Libyan PM Warns Terrorists could be Entering Europe Posing as Refugees

Is this news?.. I’m not sure it is. Didn’t the enemies of the western free world tell us personally, from their own lips that they would be doing this about three or four, or five and more years ago? And wasn’t it obviously going to happen anyway, leading to many a conspiracy theorist to believe it must be being orchestrated by globalists (more specifically the central bankers) in order to create the necessary chaos that they need to grab more power and reduce our freedoms even more?

Well as usual the main stream media is about 15 years behind (not by accident) and we see on Yahoo and other outlets that this ‘might’ be happening. I mean don’t these folks ever put themselves in the enemy’s shoes; the fact is, leaving borders wide open is the perfect opportunity for the enemies of freedom and should and will be exploited at all costs in their view. So anyway, here’s the ‘duh’ moment from Yahoo ‘news’;

“Terrorists could be entering Europe on boats posing as refugees, the prime minister of Libya has warned.

Falez Serrai, who is head of the UN-backed unity government in the country’s capital Tripoli, told The Times that potential attackers may be among thousands of migrants able to cross the Mediterreanean And he warned that this could have dire consequences for Europe.

He said: “When migrants reach Europe, they will move freely.

“If, God forbid, there are terrorist elements among the migrants, a result of any incident will affect all of the EU.”

See the full ‘news’ article here.

101ChristianMagazine (and many other folk) Was Right: Hillary Let off the Hook – Again

A week ago we predicted that the ‘new’ investigation into Hillary’s emails would come to nought. How could it come to anything else? As we have also stated in previous articles – The Donald simply cannot be allowed to win. If he does, the globalists will effectively have to start again. We don’t like The Donald – don’t get us wrong but if we have to choose between the two, our choice is clear, to at least slow down globalism.

Back to the point, we have just seen another charade, disguised as a ‘public enquiry’ be closed with the conclusion that there was “no significant breaking of the law.” It’s almost laughable. We see it regularly in the UK – the case that springs to mind is the slippery Tony Blair – a ‘public enquiry’ that also had a foregone conclusion, that to all intents and purposes was made to look to the public like a really serious investigation. Now he like Hillary is on the loose again, telling us all what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

It’s not that the questioners are all in on it, it’s just that at the end of the day, there are too many friends in higher places than the good men and women doing the enquiring, for any charges to be pressed. It’s just never going to happen to certain people. These politicians are trained actors and emotional manipulators – Blair being one of the best we’ve ever seen. This is why we frequently see them smiling and laughing and joking during questioning. They can’t believe their good luck. Of course, we will all be accountable to the same God in the end.

Newly Found Papyrus Fragment Appears to Confirm Jew’s Claim on Jerusalem

A new fragment of papyrus has been found in Israel that appears to link the Jews to Jerusalem as far back as 2700 years ago. The small document contains the earliest mention of Jerusalem ever found outside the bible and is a shipment document recording and certificate that two jars of wine are to be shipped from to Jerusalem. In a strange twist the fragment was actually found by Palestinian looters excavating without a licence. It survived because of the dry climate and is seen a a miracle as it related from the time of the first temple. For the first time we have the name Jerusalem in Hebrew. Of course this will be disputed and we shall have to wait to see if this claim is authentic. See the TV news report below.

more information can be found on this document here.

Did Russia Hack DNC to Influence U.S Elections?

We’ve been repeatedly told this by Hilary and Obama that the Russians hacked her emails and The Democratic National Committee (DNC), but is it true or even likely? If all the evidence suggests so – then not likely according to cyber-expert John McAfee. Here is what this renowned hacking expert and anti-virus genius expert had to say;

“If all evidence points to the Russians, then, with 100% certainty, it is not the Russians,” said McAfee.

“Anyone who is capable of carrying out a hack of such sophistication is also capable, with far less effort than that involved in the hack, of hiding their tracks or making it appear that the hack came from some other quarter. The forensic tools used to assign culpability in a hack are well known, in the cybersecurity world, to be largely ineffective. They may, sometimes, correctly identify an unsophisticated 15 year old as the source of a hack, such as the teenager who hacked the FBI less than a year ago. But they are completely ineffective against large, sophisticated groups of hackers such as those run by the Russian State.”

Later when asked for his sources for such statements and beliefs McAfee replied;

“You know better than to ask me for a link to the Underweb. I would spend the rest of my life fighting the best hackers on the planet.”

And so as usual we see that real hackers do not leave such easily traceable tracks.

The Lunatics Have Escaped – Again…

This is what happens when academically clever men who automatically equate high IQ levels with a high level of wisdom but do not seek God’s wisdom, are given too much power. They do not see that worldly knowledge and Godly wisdom are often world’s apart – as far as East is from West to put it Biblically.

Just look at the awful and arrogant and frankly scary smirk on Jo Biden’s face when he says America – like school children in a playground – will ‘retaliate’ with a tit-for-tat response to the Russian’s alleged hacking of Hilary Clinton’s emails in order to effect the Presidential outcome. Emails that in this particular case it turns out, we are all better off knowing about so we have a clear understanding of what the folks at Washington are actually like out of the sight of the lights and cameras. Look – let’s clear up one thing, there is absolutely no possible way that someone working in Washington in the defence department can not know what the letter ‘C’ means on a document – no possible way at all – ever – period! Especially someone who as it turns out, has used the self-same letter on documents themselves many, many, many to indicates that something is classified.

But forget the political mud-slinging for a moment… does anyone in Washington realise that they can’t just keep endlessly poking The Russian Bear and not expect problems?! Unlike the Washington Joksters, Putin is no clown, and regardless of wether you’d want to invite him to supper or not, or trust him, he is not someone to be ridiculed or mocked.  These men not only have huge countries and citizens to protect but more dangerous, they have gargantuan, titanic, planetary sized egos to defend and uphold. And what is most annoying about people like Biden, is that people like him mock people like Putin with total disregard for those who will reap the consequences should Russia feel it has no more options on the table – the people – us.

The thing is, America is a great nation – but I mean the people and not the people running it. The people who run it are arrogant, political careerists – nothing like leaders like Reagan or the founding fathers. Get a grip Washington, before your arrogance gets the better of you. Your bunkers, food, water supplies and seed stashes will be useless for more than a couple of weeks.

Of course there are those that say there are certain globalists within Washington and elsewhere that actually want to bring down America – the fact being you cannot have a ‘Christian’ America as part of a new socialist global world order, and so the goading is all designed to cause the world to hate ‘America’ at large, when America, or more precisely, when the Whitehouse cronies go to war nowadays, they do so going against America’s own rules of war – i.e without the people’s or consent of the full government, so is not in fact the real America we are seeing, or how America is meant to operate according to its own constitution. It’s leaders completely ignore these rules and the effect is that the world now hates America – when it should in fact turn its anger on the people abusing their power in government who have no care for America itself and are all about globalism.

Remember God is not a globalist, and for good reason – too much power in too few hands always corrupts, and so we see in The Bible that power has to be safely divided and limited in order to maintain stability until God Himself comes to rule earth perfectly. We see this from Genesis and the story of The Tower of Babel.

But wether the politicians understand this concept of dividing power in order to uphold some kind of damage limitation of men’s egos or not (and most don’t as they don’t read their Bibles) and naively believing we can all live in one happy world Eutopia with a couple of ‘nice’ people at the top holding the reigns who will stay nice – forever is one thing. But either way, something the politicians in Washington should have for nuclear armed Putin if nothing else, is respect.

Jo Biden demonstrates that wisdom and intelligence can be two entirely separate things.

Here is my humble, personal message to bragger Biden; “Dear Mr Biden; forget the silly [Enter] button on the ‘hackers’ keypad, and give more consideration to the big green button on Vladimir’s keypad.”

Putin – perhaps not someone you would want to marry your daughter – commands real respect.

And here is my humble message to the Russian leader; “Dear Mr Putin; when you see our modern ‘progressive’ and arrogant politicians recklessly doing what they do and saying what they say, please be gracious with their folly and remember they do not represent, or many cases care about us – the little people. When you think of them, please think of us too.”