Sport Has No Place in The Bible

OK the title of my article is slightly provocative. I’ve played sports and community sports are great for health and social bonding and certainly a lot of fun and I cannot see anything wrong there. But professional sports?.. well this comes about when there is wealth – just as culture only comes about when there is wealth and I’ve always been slightly uneasy about the whole money-centric way sports inevitably evolves.

Professional sports – or at least national sports teams and sporting ‘gods’ and heroes and culture only come about when the people and societies are able to do more than just survive and eat. Does this make sport bad? Nothing is bad in and of itself – but I do sometimes wonder why the whole nation will sit in front of a box watching grown men push small white balls into holes and pay them millions of pounds to do it and elevate these men to the status of mini-godhood.

The only reference to sport in the Bible is as follows; “bodily health profiteth little.” OK I am stretching the meaning of this text a little, but never the less the statement is true since.

Sports came from two places in ancient Greece – one was Olympia and the other was The Ionic games. It was in the places of the highest development of the Pagan culture and religions and temples where sports were really developed. There were temples, theatres, libraries, stadiums for sports, drams and comedies and their main industry and pursuit was to be people of leisure and would you believe it – retirement was the goal of all, but above all it was sports that was the sign of an affluent and God-less (plenty of gods but not the one true God) society.

Want to learn more about ancient Greece, sports and the seat of Satan himself – watch this informative video. David Pawson is a serious Christian – please seek out more of his teaching.