We’ll All Soon Be Added to The Blockchain

Its been a problem for years – how to solve crime, money laundering, login to a hundred sites with a hundred passwords, get our passports etc, etc. And there’s been talk of universal ID in various countries for decades. Now we know that the blockchain is a public ledger for all transactions, so will essentially render all these old forms of ID redundant, since everything that happens, every person’s whereabouts, their transactions, their preferences, their wages will all be added into the chain for everyone to see – a totally transparent democratised system to solve all the world’s problems in one go. Err… wait a minute.

Everyone will need a number to be connected to the blockchain

Well that’s the idea… the bible speaks of this, a mark – a number, or identification that all will need, in order to participate in society. What’s interesting is the tech-folks inventing this stuff – talk about it with glee as if it’s all an amazing new concept that’s been about for 10-20 years at most, but Christians and the bible have foretold this would happen for millennia.

I’ve been writing a book about a group of folks building a digital brain since 2005 that arbitrates all matters of law, monetary policy, health and does away with the need for human legislators and lawyers and bankers and just about everything else that is decided by humans – and it’s now happening.

So I wonder what others think?; could this literal all-seeing eye that’s just around the corner – a despot’s dream – ever be used by the wrong people for the wrong purposes?