God Reduces Himself to The Word; Science Reduces Him To Numbers

Words we are told in the Bible contain all the power, blessings and curses in the universe. Not in an Opera Winfrey style, where we use ‘positive’ words like spells to speak prosperity on ourselves and others and avoid ‘negative’ words (often truth itself). This is clearly nonsense and the stuff God hates and the Bible describes as sorcery.

No – I mean the real words of truth, words of healing and restoration of spirit and mind – and often healing of body as a result of the former two. When we look at man, made in the image of God – we hear order in his words, we see order or chaos as a result of words he says or even leaves unsaid – and we even see word-like code in the ‘computer program’ used and admitted by scientists to be such to create the book of life – DNA.

The world is characterised by logos – the word. Now that this logos has appeared in flesh, we are simply asked; will we accept this God-man’s words as proof of God’s intelligence, truth and pre-ordained order – or reject them a false and try to reduce everything to numbers, chance and chaos?

In my book, anything obviously highly ordered such as DNA – the book-like computer code that Bill Gates – the man who wants to make us all gods in our own lunch-breaks described as “more complex than any computer program ever made by man”, has to come from intelligence and a mind – there is no alternative, regardless of the fact that have not been enough years in the existence of the cosmos for any of it to have happened by chance in the first place. The last point also tell us where and why theories such as multiple universes have come about; namely when one theory fails to disprove God’s existence – invent another. Either that or submit to the judgment of our sins by a personal God!

Hum-ouse: Mouse with Human Brain

The idiots are at it again. This time they’ve put human DNA into a mouse to give it a bigger brain, clearly showing the world yet again that brain size does not equal the wisdom one has – and that ‘intelligence’ and wisdom (knowing what to do with intelligence) are as far as the east is from the west.

A hum-ouse - a mouse with human brain
A hum-ouse – reminiscent of the crazy human experiments carried out on people in the 1940’s – I guess it’s only a mouse they will tell you and it will lead to a cure for all our ills in he future – but as we all know and The Bible tells us in the story of Nimrod – the human imagination knows no boundaries to wickedness. Scientists clearly have not grasped the idea that God intentionally placed limits on the human body – designed to live forever because of man’s sin and is fervently trying to reverse this. A sad case of the mouse telling the elephant what to do.

Wait, is this some kind of joke? Not even a mouse would do something so stupid. The Bible clearly tells us not to add or take away from God’s book. I think we can consider DNA to be one of God’s books – at least the scientists are telling us it is a book of code and not randomly generated from some lottery, and tampering with it seems very unwise.

No doubt many people will think this is clever, and will benefit the human race in the long term. Well Im afraid the technology here is irrelevant – it’s what God will do for breaking His laws and doing what Eve was told in the garden not to do – to try to become like gods that is what worries me.

Can you imagine waking up to consciousness and finding you are in a mouse body. OK so this is not exactly what they have done this time but I promise you these people will stop at nothing – just as they did in Germany in the 1940’s – mens hearts are wicked and constantly dwelling on what new and evil thing they can do. The Bible tells us plainly and this proves the point ever so lucidly.

I think we would do well to implant some mice DNA into these sick ‘scientists’ – hopefully with their more more sensible mice-like thoughts the idea to cross humans with mice wouldn’t even occur to them while they munched on their lettuce leaves (or whatever mice eat). The Bible clearly tells us that; “men are more stupid than birds” and beautiful and intelligent as they are, this proves the point.

Don’t Add or Take Away from The Book!

We all know that The Bible says we must not add or take away from the word of God. Yet still people are doing this usually in the name of making money from a ‘new’, more ‘accurate’ translation of the old texts.

Of course we don’t need to do this as over sixty of the countries finest scholars were wisely pitted against each other and fight out the true meanings of the ancient words by the fallible King James. These fallible men were used to preserve the word of God, just as we fallible humans are used to spread it.

But did you know God also wrote another book? When he encoded DNA he precisely encoded into the genes of animals and humans a perfect. That includes the book of my members. Just like we altered certain parts of the Bible we don’t like we re-writing the book.

They found out that the code in DNA is not just letters – it has punctuation full stops and other markers in the exact places! They say; Lets remove the cancer gene and replace it with the shark gene!