When A Politician Says; “Im not going to…”

We all know that when your average politicians’ lips are moving, that they are not being completely truthful. We also know that when a politician says; “Im not going to do xyz…” that they are, shall we say – at best being economical with the truth and in all probability, as we have seen from history – EXTREMELY likely to do the exact thing they said they would not.

It’s because nowadays, in our now unbiblical world, politicians simply cannot be completely honest, because if they are they simply won’t get elected, as they will upset too many people. This is the reason I’m frankly glad that Ben Carson – the only really honest horse in the US elections race has dropped out. Because if he were to be president of the United States – he would have to compromise most of his strong political, ethical, moral and religious convictions.

Is Donald Trump The World’s Last Hope?

We all know there is only one real hope – Jesus Christ – but in terms of the current world political situation I’m beginning to wonder if The Donald is our last hope of seeing any truth and sensibility before everything turns into one huge socialist and state controlled system as the Bible outlines in Revelation.

Look – we all know The Donald’s business dealings have not always been above board… but then show me a rich business man who has done all his dealings without some amount of corruption (actually I do know two business men that seem to try to do business in the right way -which is really tough when all your competitors are cheatingand I’m sure there are more – lookup one of them – Julian Richer).

A huge vacuum in American (and European) society is being filled

But back to The Donald. It seems that nearly all – if not all – the other politicians are in the hands of their financial supporters and benefactors. Donald seems quite rebel against any kind of establishment who has no need of their cash. Now he’s not what I call a Christian man – but it sure seems he’s had enough of the nonsense – the lies – and he may be the one and only person strong enough to stop the West’s terrible influx of terrible ideologies into the huge vacuum that perhaps unknown to even him, has been left by the atheists and all those who have wanted to banish God from society, school, workplace and family and even church in America over the last 50 years. You know, the same folks that are now sitting around in despair wondering how on earth they can stop the Mid-East Juggernaught that is now coming to run them and us over – a vacuum they are responsible for.

Is The Donald the only person tough enough to stop it?

I’m not sure I would want The Donald as my friend (tho it’s a lot of fun to watch him squashing his opposition with a few home truths) but you got to respect some things about him – he is a no-nonsense guy and whilst that hopeful part of me that always rears it’s head has once again appeared since I’ve seen him in the runnings, it remains to be seem if he like all the others will renege on his promises and things will stay the same or as with Obama – change for the worse.

The concern is that The Donald will have to be taken out

Nigel Farage has just reaped what happens if you challenge the big boys – first it was a plane crash and now all his wheel nuts – but Trump I think is even more of a threat. The thing is – if they try this with The Donald, it will look pretty obvious if anything happens to him, so they would have to pick their moment to make it look accidental.

Watch the video below if you want to understand what a real threat The Donald is to the establishment – to the cronies and old boys club in Washington, and ultimately to the bankers home and abroad. I just can’t see The Donald getting to the White House – not because he isn’t capable, or able to easily win the hearts and minds of the millions of frustrated Americans as we are seeing simply by having the guts to say what we all wanted to say but were too afraid to say – but because it just cannot be allowed to happen – period.