Newly Found Papyrus Fragment Appears to Confirm Jew’s Claim on Jerusalem

A new fragment of papyrus has been found in Israel that appears to link the Jews to Jerusalem as far back as 2700 years ago. The small document contains the earliest mention of Jerusalem ever found outside the bible and is a shipment document recording and certificate that two jars of wine are to be shipped from to Jerusalem. In a strange twist the fragment was actually found by Palestinian looters excavating without a licence. It survived because of the dry climate and is seen a a miracle as it related from the time of the first temple. For the first time we have the name Jerusalem in Hebrew. Of course this will be disputed and we shall have to wait to see if this claim is authentic. See the TV news report below.

more information can be found on this document here.

Israeli Military is The Most Humane on Planet Earth!

Let’s listen to the real story as to what is really going on with Israel and Gaza and what the media won’t tell you!

  • Nowhere in military history does an army that is being bombed provide food, electricity, oil and medical care to the enemy!
  • Nowhere in military history does a military call by phone and drop leaflets BEFORE is is about to bomb an area!
  • Nowhere does the military send text messages to the innocent civilians!
  • Nowhere in history does a military then ‘knock’ on the roofs of the buildings they are about to bomb they send over a small non-damaging rockets to scare the people still in those building to flee!
  • Finally – nowhere in military history does a military go to the lengths of laser guiding misiiles away from a building if the see that there are any civilians in the way!