Twitter; The Site That Turned Us All Into Twits

The Devil has had a field day with the incredible energy and resource wasting site called Facebook, where people not only waste their most valuable God-given asset – time – they are led to constantly and subconsciously compare themselves and their lives to other people’s making us all unhappier and more depressed as a result (according to scientific studies – like you need a study to know this?!?) – instead of using our precious time to serve our neighbours (our real neighbours and friends are not 1000’s superficial ‘relationships’ 1000’s miles away all round the globe with people we can only pay lip-service to) .

But The Devil and his minions must be really celebrating at their coup d’état – the site that is ‘Twitter’ – the site that turns – no – forces, by virtue of the fact that if you are in the public you must be on it – ordinarily nice upstanding men and women to behave like juveniles, spouting and spitting back and forth. What a result for the Devil’s and his workers!

Can’t we see the irony in a site called Twitter, that amazing site that actually has the power to turn people into virtual twits – twitterizing anyone that has the misfortune to be forced into using this thing to hang out theirs and other dirty washing, and along with it’s web brother and sister sites have singlehandedly turned the Internet into one giant mud-slinging back-biting, playground for adults who do not realise by entertaining them they have signed away their privacy forever and turned themselves back into children.

I’m guilty, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I have come to believe that unless these puerile sites are being used for spreading God’s word, His gospel, hope regarding alternatives or for spreading the message about sites and services that help Christians lost in the mud-baths that are FaceTwit and TwitSter, it’s time we Christians grew up came off both.

Struggling With Forgiveness?

We’ve all been there, and most of us continue to struggle daily with forgiveness of those who sin against us. If you are having trouble with a particular person or something that has happened to you that you consider to be an injustice that has gone unnoticed by your fellow man or the perpetrator, here is a bit of inspiration and encouragement to help you forgive your enemies and those who sin against you. The reason forgiveness is so important is more for the forgiver than the perpetrator, since unforgiven sin breeds anger, discontent and blocks our connection with God. Ultimately I have seen unforgiveness end with mental and then finally physical illness. We as Christians must always try to nip any feelings of unforgiveness in the bud before they blossom into our own misery and sometimes even death.

What is Forgiveness?

Here is a great example. In the picture below, the man on the left, armed with machete, hacked to pieces the woman on the right’s baby child. This was during what we know as the ‘Rwandan Genocide’. What is forgiveness?.. it is the woman on the right, who has since that terrible event, chosen to forgive the man on the left, and they are now reconciled and friends.

This for most would be an almost impossible – if not impossible task out of ones own strength, yet she has somehow, obviously with God’s power she managed to do the impossible and forgive, and just as important as healing his heart, at least in part enabled the healing of herself. With man things are impossible, but with God just as the Bible says, all things are indeed possible.

Resentment and un-forgiveness will in the end manifest itself in depression and even physical sickness if it allowed to fester for too long in the un-forgiver. So I hope this short true story inspires anyone harbouring grudges or resentment to give it to God and be healed. 

We Don’t Break God’s Laws – They Break Us

What does this mean? It means that we have never and will never break the law of gravity. But if we jump from a plane without a parachute the law of gravity will break us. So it is with all God’s laws. Break the law of no sex outside marriage designed to protect both parties, and eventually this behaviour will break us.

It’s not a ‘might’ or ‘may’ break us… it’s a ‘will’ eventually break us if we don’t call out to God for help and a renewed mind and behaviours. In between there is a grace period which may be many years, whereby God waits to deliver us from snares anytime we call to Him, so He can continuously soften our hearts and turn them towards Him and His living waters so that eventually we no longer desire what is wrong in His eyes. We cannot acheive this by our own steam – we will always fail, but try we must and seek Him and He will deliver on His promise to save us from evil and death.