God Can No Longer Raise People From The Dead*

The asterisk in the title might give you a clue that I am joking, I mean we all know from The Bible that God is the same yesterday today and forever right. Well on April 22nd, 2015, Reverend Lee Stoneking addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York City and he gave the following testimony of how Jesus Christ – God in flesh raised him from the dead. We should never be surprised that the same person that raised living, breathing and walking men from dust, can raise men from once living men.

Watch this video and if your jaw does not drop then you just may be DOA already;) I hope you are blessed by this man’s courage to go before an organisation that could do worse that swallow a dose or two of Biblical truths, rather than think that all the solutions the the world’s problems lie in human attempts to bring peace by law and enforcement, rather than God’s more perfect way of planting in us the desire to allow ourselves to be changed from within by Him – first by acknowledgement of His existence and love for all creation, then the acceptance and repentance of sin, and lastly the renewal of our minds.

If we do that, He promises He will do the last part, and renew our bodies for all eternity in a renewed heaven and earth, but without the sin and death that was brought on by man’s pride in himself, and his unquenchable thirst for power and desire to be god himself. In the meantime, He promises to give us glimpses of His power as you will see demonstrated in the following video testimony.

The Real Reason Judges Don’t Want The Ten Commandments in Law Courts

The reason is blindingly obvious, though we may be and are told it’s for a tonne of other reasons (and this is easy to see when you hear what the Judges say we need to include along side the ten commandments if they are to stay in the courts).

Of course the real reason they want to keep the Ten Commandments – you know – those ten simple and easy to keep rules that God gave humanity that would solve all the world’s problems in about 3-4 minutes or less, depending on how long it took us all to get to a computer and Google it (so I guess yes in a strange sense Google does have the power to heal the entire world but not by spreading the kind of information to everyone and their mother they aim to do) – the real reason they don’t like these commands, is because these annoying little rules that keep popping their ugly head up in the most unwanted and inappropriate moments, have an incredible super-power – a super-power that no one can explain much less admit that they possess – especially learned judges many of which seem to think themselves above them these days.

And that is they are super-naturally charged with having the power to heal ALL the worlds ills (perhaps bar natural disasters, which I wager God may actually avert if humanity would turn to him instead of all their stupid idols, bad-thinking and so-called life improving gadgets and technology, that frankly will all be tossed in the bin one day thankfully and replaced with real life-giving things – the things that were once and will one day again be in the garden – access to God’s river of life, the trees of life, renewed super-powered bodies and the rest!

 So what’s the reason then?

Oh sorry, I nearly forgot to tell you, I was getting so excited and carried away telling you about the super and miraculous powers contained in the Ten Commandments I almost lost the point of the article. Yes, the real reason judges and lawmakers and correctional officers and privately owned prison companies (yes – can you believe this?) and all the other corporations and governmental bodies charged with dealing with the sin of men don’t like seeing the ten commandments, and will do anything (legal – and more recently anything illegal) to stop them re-appearing all over the nations of the world and especially the once greatest nation in the world for all her many sins – America as they once did, is because in no time at all, these good and just and upright and liberating (I mean real liberation – real freedom, not the nonsense ‘liberation’ mantra of; ‘do as thy wilt’ because I don’t like the idea of some God to be accountable to. Did you know the Bible calls ‘liberal’ evil?.. bet you didn’t like me!) laws of our great and mighty and wonderful God, would put them all out of a job in years if not weeks. Thus, as The Bible which is never wrong in my experience says; the root of ALL evil can be once again traced back to; “the love of money.”