Apple Stands Up to The Bullies – But Will We?

As usual – they are trying to put pointless and underhand limits on what the good law-abiding folk do. I mean we all know that criminals will always find ways to get round the law and do bad things whatever limits are placed on them. For an example, and not to say that one is right or wrong but to point out – which criminal has ever taken notice of a gun free zone? – none I would wager – ever! Or which drug dealer has ever taken notice of the fact that a drug has been made illegal to sell?

If you’re not doing anything wrong – what have you got to hide they tell us? Pull the other one – it’s about more more power and more control

OK – well let’s have full access to Barak Obama’s phone, Hilary’s phone – oh and while you’re at it, the chief of the CIA’s phone. What?.. that’s not necessary? As usual, a band-aid is being used to fix an underlying problem with the internal mechanics. I say fixing the world’s crime, poverty and almost every other kind of social problem is as simple as putting The Ten Commandments put back in every home, every school – every workplace and dare I say it – yes I’ll say it – every church in every nation! Unfortunately that’s not going to happen any time soon, so I’ll let the Christian and upstanding William (Bill) Still – that man I call The real money master explain the full outrageous story…