Do We Need To Put Money Creation Back On The Gold Standard?

I’ll let the master – Bill Still answer this one for you. Suffice to say, it’s a common misconception that we need to do this in order to regain control of our debt/money based financial system that has served the USA and the UK and the people and business therein so badly over the years.

Even Bill Still who created the best known and the best (in my opinion) money documentary ever called ‘The Money Masters‘ in the the late 1980’s (the original – whilst not so good quality far outshines the second remake that simply doesn’t have the gripping intensity of the first (sorry Bill!) – the second created to simplify the message and in that sense is has to be said the second documentary is a success too).

Several american presidents tried to stop this – one succeeded – the others were shot and one died (J.F.Kennedy was about to end the Federal Reserve way of doing things). Over to you Bill…

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