Donald Trump Wins Election: The Big TV Stations, Biased Presenters, Talking Heads & Pundits All Got it Wrong (including us)

We have to say though, that the reason we got it wrong, unlike the talking heads,  was because we cynically did not believe that honesty would abound, and the system was too corrupt. The talking heads however were quite happy that the system was corrupt, so long at the person who would protect them and their interests got in. So love or hate The Donald – it was a great day for democracy and proves it’s still the best form of government (or the “worst of all forms of government except all the others” as Churchill said! Actually the best form is a democratic republic as we see in the USA where powers are separated and therefore a form of damage limitation – and why the globalists hate it).

So it is now somewhat amusing that people like CCN and NBC and all the other people in ‘the know’ tout themselves in great intros to their news channels with phrases like; “we are the experts” and “we will break down the real news for you” – the lot of them – all of them – got it totally wrong.

Why? Because they were smugly backing Hillary because they believed hers’ and their power to sway elections was so powerful that it was a foregone conclusion. I now actually feel sorry for them watching them this morning, with their tails firmly between their legs, and big opinionated mouths firmly shut.

Brexit II: The people have spoken

But the sleeping giant that pays their excessive wages awakened – the American people – and slapped them in the face and told them to sit down and shut up and listen to us – the people!

It seems that when times are good people vote with their emotions. When times are bad and corruption reaches tipping point, thankfully nothing a rich politician can do will stop a country that has had enough and the people eventually vote with their minds.

The fact is, people should never be voting for a person just because she is a woman, or just because a man is black, or just because a person represents a minority group, or even just because they are left or right. People should vote because the person they are voting for is saying what is right and true, and because they have their country and it’s people at heart (or not as the case may be). We should be asking; do they really love their country and what it has given them?

This proves the main stream media have no longer have anything useful to say

Regardless of weather Donald is a good guy or a bad guy, it’s clear the people no longer want biased news, corruption in Washington and endless wars and no matter how much money you pump into it – you can no longer buy your way into the Whitehouse.

It remains to be seen if The Donald – not known for always being a saint, will actually do what he said he will do and drain the swamp.

How Much Should A Charity Give Away to Charity?

Sounds like a daft question and the flippant answer would be everything of course! But we all know charities like every other organisation have costs and bills to pay. They say; don’t ever give to a charity unless it is giving at least 90% to it’s intended causes. Why? Because anything else means money being given to that charity is obviously flowing in directions it should not be flowing in. So what’s wrong with The Clinton Foundation in this respect? According to the IRS quire a bit. According to it’s records less than 10% is going to charity – more like less than 5%. Can you believe it? I can!

I’m clearly a fool sitting here trying to help Christians for free, giving my time, putting into it my own hard-earned money and even putting off getting married myself, so that others can find Christian husbands and wives – a cause I feel worth fighting for among many others that I don’t have time to address but would love to. But I’ve got to say, listening to what the Clintons have done is quite hard to hear, but I must remember that we are all answerable to God in the end, and it is not for me to make any final judgements about where people are going to end up for what they are doing – lest I be judged. In any case – judgment rightly begins at the house of God and I’m a sinner just like everyone else. That said, watch Dinesh D’Souza explain exactly how much the foundation that has received HUGE amounts of money gives away and marvel at how they get away wth it. You’ve got to hand it to them for brazenness if nothing else!


101ChristianMagazine (and many other folk) Was Right: Hillary Let off the Hook – Again

A week ago we predicted that the ‘new’ investigation into Hillary’s emails would come to nought. How could it come to anything else? As we have also stated in previous articles – The Donald simply cannot be allowed to win. If he does, the globalists will effectively have to start again. We don’t like The Donald – don’t get us wrong but if we have to choose between the two, our choice is clear, to at least slow down globalism.

Back to the point, we have just seen another charade, disguised as a ‘public enquiry’ be closed with the conclusion that there was “no significant breaking of the law.” It’s almost laughable. We see it regularly in the UK – the case that springs to mind is the slippery Tony Blair – a ‘public enquiry’ that also had a foregone conclusion, that to all intents and purposes was made to look to the public like a really serious investigation. Now he like Hillary is on the loose again, telling us all what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

It’s not that the questioners are all in on it, it’s just that at the end of the day, there are too many friends in higher places than the good men and women doing the enquiring, for any charges to be pressed. It’s just never going to happen to certain people. These politicians are trained actors and emotional manipulators – Blair being one of the best we’ve ever seen. This is why we frequently see them smiling and laughing and joking during questioning. They can’t believe their good luck. Of course, we will all be accountable to the same God in the end.

As 101ChristianMagazine Predicted, Julian Assange Confirms; Trump Will Not Be Allowed To Win

101ChristianMagazine is not fond of The Donald, and even less fond of Hillary Clinton. But in an article some several months ago we predicted that The Donald will never be allowed to win the presidential race. Why?.. because he is anti-establishment and has no serious financial special-interest backers.

But there is nothing clever about this prediction, and many many others made the same point – that The Donald simply CANNOT be allowed to win by the now well established globalists – lest he undoes all they have been working for to create a world union under one governing body, religion and monetary system.

The Bible tells us plainly; globalism will go under the guise of world ‘peace’

This is no conspiracy as apart from the Bible, the only reason we know this is happening is by listening to their own explicit words on the subject (if you wonder why anyone would want to create a single world order the answer is very simple; creating a new single and ‘fair’ order with all faiths represented in Jerusalem (until the man of perdition demands all must worship him as he claims to be god) that all must adhere to is the only option to take for world peace, if the world (especially those in power) will not come under God’s intended order to establish peace – God’s order being one of limiting power by keeping nation states separate (remember Babel?) and He asks individuals, men and women to serve our neighbours ourselves and not leave it to our governments.

That aside, here is what Assange says, not only using his common sense as we did, but having actually seen the correspondence emails that have led him to conclude his haunch is right. Assange said:

“My analysis is that Trump would not be permitted to win. Why do I say that? Because he has had every establishment off his side. Trump does not have one establishment, maybe with the exception of the Evangelicals, if you can call them an establishment. Banks, intelligence, arms companies, foreign money, etc, are all united behind Hillary Clinton. And the media as well. Media owners, and the journalists themselves.”

We could be wrong, but I doubt it, simply based on the fact that big business, money and power always win out in the end – the love thereof as we are told in the Bible being the root of all things not-good! Donald may be rich but he can’t compete with the likes of the Saudis and other hugely rich backers of the Hillary campaign and ethos.