Is Milk Really So Good For You?

For years doctors told us smoking was good for us (if you are young – yes they really did – in the 40’s 50’s doctors even advertised it – see the vids on YouTube!) – and specifically for the lungs! Clearly nowadays, with so much information and studies at our fingertips we need to hold what we are told lightly – and extra lightly with so the many Youtube ‘experts’ spouting all kinds of nonsense to sell us the same.

I personally was prescribed a steroid Asthma inhaler pump for several years by the chief asthma nurse at my local practice only to have my suspicions confirmed years later that I never needed one in the first place and simply had G.E.R.D which was causing an incessant cough! This is where inhaled stomach acid irritates the lungs and upper respiratory tract (caused by a hiatus hernia). Hmm.. and I also found out later doctors receive money and ‘perks’ for ‘diagnosing’ and prescribing such medicines, but I doubt there is a connection;)

We should clearly be not only listening to our doctors but doing our own research in this day and age on information (or sadly often misinformation) wherever we can to backup or falsify the many claims put out there. I was going to say take advice with a pinch of salt but that would probably be unwise. Anyway – check out this video for some interesting REAL studies on milk – crucially not sponsored by the Milk Board. I’m no veggie – but you might also want to check out his videos on real studies on meat and wether or not we are all doomed if we don’t eat it – again – not sponsored by the Meat Marketing Board! There is a lot of tweaking the ‘facts’ its seems where there  is big money to be made.

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