Why We Are all Complicit in The Greatest Crime Ever!

Did you know that hundreds of people are convicted every day of not actually committing the crime themselves, but of either aiding and abetting, being complicit in or being guilting by association or by NOT reporting something they know would cause harm to their fellow man?

This is very serious as this happens in the courtrooms of men which though they claim to be the dispensers of justice are more often than not run by men and women who are just as corrupt and in some cases far more corrupt than the people they are litigating over.

But why is this so serious to us? Because did you know that the greatest crime ever committed against humanity was committed by the Satan, and we have been clearly told about this by non other than Jesus Christ – the man that told us and talked far more about hell than he did heaven!

By Not Standing Up for Truth We Are All Complicit in the Crime!

We know that in the corrupt courts of men with their convoluted and ever changing laws, but what about the courtrooms of God that The Bible tells us we will all face. Where we will give an account of every idle word and all deeds will be brought into the light into sharp focus. By the time we reach the courtrooms of God, we will be fully aware of our sin, not like now where we are on earth now – so surrounded by so much sin engrained in society as ‘normal’ that we cannot even recognise good and evil any more or tell the difference between right and wrong.

So brothers and sisters, we know what is true and false, and we know that the conscience of man was seared many years ago and when we reach the judgement we WILL be called to account for NOT standing for what is true and found justly guilty! Now we may still make heaven if we believed on Jesus Christ’s teachings and sacrifice and his death burial and resurrection but there will be a price to pay and a just sentence served by the great and just judge of all.


Keeping The Commandments of God

My thoughts today..

Bonnie religious ten_commandmentsI find it interesting that the commands God gave Moses are not actually (when you really consider it) that hard to keep (unlike the dozens of laws that Moses decreed that by their great number alone makes them hard to adhere to since learning them would be hard in itself).

No, in my experience, it’s far more difficult to give my time to someone in need, forgive a neighbour, or avoid gossip or sinning in our hearts and minds when no one is looking than to keep the ten commandments – which are written in our hearts.

Whilst I believe we are not saved by works and also that our sins are now under the perfect lamb’s blood – i.e we are no longer under condemnation of death for sin and now look to Jesus blood for forgiveness of sins rather than that of a ‘perfect’ animal sacrifice, could it be that God is on our side and asks us only what we are able to do with his help?

Which one of the 10 commandments is too difficult for us? It really does seem as if Jesus was speaking the truth when he said; “my yolk is easy and my burden is light.” God help us to keep your commands and be a light to the world.