Libyan PM Warns Terrorists could be Entering Europe Posing as Refugees

Is this news?.. I’m not sure it is. Didn’t the enemies of the western free world tell us personally, from their own lips that they would be doing this about three or four, or five and more years ago? And wasn’t it obviously going to happen anyway, leading to many a conspiracy theorist to believe it must be being orchestrated by globalists (more specifically the central bankers) in order to create the necessary chaos that they need to grab more power and reduce our freedoms even more?

Well as usual the main stream media is about 15 years behind (not by accident) and we see on Yahoo and other outlets that this ‘might’ be happening. I mean don’t these folks ever put themselves in the enemy’s shoes; the fact is, leaving borders wide open is the perfect opportunity for the enemies of freedom and should and will be exploited at all costs in their view. So anyway, here’s the ‘duh’ moment from Yahoo ‘news’;

“Terrorists could be entering Europe on boats posing as refugees, the prime minister of Libya has warned.

Falez Serrai, who is head of the UN-backed unity government in the country’s capital Tripoli, told The Times that potential attackers may be among thousands of migrants able to cross the Mediterreanean And he warned that this could have dire consequences for Europe.

He said: “When migrants reach Europe, they will move freely.

“If, God forbid, there are terrorist elements among the migrants, a result of any incident will affect all of the EU.”

See the full ‘news’ article here.

Is The EU Good for Britain?

Unfortunately that’s the wrong question – and of course it’s the question all the politicians, all the news papers, all the news anchors, all the TV channels, all the columnists, all the talk show hosts, all the debates and all the ‘experts’ are asking – as you would expect.

The fact is, it doesn’t matter a jot if it’s good or bad for Britain to be in the European Union financially either now or in the short term future – as long term, it will be terrible for the United Kingdom without question. And how do we know this? Because the question should be;

“Do we want to be run by unelected, socialist, Godless bureaucrats who hate our guts?” (sorry to be blunt but it’s the truth).

Well, now we’ve re-framed the question more along the lines of the type of question that the Bible would be asking on this and similar matters (i.e it’s character that matters most not money), I’ll let the reader decide the answer to that question, that also goes well with this question from the Bible;

“Can a bad tree bear good fruit?”

I wager that the European Union is a bad tree. Stay in for a few perks here and there until they have us in a stranglehold we can never get out of as we might just be able to do if we exit now, and drain us of every ounce of money and resources we have.

Get out NOW before it’s too late

So we are doomed if we are in – we are doomed if we are out? Not quite, as we still have a chance, by having the guts and crucially fearlessness (the Devil always operates through fear and by using bad dependency) to get out now – our last chance – of once again becoming self sufficient and I believe – far more prosperous than we have ever been – though I don’t doubt that by leaving there will be some initial and serious pain as we get back on our own feet and start making things again, and the EU are guaranteed to make things difficult for us as they thrash around like the spoilt child they are, seeing their dreams come to nought (in actual fact the EU will ultimately be absorbed and at least controlled by a much larger monolithic monster according to the Bible, but that’s another article).

Remind me, how does the Bible describe the Devil? Well, I’ll remind you if this particular description in a minute – just to say that I never quite understood this description of him until a few years back, as I have watched socialist European politicians progressively undermine in every way possible but especially financially, all the nations around them, and purposely cause them to become dependent on them for everything.

Let’s face is, you cannot control something or someone that is truly free and independent, and put simply, the Devil wants everyone and everything dependent on him – he always has done (and I don’t mean the kind of good dependence we have in the sense we should dependent on God or God’s people for love and support etc – I’m talking more along the lines of the dependence one has on heroin).

Oh.. before I forget, here is that description of the Devil;

“He who weakens the nations.”

Is it me, or does that is ominously reminiscent of what we see happening in the EU in relationship to all the nations around it? Even if we are worse off out of the EU it simply doesn’t matter – it’s the wrong vine – the wrong tree and it won’t long term bear any good ‘fruit’ for anyone except the wealthy socialist leaders in charge of this godless experiment. In case you think Jesus was a socialist – you might want to read this article.

Is Donald Trump The World’s Last Hope?

We all know there is only one real hope – Jesus Christ – but in terms of the current world political situation I’m beginning to wonder if The Donald is our last hope of seeing any truth and sensibility before everything turns into one huge socialist and state controlled system as the Bible outlines in Revelation.

Look – we all know The Donald’s business dealings have not always been above board… but then show me a rich business man who has done all his dealings without some amount of corruption (actually I do know two business men that seem to try to do business in the right way -which is really tough when all your competitors are cheatingand I’m sure there are more – lookup one of them – Julian Richer).

A huge vacuum in American (and European) society is being filled

But back to The Donald. It seems that nearly all – if not all – the other politicians are in the hands of their financial supporters and benefactors. Donald seems quite rebel against any kind of establishment who has no need of their cash. Now he’s not what I call a Christian man – but it sure seems he’s had enough of the nonsense – the lies – and he may be the one and only person strong enough to stop the West’s terrible influx of terrible ideologies into the huge vacuum that perhaps unknown to even him, has been left by the atheists and all those who have wanted to banish God from society, school, workplace and family and even church in America over the last 50 years. You know, the same folks that are now sitting around in despair wondering how on earth they can stop the Mid-East Juggernaught that is now coming to run them and us over – a vacuum they are responsible for.

Is The Donald the only person tough enough to stop it?

I’m not sure I would want The Donald as my friend (tho it’s a lot of fun to watch him squashing his opposition with a few home truths) but you got to respect some things about him – he is a no-nonsense guy and whilst that hopeful part of me that always rears it’s head has once again appeared since I’ve seen him in the runnings, it remains to be seem if he like all the others will renege on his promises and things will stay the same or as with Obama – change for the worse.

The concern is that The Donald will have to be taken out

Nigel Farage has just reaped what happens if you challenge the big boys – first it was a plane crash and now all his wheel nuts – but Trump I think is even more of a threat. The thing is – if they try this with The Donald, it will look pretty obvious if anything happens to him, so they would have to pick their moment to make it look accidental.

Watch the video below if you want to understand what a real threat The Donald is to the establishment – to the cronies and old boys club in Washington, and ultimately to the bankers home and abroad. I just can’t see The Donald getting to the White House – not because he isn’t capable, or able to easily win the hearts and minds of the millions of frustrated Americans as we are seeing simply by having the guts to say what we all wanted to say but were too afraid to say – but because it just cannot be allowed to happen – period.

Swiss Money Reform – Incredible!

Finally, someone is actually addressing the REAL cause of the problems in the world – namely fractional reserve lending and what The Bible calls ‘the love of money‘ (notwithstanding the obviously deeper spiritual sickness and separation from God that caused all these problems from Eden in the first place).

If you are a Christian and not familiar with this evil of fractional reserve lending – that is, printing money from thin air and then lending it out to you and I and wait for it – governments – yes governments at interest putting us all and our children in more debt (how nuts is that?!!), please Google it and note that this form of banking and lending was once so detested by the USA’s founding fathers that it was made illegal by the government, and still is illegal in many places in the world. The truth is – it should be banned everywhere and governments – yes governments should print their own money – not be lent it and owe it to some man-made, private ‘bank’.

See Bill Still’s – the master of explaining the real cause of poverty and war in the world – report below on the latest move of the Swiss government that desperately needs to be replicated across the globe to contain and stop political and financial corruption in it’s tracks.

Nabeel Qureshi Responds to Paris Terror Attacks

Former Muslim turned Christian makes a response to the Paris attacks. He speaks candidly about his muslim faith and his new Christian faith and relates this to the attacks and what the terrorists did in relation to their book – a book we Christians desperately need to read to understand the situation we are all soon to find ourselves in.

He also gives us, during what could be seen generally as a negative, depressing and hopeless time, some idea of how we can be positive and help these people – who for the most part have never heard the Gospel in their home countries it is largely illegal. Take a look yourself to get more of an understanding and a context for these events.