Christian? Like Trump?

Q: should Christians vote for Donald Trump?

Possibly yes – but watch out if you do! Whilst despite all his faults (he who is without sin cast the first stone right?) he is actually the only president in history to actually do what he says he’s going to do – does not speak out of both sides of his mouth – and actually doing all the things that American people need to return to living in a prosperous nation – like bringing business back – which have been sold for a song and a lot of back-handers by previous administrations – make no mistake – Christians are being set up by our adversary.

Christians are being set up – The Bible tells us so

What do I mean? If you haven’t noticed – the left and liberals – who are bent on doing as thou wilt – are making absolutely sure Trump and his policies are tied firmly to Christians in their coverage of him in the media – it’s being portrayed as all our fault he is in power – and everything thing he does is what Christians and more specifically – The Bible would advocate. So-called racism (who on this earth is pure racially? – answer – no one! It’s makes no sense to be racist, and Donald Trump is way bright enough to know this) – and everything else that’s ‘wrong’ with trump – or more specifically does not let them do as thou wilt will be deemed as our fault. For instance – protecting the unborn would be an example. This is being sown in the subconscious of ordinary folks everywhere and will be brought to the fore exactly – and only when the time is right.

It’s only a temporary head-wound

Sure it looks like truth and honesty and transparentness is getting a renaissance and the beast is certainly getting a head-wound – because as God says in the Bible – ‘my people’ cried out – to be released from the previous tyranny and genuinely started to clean up their lives – but it’s a window of opportunity to do God’s work and temporal – at some point, the left with rise and next time they do – Christians will not just be marginalised and mocked – they will really – I mean really be blamed for everything that’s wrong in the world. We can already – and have for many years been hearing echoes of this.

The plan was – and is still the same

The left think we don’t know the plan – to discredit Christians, and Jesus and The Bible under the guise of 101 other reasons like ‘supporting’ minority groups – but we know – and have known for 2000 years – its all purely political, and these people care-not about any marginalised group they pretend to care about – only themselves.

Cryptos will not free us from the banks – it’s a temporal reprieve

Governments (bankers) can’t control cryptos? Rubbish – if we think that, we have no idea what powers we are up against. Soon everyone will need a license to even access the web. The fact is – you cannot have a new world order where everything is ‘fair’ (or in other words everyone is under a socialism) and they can do as thou wilt – with the salt and light of the Bible still pervasive as it is in the West. It, and its adherents have to go – if not now – later – and Donald Trump and people like him that advocate Christian principles, will be used as the perfect excuse. This ignores the complexity of him being involved with Jarred and the other Kabbalah adherents – that’s another but intertwined subject.

Should Christians be involved in politics?

Jesus and politics

Founding Fathers and politics and Christianity

New Word Order

Donald Trump Wins Election: The Big TV Stations, Biased Presenters, Talking Heads & Pundits All Got it Wrong (including us)

We have to say though, that the reason we got it wrong, unlike the talking heads,  was because we cynically did not believe that honesty would abound, and the system was too corrupt. The talking heads however were quite happy that the system was corrupt, so long at the person who would protect them and their interests got in. So love or hate The Donald – it was a great day for democracy and proves it’s still the best form of government (or the “worst of all forms of government except all the others” as Churchill said! Actually the best form is a democratic republic as we see in the USA where powers are separated and therefore a form of damage limitation – and why the globalists hate it).

So it is now somewhat amusing that people like CCN and NBC and all the other people in ‘the know’ tout themselves in great intros to their news channels with phrases like; “we are the experts” and “we will break down the real news for you” – the lot of them – all of them – got it totally wrong.

Why? Because they were smugly backing Hillary because they believed hers’ and their power to sway elections was so powerful that it was a foregone conclusion. I now actually feel sorry for them watching them this morning, with their tails firmly between their legs, and big opinionated mouths firmly shut.

Brexit II: The people have spoken

But the sleeping giant that pays their excessive wages awakened – the American people – and slapped them in the face and told them to sit down and shut up and listen to us – the people!

It seems that when times are good people vote with their emotions. When times are bad and corruption reaches tipping point, thankfully nothing a rich politician can do will stop a country that has had enough and the people eventually vote with their minds.

The fact is, people should never be voting for a person just because she is a woman, or just because a man is black, or just because a person represents a minority group, or even just because they are left or right. People should vote because the person they are voting for is saying what is right and true, and because they have their country and it’s people at heart (or not as the case may be). We should be asking; do they really love their country and what it has given them?

This proves the main stream media have no longer have anything useful to say

Regardless of weather Donald is a good guy or a bad guy, it’s clear the people no longer want biased news, corruption in Washington and endless wars and no matter how much money you pump into it – you can no longer buy your way into the Whitehouse.

It remains to be seen if The Donald – not known for always being a saint, will actually do what he said he will do and drain the swamp.

As 101ChristianMagazine Predicted, Julian Assange Confirms; Trump Will Not Be Allowed To Win

101ChristianMagazine is not fond of The Donald, and even less fond of Hillary Clinton. But in an article some several months ago we predicted that The Donald will never be allowed to win the presidential race. Why?.. because he is anti-establishment and has no serious financial special-interest backers.

But there is nothing clever about this prediction, and many many others made the same point – that The Donald simply CANNOT be allowed to win by the now well established globalists – lest he undoes all they have been working for to create a world union under one governing body, religion and monetary system.

The Bible tells us plainly; globalism will go under the guise of world ‘peace’

This is no conspiracy as apart from the Bible, the only reason we know this is happening is by listening to their own explicit words on the subject (if you wonder why anyone would want to create a single world order the answer is very simple; creating a new single and ‘fair’ order with all faiths represented in Jerusalem (until the man of perdition demands all must worship him as he claims to be god) that all must adhere to is the only option to take for world peace, if the world (especially those in power) will not come under God’s intended order to establish peace – God’s order being one of limiting power by keeping nation states separate (remember Babel?) and He asks individuals, men and women to serve our neighbours ourselves and not leave it to our governments.

That aside, here is what Assange says, not only using his common sense as we did, but having actually seen the correspondence emails that have led him to conclude his haunch is right. Assange said:

“My analysis is that Trump would not be permitted to win. Why do I say that? Because he has had every establishment off his side. Trump does not have one establishment, maybe with the exception of the Evangelicals, if you can call them an establishment. Banks, intelligence, arms companies, foreign money, etc, are all united behind Hillary Clinton. And the media as well. Media owners, and the journalists themselves.”

We could be wrong, but I doubt it, simply based on the fact that big business, money and power always win out in the end – the love thereof as we are told in the Bible being the root of all things not-good! Donald may be rich but he can’t compete with the likes of the Saudis and other hugely rich backers of the Hillary campaign and ethos.

Both Running Mates are Jesuit Educated

My father was jesuit educated so I’m not overly concerned, non-religious as he is, and believing in retrospect that one of the fathers was taking far too much interest in him with special ‘personal meetings’ (thankfully that went no further), he had sense enough to leave it behind. I mean, go against the Bible’s teachings; that leaders of the flock should always be married, and what do we see as a result?

Anyway, I had to laugh when I found this out that both running mates were also educated in the same way (of course it wasn’t their decision), though of course not surprised on the other hand. Just when you think you might be out of the woods – nothing has changed!

Look Christians, it’s very easy to get caught up in voting Trump because he will ‘protect our religious liberties’ – and that’s probably who I would very reluctantly vote for as there is NOTHING to celebrate in either candidate – but let’s remember this is a very short term view and may not even happen under him, as I have heard some very scary recordings of The Donald being what seems to me to be a terrible bully to those that oppose him – every bit on a par with Hillary. I have no idea what he would be like once in power and neither have you.

Yes he lies to get out of his potty mouth events, and she lies as a matter of course to get what she wants, but both of these people are very problematic to say the least, and are in desperate need of renewing of their minds. Like all of us I guess but there is are special kinds of temptations and corruption that happens in such high and wealthy circles that perhaps the like of me and you are not exposed to on such a great level.

The fact is, whatever we choose the coming single world order that is promised to bring peace to the world as described in the Bible is coming (let’s face it – without God – a single world order – i.e what is seen as a globally fair system we can all abide by’ IS the only option to bring peace to the world, and these people do not want to be governed by God – but it being godless, will fail as also predicted in the Bible) so Christians must understand that medium to long term nothing will change and only tighten up around us. Christians will be shut down and churches that don’t conform also.

So Christians and churches willing to stick to the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, we must serve the poor and our neighbours (be they Christian or not), spread the gospel light and get our houses in order right now.

Donald Trump Talks Tough – Really Tough

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump, having nearly been taken down by his own motor-mouth and claims by women that have yet to be verified, is going for the jugular – namely the corruption at the heart of Washington. Even I winced when I heard this speech and imagined what the globalist elites must have been thinking when they heard this. The phrase quaking in ones boots comes to mind. Assuming Donald is not a puppet and really on the same side as his opponents, they must be seriously – seriously worried.

Are his plans for real… or is he just another all-talk politician?

Everything they have worked to do, break-down what is moral and good, and preserve and cast in stone everything that is immoral and unjust, all the bad laws, statutes, back-room deals designed to line their own pockets could come crashing down to nought if The Donald does any of what he says he is going to do. It remains to be seen if he really is the real deal or just another sweet-taking-but-do-nothing politician. See the full First 100 Day Plan in Gettysburg, PA speech below.