Are Christians Technophobes? No we are Human Nature-ophobes!

Its very simple – the globalist think that all the worlds problems can be solved by discarding cash and dishing out ID and anyone against this is a neanderthal – and of course in theory that is all true. The problem with all this though, is human nature behind it – that they can’t fix with any amount of digital tech – it’s socialism on steroids and peace and security imposed – ie all real freedom and individuality discarded. It is individuals job to care for neighbours – not the state – no doubt seen as another neanderthal idea – yet the only true means of fulfilment.

I’m not scared of anything – except human nature

And of course we know exactly how it will end – anyone against this digital prison will be accused of being enemies of the poor – enemies of man – when the reality is we understand WHY there is a border round every cell in the body, and why languages were confounded by God, and why distribution of power and separate nations in a fallen world is the only real solution to man’s sinful nature and unquenchable thirst for knowledge and power – not consolidation. We are not scared of technology – we are scared of fallen human nature. But its a train not even the scientists can stop.

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