The Lunatics Have Escaped – Again…

This is what happens when academically clever men who automatically equate high IQ levels with a high level of wisdom but do not seek God’s wisdom, are given too much power. They do not see that worldly knowledge and Godly wisdom are often world’s apart – as far as East is from West to put it Biblically.

Just look at the awful and arrogant and frankly scary smirk on Jo Biden’s face when he says America – like school children in a playground – will ‘retaliate’ with a tit-for-tat response to the Russian’s alleged hacking of Hilary Clinton’s emails in order to effect the Presidential outcome. Emails that in this particular case it turns out, we are all better off knowing about so we have a clear understanding of what the folks at Washington are actually like out of the sight of the lights and cameras. Look – let’s clear up one thing, there is absolutely no possible way that someone working in Washington in the defence department can not know what the letter ‘C’ means on a document – no possible way at all – ever – period! Especially someone who as it turns out, has used the self-same letter on documents themselves many, many, many to indicates that something is classified.

But forget the political mud-slinging for a moment… does anyone in Washington realise that they can’t just keep endlessly poking The Russian Bear and not expect problems?! Unlike the Washington Joksters, Putin is no clown, and regardless of wether you’d want to invite him to supper or not, or trust him, he is not someone to be ridiculed or mocked.  These men not only have huge countries and citizens to protect but more dangerous, they have gargantuan, titanic, planetary sized egos to defend and uphold. And what is most annoying about people like Biden, is that people like him mock people like Putin with total disregard for those who will reap the consequences should Russia feel it has no more options on the table – the people – us.

The thing is, America is a great nation – but I mean the people and not the people running it. The people who run it are arrogant, political careerists – nothing like leaders like Reagan or the founding fathers. Get a grip Washington, before your arrogance gets the better of you. Your bunkers, food, water supplies and seed stashes will be useless for more than a couple of weeks.

Of course there are those that say there are certain globalists within Washington and elsewhere that actually want to bring down America – the fact being you cannot have a ‘Christian’ America as part of a new socialist global world order, and so the goading is all designed to cause the world to hate ‘America’ at large, when America, or more precisely, when the Whitehouse cronies go to war nowadays, they do so going against America’s own rules of war – i.e without the people’s or consent of the full government, so is not in fact the real America we are seeing, or how America is meant to operate according to its own constitution. It’s leaders completely ignore these rules and the effect is that the world now hates America – when it should in fact turn its anger on the people abusing their power in government who have no care for America itself and are all about globalism.

Remember God is not a globalist, and for good reason – too much power in too few hands always corrupts, and so we see in The Bible that power has to be safely divided and limited in order to maintain stability until God Himself comes to rule earth perfectly. We see this from Genesis and the story of The Tower of Babel.

But wether the politicians understand this concept of dividing power in order to uphold some kind of damage limitation of men’s egos or not (and most don’t as they don’t read their Bibles) and naively believing we can all live in one happy world Eutopia with a couple of ‘nice’ people at the top holding the reigns who will stay nice – forever is one thing. But either way, something the politicians in Washington should have for nuclear armed Putin if nothing else, is respect.

Jo Biden demonstrates that wisdom and intelligence can be two entirely separate things.

Here is my humble, personal message to bragger Biden; “Dear Mr Biden; forget the silly [Enter] button on the ‘hackers’ keypad, and give more consideration to the big green button on Vladimir’s keypad.”

Putin – perhaps not someone you would want to marry your daughter – commands real respect.

And here is my humble message to the Russian leader; “Dear Mr Putin; when you see our modern ‘progressive’ and arrogant politicians recklessly doing what they do and saying what they say, please be gracious with their folly and remember they do not represent, or many cases care about us – the little people. When you think of them, please think of us too.”

I Don’t Take Alex Jones Seriously – But I Do Vladimir Putin

So would I pick Hilary or Donald? I’d vote for Ben Carson – except he would then have to seriously compromise his strong religious and moral convictions to actually be president, making me frankly grateful he’s out of the race for his own sake. So it seems we have no choice except Hilary or Donald – in other words – voting now has become a damage-limitation exercise for me for the Hilary we do know – to the Donald we don’t know with the exception that he’s not politically correct, no politician for that matter, and more rarely and perhaps more importantly in today’s politics – he doesn’t need any person’s or big corporation’s money. What’s scary is that there may be no good option and that both Hilary and The Donald may be God’s judgement on America. I sincerely hope it’s not but after watching recent decisions and laws passed in the US I fear it may be.

Honesty and integrity in politics is thing of the past

So all we are left with are these two – neither of which I would want to invite to tea. So we must vote for one of the two candidates above according to what’s really at stake in the world – not just our pockets and in America. Yes freedom of speech is under fire and political correctness has turned most of us into unthinking and self-editing zombies and they are threatening to take away the peoples right to defend themselves (as all corrupt politicians eventually seek to do if you look at history) – but there might be something far worse that needs our attention. A threat the outcome of which might be life or death for thousands – even millions of people that relates directly to how these two ‘leaders’ relate to that threat. That threat is a cornered Russian bear.

Voting is now more about damage limitation

For what it’s worth, here’s my take on Hilary and Donald. Hilary I don’t trust – simple. Too many things don’t add up that she’s not been held accountable for and I don’t want someone unaccountable ruling the world. It’s always been seen as pure conspiracy but it does appear that many of these people are above the law. Donald also may be a bit of a rouge – in business and other areas but – but he’s pretty open about it, and does not pretend to be anything else. So Donald for me is the less of the two evils (which I say without forgetting that I am no better a person than Donald or Hilary according to Jesus with his ‘he who casts the first stone’ saying) and appears more intent on encouraging people to get to a higher level on their own steam rather than creating more dependency with handouts and pulling them up with a rope they can let go of any time they want. But apart from that there seem to be more serious global power struggles that involve Russia and it’s neighbours that could flare up and affect us all at any time.

Anyway, I’m no Alex Jones fan unless I want a laugh at his sometimes crazy statements and behaviour however, this particular AJ report contains real footage from real meetings that actually happened that we all need to see. Watch the video and I urge you to vote for a president who might give the world more stability in this regard and not less – by not constantly wasting lives and money by endlessly invading other people’s countries and stirring up hornets’s nests all over the world as many leaders seem to be doing.

Also see this article on a real threat to world peace other than ISIS.

Nuclear war with Russia is imminent says NATO general

Is Putin Bluffing When He Says Russia Will Use Nuclear Weapons?

Nope, and here’s why. When we think of the use of nuclear weapons we immediately think that no one would be nuts enough to destroy, and more importantly contaminate such huge areas of land and make it uninhabitable. But in war, just like in Bible times, the players always want a spoil so must preserve as much as possible of enemy territory.

But wait, you don’t have to contaminate the land if you use an EMP. This is a nuclear weapon that takes out the electrical grid, and almost 100% computer driven infrastructure of any country with one bomb that is exploded several miles above ground, and leaves the land and most importantly it’s natural resources and existing mechanical infrastructure, factories, hardware in tact!

Putin deserves more respect than many western leaders

Now we all know that many of the most prominent politicians of this world are power hungry, many of them literally drunk with power and the thought of gaining more as the Bible says will be the case in what many say are these last days. And right now we have some very naive, or nutty – I can’t decide which – people in the U.N, the U.S.A and U.K and others, that think it wise to play chicken with people like Vladimir Putin, a man who is not to be meddled with – ever. For all his faults and questionable dealings he is serious about ‘protecting’ the motherland – even if his motives are not quite as pure as one would hope.

Pray that the world’s ‘leaders’ to see sense

So, we Christians must pray that the world’s ‘leaders‘ – who it has always struck since I was a small child watching squabbles in the playground, seem more like and in fact worse than school-children in a giant global play ground, squabbling over land and money with egos so huge it’s scary, the only difference being they have access to terrible weapons – we must pray that the veil that’s been placed over their eyes through pride and not loving truth, is lifted and that both Putin and the U.N see sense.