Libyan PM Warns Terrorists could be Entering Europe Posing as Refugees

Is this news?.. I’m not sure it is. Didn’t the enemies of the western free world tell us personally, from their own lips that they would be doing this about three or four, or five and more years ago? And wasn’t it obviously going to happen anyway, leading to many a conspiracy theorist to believe it must be being orchestrated by globalists (more specifically the central bankers) in order to create the necessary chaos that they need to grab more power and reduce our freedoms even more?

Well as usual the main stream media is about 15 years behind (not by accident) and we see on Yahoo and other outlets that this ‘might’ be happening. I mean don’t these folks ever put themselves in the enemy’s shoes; the fact is, leaving borders wide open is the perfect opportunity for the enemies of freedom and should and will be exploited at all costs in their view. So anyway, here’s the ‘duh’ moment from Yahoo ‘news’;

“Terrorists could be entering Europe on boats posing as refugees, the prime minister of Libya has warned.

Falez Serrai, who is head of the UN-backed unity government in the country’s capital Tripoli, told The Times that potential attackers may be among thousands of migrants able to cross the Mediterreanean And he warned that this could have dire consequences for Europe.

He said: “When migrants reach Europe, they will move freely.

“If, God forbid, there are terrorist elements among the migrants, a result of any incident will affect all of the EU.”

See the full ‘news’ article here.

Newly Found Papyrus Fragment Appears to Confirm Jew’s Claim on Jerusalem

A new fragment of papyrus has been found in Israel that appears to link the Jews to Jerusalem as far back as 2700 years ago. The small document contains the earliest mention of Jerusalem ever found outside the bible and is a shipment document recording and certificate that two jars of wine are to be shipped from to Jerusalem. In a strange twist the fragment was actually found by Palestinian looters excavating without a licence. It survived because of the dry climate and is seen a a miracle as it related from the time of the first temple. For the first time we have the name Jerusalem in Hebrew. Of course this will be disputed and we shall have to wait to see if this claim is authentic. See the TV news report below.

more information can be found on this document here.

Did Russia Hack DNC to Influence U.S Elections?

We’ve been repeatedly told this by Hilary and Obama that the Russians hacked her emails and The Democratic National Committee (DNC), but is it true or even likely? If all the evidence suggests so – then not likely according to cyber-expert John McAfee. Here is what this renowned hacking expert and anti-virus genius expert had to say;

“If all evidence points to the Russians, then, with 100% certainty, it is not the Russians,” said McAfee.

“Anyone who is capable of carrying out a hack of such sophistication is also capable, with far less effort than that involved in the hack, of hiding their tracks or making it appear that the hack came from some other quarter. The forensic tools used to assign culpability in a hack are well known, in the cybersecurity world, to be largely ineffective. They may, sometimes, correctly identify an unsophisticated 15 year old as the source of a hack, such as the teenager who hacked the FBI less than a year ago. But they are completely ineffective against large, sophisticated groups of hackers such as those run by the Russian State.”

Later when asked for his sources for such statements and beliefs McAfee replied;

“You know better than to ask me for a link to the Underweb. I would spend the rest of my life fighting the best hackers on the planet.”

And so as usual we see that real hackers do not leave such easily traceable tracks.

Are The Bible Accounts of Moses & The Israelites Just Fanciful Stories?

Well, it seems that even when The Bible stories don’t appear to be possible, plausible or true – God makes them true! For our sake, and the sake of our faith – the thing by which we, just like Abraham are justified and saved. He does not play games with our hearts and minds and when God says something in the Bible – He means it! Watch the following video for an example of the God of The Bible demonstrating Himself to be easily capable of making truth to be far stranger and more miraculous than fiction!

Peaceful Majorities: Do They Matter?

We all know that most people in the world – whatever ideologies they adhere to or are part of, either because of circumstance or birth (including the more militant ideologies) are decent, upstanding and peaceful people, with no desire to hurt others around them. However, this ‘peaceful majority’ argument is often trotted out by the (usually ignorant of the facts of these ideologies) politically correct folk, and often by the adherents of those ideologies themselves, as a reason not get ourselves too concerned about the minority who would do these things and seek to harm others to propagate their cause, and is used as a smokescreen to cause those of us that are ignorant of what’s really going on and written in the texts of these ideologies to remain asleep and assume all is well and there is really nothing to worry about. As if by simply existing, the peaceful majority somehow cancels out the threat of the non-peaceful minority.

Well, like Bill Still – the maker/uploader of this video, I won’t attempt to explain how this works any further – except to say that one thing history should have taught us over and over but that we fail to recognise, is that the peaceful majority may be far less important than we think, but will let someone who is actually from a region of the world particularly relevant to this issue, and who grew up and experienced first hand what it is like to live under these ideologies explain for us. Watch the video here.