The Cosmos is God’s Self Portrait

People that do not believe that God created the earth and human beings just for His pleasure and placed them in a beautiful cosmos, often point to the vastness of the cosmos, and the apparent smallness and insignificance of earth in relation to it, as proof that God would not make such an infinitely small pin-prick the object of his love and sacrifice, and that there must be millions of other ‘earths’ and races which means we are utterly unimportant in the universe – and to think otherwise is pure arrogance (when in reality it is not arrogance to assume God created the vast cosmos just for tiny us – it simply shows His greatness, against our smallness).

Apart from the fact that scientists now tell us that not enough time has elapsed in our cosmos for ‘evolution’ to have occurred (giving rise to multiple universe theories and others – if one theory that discounts God doesn’t work, invent another) I think this misses the whole point; if you were a vast infinite God (a God that is not infinite and outside our natural world, is no God at all), and you had created the earth and mankind as your object of desire, but wanted to somehow paint a portrait of yourself to show your beings your nature and majesty, and indeed your power in comparison to theirs (so that they might never think they don’t need you) you would create exactly what we see – the massive and incomprehensibly beautiful and power-laden cosmos, with it’s vast and almost infinite number of galaxies, with us spinning somewhere in the midst of it all on a tiny rock – totally reliant on that surrounding galaxy.

Then, the fact that God would visit this insignificant speck in the cosmos, and live and die a man’s death for the sake of us it’s inhabitants, these often mind-bogglingly small minded, and small in stature beings, shows just how great His love must be for us is.

If God Does Not Know The Beginning From the End (what your decisions will be) He is Not God

Any being that does not already know the outcome of events on earth – i.e is not outside our time-space continuum, is not God by definition. A real God HAS to know everything – including the end from the beginning – in other words by definition a ‘God’ must know the free-will decisions you are going to make ahead of time.

Ignoring the meaningless argument that God could choose not to know everything (I mean what would be achieved by that and what would be the point?.. isn’t He the real God of logic and order, not a manipulator that create different sets of rules and laws for different sets of beings), if God is not outside time and does not know everything – then he is not God – he is one of us! And perhaps that explains why Jesus said he did not know the day of his return – because at that point, God’s spirit encased in flesh (and physically separated from His father in heaven) was one of us!

So the future is not fixed, yet it is known by God. That would be a problem for a man trapped in time and space – but not a God who by definition has to be outside that time-space bubble in order to be God, and can see what we see from one end only and call ‘time’ – from all angles.

‘God the gambler’ with the Devil makes for a good TV show, but it would no real God that needs to gamble with the Devil or His creatures. We see that God knows the beginning from the end all through the bible but as usual – this is my opinion only from what I read so feel free to add your comments and views below!

Freewill or Predestination?

This debate has gone round and round the church for millennia and there has ben all kinds of infighting in the church – even murder. I have some thoughts on this. My first question to the freewill or predestination’ question would be; why one or the other? After all, we know God knows the beginning from the end – otherwise He wouldn’t be God right? He would be a quasi-‘God’ at best – just another being in the cosmos that was seeing history unfold from our human stand point and not from both ends – and seeing history from both ends, or ‘knowing the beginning from the end’ as the Bible describes it, is something any God would have to be capable of to have the title of ‘God’.

So He already knows who’s names are in the book of life and who’s are not regardless of wether we have free will or not (which we clearly have in my humble opinion. For example I chose to write this article, and I can choose to turn my back on God away from his life-giving spiritual water any time I want and not without consequences).

But the other thing is, is that The Bible clearly states that both freewill and predestination are facts. So if we believe the Bible we have to believe both. And again, that makes perfect sense. God allows free will – real freedom to choose Him or not – the fruit of real love and yet being outside ‘time’ (matter) He must know the outcome – being God, He must know the end from the beginning.

The Bible itself clears the matter up for us in one line; “For we were elect according to the foreknowledge of God” – their names and everything about them are already in the book. In other words – the elect are not elect according to nothing – just being elect for elects sake. The elected ones in heaven will be those who’s names were written in the book knowing what they would chose beforehand and nothing else.

The problem as ever is that Christians and people in general always try to rationalise an infinite God – capable of anything physically and materially, with our small, human and finite minds. To our small minds God is like a man. He can” give us free will and know who’s going to be in heaven ahead of time?! But that’s exactly what the verse says = “elect according to the foreknowledge.” We are both free to choose and those who are elect will be those that chose God.

One more thought; one can be predestined to get to a destination and for one reason or another never reach that destination. So yes, all are predestined to go to heaven, and God wants all people to go to there, but not all will chose Him and get there. So really what those who say that predestination is not true mean is, that our salvation is not predetermined – and that is true. However, all are predestined for heaven. The question is will we make it?

Where Are All The Bodies?

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.28.31I’m doing a little series on evolution – and why I no longer believe in it (you are only allowed to laugh if you have researched the matter thoroughly yourself;) as I once didn’t when I first heard it as a 9 year old child and even then I thought it was amusing for a number of reasons – not least the obvious fact that if one does not believe in God – then the ONLY possible way for us to have got here is from a monkey, or a fish, a rock, or basically anything but another human or something as ‘daft’ as Adam and Eve (I don’t think the story of Adam and Eve is daft but true) – so in other words, what is so clever about a theory that is the only possible option?

God raised Jesus’ dead body instantly. They may be right, but why do some Christians insist that a clearly, and necessarily miraculous creator God needs to take millions of years to create man from dust?

Let’s face it –  for someone that doesn’t like God the theory of evolution just has to be true, and they will make it true one way or another and shoe-horn it into the ‘logic’ that that it just does not fit. Otherwise, we might have to accept a creator God, and worse – the real reason that scientists hate the idea of God will come to the fore for all to see – namely they would need to admit their sin and repent – and we just can’t have that – repentance is not scientific is it.

Forget carbon dating being giving massively different results eons apart for the same piece of coal, forget the fact that an idea, or a number, or maths, or the laws of the cosmos cannot be touched and are absolutely non-natural in form and cannot evolve (I mean did 3 evolve into 4 or what?), and yet these inanimate intangible things have always existed in some form the natural flesh-and-blood beings cannot understand, here’s a question I heard today that I never thought of that made me chuckle. If the earth is so old and mankind has been around as long as they tell us (if anyone knows who this group of people called ‘they‘ are that I’ve heard about since I was a kid please let me know), where are all the bodies?

Trying to Square Miracles With Science? Don’t Waste Your Time!

I used to have great problems with the ‘un-scientific’ parts of the Bible. But these days I will risk ridicule and come out and say what I now feel; that if  you don’t believe in the virgin birth or the other miracles in the Bible, including the seven day creation – because you cannot square it with your rational scientific thinking – then I’m sorry to say, but that’s not really very wise.

Wow that’s a bit harsh isn’t it? Well, I’m not here to insult people – I actually really do believe it’s a bit foolish, at the least ignorant, and here’s why I think it is unwise not to take the Bible’s more miraculous aspects at face value, even though yes, it may be some things in the Bible are not literal (though I don’t follow that line in generally).

The reason it’s not clever to try to square miracles or things like the seven day creation (and I’m not arguing that the 7 day creation is a fact at this point) with rational scientific thought – in other words, believe something can or cannot or not happen depending on how possible or ‘likely’ it is to happen in the natural ‘scientific’ realm we live in, is because if you do, you have missed the whole point of what miraculous is in the first place. Miracles or the miraculous means by definition; not going along with the natural order – and therefore to try and make something that is said to be miraculous in the Bible –  fit in with nature does not make any sense.

If God created physical laws – He can alter them!

The point is – you are dealing with God – all powerful – omniscient – all knowing – all seeing – all everything – complete and utter control of the cosmos whatever it’s consistency (note the scientist are now telling us the whole thing is a digital hologram – on which case it would be even more plausible and in fact incredibly simple for God to manipulate and alter the laws of matter so that Jesus could walk on water or fish could appear from nowhere).

The fact is – you have already effectively been raised from the dead yourself – because you were once not living – and now you are – and no one asked my permission or your permission to create us. Life, and the experience of being in a huge cosmos – was handed to us on a plate, and wether we came from an amoeba, a rock, a tadpole, a fish, or life (spirit/self awareness) in fact was breathed into Adam and to me by God as The Bible says – any way you slice it – it’s miraculous! The elements, the universe and the laws of cosmos alone are miraculous when you study them – even ignoring life – but life shows the personal hand and creativity of a loving God in even great detail.

One exception to those that don’t believe in the miraculous

If however you base your disbelief on the miracles – the virgin birth and all the others – the fish – the waking on water purely what you understand the Bible to be saying then fine,  you can’t be faulted if you really believe that is what it’s saying with all your heart mind and soul – The Bible says that in fact – that a man cannot be faulted if he really believes something in his heart, the reason being because we are all judged according to the light we have. The problem with all of this is that these stories do not square as being fairytales when you tread them – they are from a plain reading literal accounts of what happened and to make them anything else would be as if God was playing a kind of game with us and treating us like unintelligent beings which I do not believe he would.