Guys; Struggling With Being Unfit? Let This Inspire You!

101 Christian Magazine website does not just want to deal with biblical and Christian issues… but include articles and videos that will inspire you to have a better, healthier, fitter kind of life. If you like me have struggled with motivation to get up and get fit – after all this body we are given is the temple that God wishes to dwell in we are talking about – please take a look at this video to get some inspiration to get fit which will hopefully help in all other aspects of your life.

It’s more than vanity – it’s about making a real change to your health!

In it Rick Graham – in my view one of the best – if not the best – ‘non famous’ guitarist I have ever seen on YouTube (and believe me I am a long time guitarist myself and I’ve watched hundreds of them – shows us how he got fed up with being unfit, no doubt judging from his incredible guitaring from far too many hours sitting mastering the fretboard (I’m not joking – there is a price to pay for being that good!).

Rick if you see this article I am incredibly impressed with all your playing, videos and encouragement you give to others and this video is one of my favourites as an inspiration to take more care of myself physically – I too have done far too much sitting around at the PC. I hope if you haven’t already give some thought to wether or not Jesus Christ was the son of God and what that might mean – if not perhaps I can plant a seed of encouragement and inspiration for you as you have done for me musically! God bless you brother!

God’s Method Staying of Healthy is The Best Method

This guy is fantastic! He doesn’t have any fancy pills, half stuffed with chalk with almost none of the supposed ‘active’ ingredient in to sell you, and he’s not being paid by some drug company to push a drug or product – he just analyses the many hundreds of studies on natural foods and their health benefits and negatives (of processed foods) and and that the drug and phrama companies would prefer you didn’t see (since they would rather you stayed ill to keep selling you sticking plasters for the problem) and presents it to you plain and simple – no frills – just the facts.

Granted there are some instances where we can get so sick only a stack of heavy-duty pills will get rid of the nasty thing that is now killing us so we can perhaps have a second chance and start eating healthy again. But how about not letting things get to that stage in the first place? Watch and enjoy the great ideas he will give you to stay healthy naturally.

Can You Reverse Diabetes?

Though I’m no doctor, I have had a hunch for a long time it’s possible indeed to reverse diabetes (and many other illnesses) or at least reduce it’s affects by altering diet, since I had eaten a bad diet for years and by aged 39 had many of the symptoms of diabetes. Under lots of stress I was comfort-eating a carb rich – fat-laden diet for years when for some inexplicable reason, I decided to start eating slightly smaller portions, which after only a few days of struggling became easier and easier. To my surprise my stomach appeared to shrink, and my acid production quickly began to slow, and everything began to normalise. No more anti-acids or dreadful Omeprazole tablets – all very bad for you long-term.

Miraculously, apart from my GERD disappearing (which had stopped me sleeping and given me a permanent cough for years and was diagnosed wrongly as ‘Asthma’ by the bright Asthma nurse at my local GP clinic who I found out later was on commission from the Pharma companies to hand out inhalers and pumps like sweets – both my father and I were handed these things for GERD!) my energy levels rose and I didn’t not feel I needed to sleep every 10 minutes. Well, the following video may give you a few ideas on how to improve your health if you have diabetes.

How Central Heating Makes You Fat

Now the heading of this article is not supposed to be mean – honest – but I’ve heard this idea of how reducing heat in the home can make you slimmer and therefore I guess fitter before, and wasn’t really sure whether it was some kind of joke as it doesn’t sound like a particularly cool way to loose weight – if you’ll excuse the pun!

However, I just saw the video below from one web nutrition and health advisor guy (and another similar I found later) on the web I really trust to use REAL research (there are so many self-appointed charlatans on YouTube it’s not funny so be careful), and he re-confirms what our mothers and fathers of previous generations already knew or at least proved (as central heating was non-existent in their day) and food was not as abundant to replenish what was burned off through exercise.

Here’s the video and another I found confirming again this theory that to be fair, stands to reason and is fairly obvious. Let’s face it, we all know we burn more carbs when we are cold but I think most of us forget so it is worth a reminder. Also I’ve noticed I work more quickly when the heating in my ‘office’ (glorified bedroom) is lower – and pretty fast when it’s cool or even a little uncomfortable. Wether it’s metabolism or psychological that causes this I am not sure but it certainly is the case for me, so might be worth a little research if you are an office manager trying to get the best out of your staff and want to find ways to stop them nodding off!

Simply lower the temperature in your house to lose weight!

Food For Thought

There is a reason why God made fruits and vegetables colourful in proportion to the goodness they contain.
There is a reason why God made fruits and vegetables colourful – to attract us to the goodness they contain.

I came across this image and loved it so much I had to post it. Whilst God can miraculously preserve a person on grain alone it would appear from the story of Daniel, we have a 1000 other great foods that can prevent, heal and cure all kinds of illnesses – let alone be used to make plain foods unbelievably tasty! It’s worth noting that God put us in a garden – not a meat packing or food processing plant!