.

But in the beginning it was very simple. God was personal – man loves God – God loves man that was it and man does not hode from God.

Genesis says that the deceiver came along and told man; “it’s not true that if you eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil you would die – and that by eating is your eyes will be opened and YOU WILL BE AS GODS (now called gnosticism/kabalah/judaism/freemasonry – all identicle – bascily savlation through knowledge – and achievment of godhood by special – secret knowledge – I mean how elitist and urksome is that?).

This is what we see everywhere – Google and all of them – trying to regain what was lost in the garden by recreating by physcal means – what God already in the garden – a pure all-seeing all knowing spiritual ‘internet’ where by all people and God were coonnected.

But men were NOT Gods (you cant actually have more than one real God anyway – as by definition only one entity can be all-pwerful – you cant share true Godhood). They were made only in his image but clearly with ‘godlike’ abilities given to them. But no first-cause power to create from scartch much as Opera would like us to believe.

Anyway – man can only recreate a fake verison of what he thinks was ‘Godhood’ in the gardedn in the physical – so he is inventing ways to connect our brains to the central all-seeing ‘brain’. In other words – Satan wants to see everthing like God can (and therefore have control over us) every thought and deed under the guise of freedom and ‘connectivity – but ts a completely false system that involves no love or freedom at all – the exact opposite. And because these people do not love truth they are buying into the dellusion.

We are not there yet – as we still have other means to buy and sell

This Satan’s ‘mark’ is all about in Revelations – Satan wants to mark (and damn) every soul as retributio for God kicking him out of Eden – losing his so-called godhood he never had (Masonry and the rest is excat reverse of this story as you probably know). To pull this off Satan must utilmately control all money transactions (basicly control if you participate in society and eat). All those that don’t accept will be deemed regressive, ‘haters’ and ‘bigots’ etc as we see now.

Revelation 13:16-17 (KJV)

(Note; the inredible specificity of the following words in red);

16 And he causeth ALL (notice it does not say ‘force’) , both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell (participate in society – basically not work or ultimately not eat), save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
When this happens – that no man might not work, buy or trade without this mark there will be a falling away without question – regardless of the pre-mid-post debate. So it’s clear we are not yet there as I can still work, and walk into any store and buy and sell and eat and feed my family. But we should think about what’s coming and prepare our hearts and minds.

Fantastic Quote

I heard this today and just had to post it;

“Just because we are no longer shocked by what shocked our grandmothers and grandfathers, does not make it right or mean we have progressed.”

I can’t add anything to this quote other than to say this is where we see ourselves today, as other generations did in the past, blinded by the effects of becoming insensitive to the evils of their day.

New Bibles Are More Numerous That Windows Updates!

“Warning – important notice; Your Bible is out of date – please patch your existing Bible version with our new improved and updated version! We have had our most knowledgable scholar with an impressive list of extensive credentials re-interpret and correct the texts so YOU can get the most out of our all new translation!

You must do this now – as our new Bible version includes essential updates, vulnerability and bug fixes, corrections to textual and translation errors, patches to stay safe from new security threats, plus a host of new features you can’t do without!

It’s our firm belief that the original 50+ scholars that were masterfully pitched head to head by King James and made accountable not only to each other – but more importantly to him – to stop personal agendas entering the translation – were not really that bright after all! Let’s face it, most of them only spoke multiple languages and had years and years of experience of ancient texts – much better to get 1 or 2 modern folks that have been to Bible college to re-translate everything, and hey – if they alter the text enough, we can hopefully get the copyright needed to sell it – and make a few bucks to support our ministry in the process!

Please note; Prosperity Church will no longer support your existing Bible translation after June 31st, so be sure to get your new and updated version! It’s yours free for a small one-time donation of just $200 to our ministry! Comes in classic leather bound and gold leaf versions, or shiny new modern name-it-and-claim-it flavours!”

501C3; Churches Will Effectivley Be Paid to Keep Silent

Whilst I’m absolutely sure most churches or pastors have no desire to be silenced regarding the real teachings of Jesus and the Bible, and would be horrified at the thought of this actually happening, this in fact what the 501C3 has the power to do, and we are seeing this more and more across America as pastors and church goers are feeling the pressure to be politically correct by altering their traditional doctrines or by staying silent altogether.

This corruption of the church through bribery will and has cost the world dearly over the past few decades and is getting very much worse in recent years. 99% of American churches are 501C3 which at some point will be the means by which churches are forced at the least to water down their teachings (as will and is happening now to people on an individual basis) when things really hit the fan for real Christians as the Bible tells us will happen – payment for silence. Ultimately this will mean (and we see this dilution happening daily – and the bigger and wealthier the church the greater the dilution of the truth) we will have a Christianity without the real Jesus and we will all be forced to chose between Jesus as he was presented in the Bible or a nice, convenient and politically correct replacement for Jesus.

I’m not saying churches should give up their 501C3  status yet – if it helps them to stay afloat and the pressure is not yet too great to stay silent, but just stating that at some point churches may well be forced to decide to do so if they are to stay in the truth. Any time you are given ‘breaks’ or perks it generally means you are in the effectively pockets of the giver of those breaks and perks and should they wish to twist your arm, if you have become dependent on them, you will have to capitulate. Better for God’s people to ultimately free from financial strangleholds. We and our churches should prepare for what the Bible tells us is coming – the control of all money and hence the control of all people and organisations.