Darren Brown’s ‘The Push’

I haven’t seen this show, I don’t have TV… but apparently I hear on the radio the premiss is ‘amazing’ – as it exposes the true nature of human beings. The show purports to demonstrate that almost anyone can be pushed into doing the most heinous things under the right circumstances. But wait? I would laugh, if it wasn’t so sad.

Darren Brown is clever – but it’s old news

The Bible clearly says; the heart of man is wicked above all things, and constantly warns – ‘he who casts the first stone…’, ‘man has a fallen nature’, that ‘hating a person in your heart is no different to murder’ – why? Because little evils are seen as no different to god in terms of the cause (a fallen heart), as big ones – they all lead a person in the same direction – no matter how ‘good’ they think they are.

The theory behind ‘The Push’ – is what the Gospel, and need for salvation is all about

I hate to say I told you so – well I didn’t – but the Bible did – and does – over and over and over (of course no one reads it so they will assume Darren Brown is a  genius and revolutionary thinker – he is clever there is no doubt – but there really is nothing new under the sun), and has been telling people that for thousands of years that this is the case with people – and especially the human heart.

All men are sinners

The fact is, and the Bible says deny this at our peril, that anyone is capable of doing anything – given enough pressure, and the right circumstances. In fact the WHOLE premiss of the gospels is what this program was about – that people are all sinners, and no one given enough time will be able to stay free from sin. All men have broken the ten commandments – if not physically, in their hearts. Apart from the obvious physical trail of destruction that sin inevitably leaves, Jesus said there is no difference between the evil a man thinks in his heart, and what he does with his hands. Now that was a revolutionary, true, and sobering idea.

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