Sofia – so-Foolish | Meet the Robot with all The Knowledge – but Zero Wisdom

Meet Sophia - the idiot robot
Reinventing the wheel with a twist: Meet Sophia (wisdom) – the robot with no brains – all the knowledge – but no Wisdom whatsoever

I’m fed up with beating around the bush these days so let’s just call a spade a spade. You heard about Sofia right – the robot named ‘wisdom’ with a billion times cleverer than humans (or will be soon) but in reality has zero wisdom to go with it? (ahem – I added the last bit).

Well I have one thing to say about this pursuit of knowledge exclusively – as if it’s the answer to everything – without the slightest pursuit of Truth or Wisdom to go with and balance it – it’s daft.

The best AI-suit was created 6000 yrs ago – called a human body interfaced with spirit to experience time, space & matter

Even Elon the amazing driverless car man says it’s foolish – without quite knowing why – as I have just said – it’s the pursuit of knowledge – Gnosis – gnosticism at all costs without God’s wisdom and truth as a guide. Their AdamII™  may taste sweet but it’s all fake – it’s Adam Zero™ – they invented a real loser.

A robot with a billion times the knowledge of a human – but zero wisdom – is a billion times more dangerous than a human.

It seems the devil not only likes to help humans create monsters, he likes to make them look foolish doing it – a double whammy! So what is the pursuit of knowledge at any cost? Satan in the Garden knew about is, Jesus knew and warned about it – the disciples knew about it, Madonna knows about it, Einstein knew about it, and anyone that is truly connected the The Holy Spirit will soon know about it if they don’t already. It’s having a renaissance in the form of ‘The Secret’, new age, mini-gods, Kabbala – all basically secret knowledge to get ahead and regain our super powers once held in the garden and live forever – or whatever you want to call it – its all the same – and all a lie.

God Himself put limits on his design as a means of damage limitation

Do these folks not realise it was God Himself that placed these limits on His original design of the human body as a means of damage limitation – to stop humans destroying themselves and the planet (even with 70 years average we’re doing a fantastic job) – if you don’t believe me, imagine Hitler or Stalin being immortal and take a guess how long the human race would last.

Gaining the whole world but losing their minds

But then again – I think the ones higher up do know – in fact, this is what Lucifer worship is all about – restoring what was ‘stolen’ from them in the garden. So in the end God will rightfully give all men the desires of their hearts – and if they want to live and lie forever, in their own little planet worshipping world, without His ‘interfering’ presence – so be it.

“And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”

How History Will be Re-Written by the ‘AI-Brain’

We’ve all heard about the coming AI-brain – that knows everything and arbitrates between humans instead of judges and people (but has none of the wisdom of God so in actual fact is not a billion times cleverer than people but knows less than nothing).

A computer a billion times smarter than a human – but devoid of any wisdom – is a billion times more dangerous than a human

Well one thing I predict will happen with this brain – is that once it has eaten all the books in history that google and others are feeding it – and all the scholars and universities and researchers submit their data to it – it will reconstruct what it they will call ‘real’ or ‘true’ history – with of course things like Jesus being the Christ out of it and a lot of other things. Because we all know the story of Jesus was fake news right? Hmm – not sure about that – they’d better do their own research to find out he did exist and was crucified and was put in a tomb with a roman guard of 20 and was resurrected etc etc.

Wisdom can only come from spirit – never a man-made object

Once this is done everyone will willingly submit to it’s authority and call it god – having all the knowledge (well not all but a lot) but no wisdom – since that requires a spirit – a real one of which no scientist will ever be able to create. Sofia – so-foolish.

Just my thought for the day 🙂