Doctrines of Men

Thoughts today..

Dear all 101ChristianMagazine readers and members of our network. Lets love each other and accept people where they are at. I would like to suggest that it’s ok to have different opinions and views on theology – but let’s recognise Theology for what it is – doctrines of men – trying to make sense of the Bible.

Nothing wrong with that to some degree but I do NOT belive all views can be right or that all opinions and doctrines lead to God – some are wrong (including my own I have no doubt as my understanding grows every day) and lead people away from the light. If you are unsure about a preacher or teaching and want to know, get a Bible and ask the Holy Sprit as He “will teach you all things!” as it says in The Bible.

Of course we must be aware of false teachers and false doctrines and prosperity teachers and health and wealth nonsesne – look at Christ’s life if you are in any doubt about the falshoods there as we are clearly called to emmulate him and pick up our crosses. In a very short while… much shorter than mist of us realized it would be, our faith and where we hold our treasure will soon be tested in a way we in the West have never had to be tested before for many hundreds of years – so stay strong and don’t waver in your faith – God loves faith as it shows what your heart really desires (precisely because you havent seen it yet you still yern for it). And thank God our faith isn’t blind and that he gave us many witnesses to events of the past.
The good news is we do not need to worry about having perfect doctrine – i’e having everything in neat little boxes as humans seem to love to do so they feel secure (and that’s been me for sure for many years). The good news is that as long as we stay in God’s light and are open to learn something new that sometimes we don;t want to hear – He will correct our errors – and NO ONE has all their doctrines and theology right – that would be like having all all the light – and it’s my view that God in his wisdom has made it that way for a reason lest we become prideful and baost and utlimately decide we don’t need his word but ultimately so we must depend on and give to each other.

At at this late hour we should not fight (Bible says avoid debate) or tear into each other like animals but educate and enlighten each other and seek to search deeper ourselves with the Bible and The Holy Sprirt leading and separating truth from lie. Yes teaching videos are great but hold onto them lighlty and verify everything you see and hear by asking God and comparing with the Bible. God bless you all.

The Majority Must Be Right – Right?

Are the majority usually right?

Does this verse; Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat” speak to this question?

My thoughts are that this verse can be applied to many things but when applied to living and beliefs of any kind, I believe this can remind us to think twice about associating a large number of people who flock to an idea, doctrine, pastor, teaching or video or anything else as indication of its truthfulness or correctness.

So whenever I see a lot of people like something, advocate something does this mean I think they are wrong? No not necessarily – for instance most people agree that apple juice tastes nice because apple juice is nice. However when you want to poison someone what do you do? You don’t give them pure poison as the person taking it would know isntanty. You give them apple juice with a drop of poison mixed in so they are not aware of the apple juice’s now deadly nature. This is always the way of the enemy – take the truth and mix a little lies that permiate and change the whole nature of the thing.

So we must be on guard. You could say; so then Christinity must be wrong if half the world are Christians? No. I would argue that Christianity certainly one exception to this idea. Reason; because no one making up a religion would make up Christinaity – it’s simply too hard and does not appeal to our fallen nature. It also requires and promises suffering and a life of ‘taking up your cross’. the fact that so many people take up this ‘strange’ (as the Bible says) walk – only attests to it having something special – a real power. A power so strong that people will take it up without the promise of earthly rewards, and without worldy rewards in heaven.

This is how I know Christianity is likely the true religion since other religions all appeal to our fallen nature and our fleshly desires, ie reincarnation = living forever without proper accountability on earth (Pergatory same thing). Isla m promises virgins in heaven and many other promises that appeal to our desire to be like gods. My understanding is that in Christianity, in heaven we will still all work and serve just as we do now – and this seems right since real fulfilment in God’s economy is in serving – even if there are some souls that receive greater or less rewards in heaven, and even if there exists some kind of Godly order and heriachy in heaven unlike the ungodly heriachies of earth in which men rule cruely over each other.

So my conclusion is that the majority are most definitely NOT always right! We know that; ‘men will heap up to themselves people who say what their itching ears want to hear.’ So test everything, every teacher, preacher, idea, youtube video, this article, every thought, yours and others real motives and intentions. Take care:)