Are Christians Technophobes? No we are Human Nature-ophobes!

Its very simple – the globalist think that all the worlds problems can be solved by discarding cash and dishing out ID and anyone against this is a neanderthal – and of course in theory that is all true. The problem with all this though, is human nature behind it – that they can’t fix with any amount of digital tech – it’s socialism on steroids and peace and security imposed – ie all real freedom and individuality discarded. It is individuals job to care for neighbours – not the state – no doubt seen as another neanderthal idea – yet the only true means of fulfilment.

I’m not scared of anything – except human nature

And of course we know exactly how it will end – anyone against this digital prison will be accused of being enemies of the poor – enemies of man – when the reality is we understand WHY there is a border round every cell in the body, and why languages were confounded by God, and why distribution of power and separate nations in a fallen world is the only real solution to man’s sinful nature and unquenchable thirst for knowledge and power – not consolidation. We are not scared of technology – we are scared of fallen human nature. But its a train not even the scientists can stop.

We’ll All Soon Be Added to The Blockchain

Its been a problem for years – how to solve crime, money laundering, login to a hundred sites with a hundred passwords, get our passports etc, etc. And there’s been talk of universal ID in various countries for decades. Now we know that the blockchain is a public ledger for all transactions, so will essentially render all these old forms of ID redundant, since everything that happens, every person’s whereabouts, their transactions, their preferences, their wages will all be added into the chain for everyone to see – a totally transparent democratised system to solve all the world’s problems in one go. Err… wait a minute.

Everyone will need a number to be connected to the blockchain

Well that’s the idea… the bible speaks of this, a mark – a number, or identification that all will need, in order to participate in society. What’s interesting is the tech-folks inventing this stuff – talk about it with glee as if it’s all an amazing new concept that’s been about for 10-20 years at most, but Christians and the bible have foretold this would happen for millennia.

I’ve been writing a book about a group of folks building a digital brain since 2005 that arbitrates all matters of law, monetary policy, health and does away with the need for human legislators and lawyers and bankers and just about everything else that is decided by humans – and it’s now happening.

So I wonder what others think?; could this literal all-seeing eye that’s just around the corner – a despot’s dream – ever be used by the wrong people for the wrong purposes?

Davos | Merrily Building The Prison of Their, and Our Future

It’s a truly odd, but many a time predicted situation – technology, deployed without wisdom, and one that seemingly cannot be controlled, even by it’s creators. It’s forging ahead like an unstoppable steam train.

I’m talking about the ‘data prison’ that the scientists and elite are creating not only for us – but ultimately for themselves – though of course they will be firmly convinced of their own invincibility in this regard, vainly imagining they are able to stay one step ahead of their own monster for ever, and that no despot would ever consider using it against them.

This is just a heads up – Christians must NOT fear any of this

But somehow I think deep in their spirits – they know they are developing the means to their own end, and it must be quite frightening – if you are not a Christian and you haven’t read the Bible – that clearly predicts this, when it speaks of the Anti-Christ being bent on giving all an ID in order to participate in society.

Some however are speaking out – Vladimir Putin – Elon Musk, and others – It remains to be seen how it will actually play out but there’s no doubt its a runaway train no one seems to be able to subdue.

An Idea: Collaborative Internet Film Production Anyone?

Q: why is there no collaborative crowd film production service on the net? An idea you heard here first; Imagine you develop a script for a film – and you put it out there on the web, complete with wiki on the characters, scenes, synopsises, plots, technical needs and requirements – writing do’s and don’ts – and invite the world to create this film.

Collaborative Crowd Film Production Via the Internet

What I mean is – invite some folks to create and add the music, some to create the 3D sets and characters and animations, other to record and submit the voice overs, some to finance with the money needed, some to film a particular scene or three, others to market, others to… get the idea.

Well – I’ve been dreaming about this for about 15 years and not seen it yet or had the time to develop it myself – but I thought I’d put it in writing so someone out there can build it who has the time and $. Who knows – I may get round to it some time.

Well God bless. Edward.

‘Holy Grail’ of Dinosaur Fossils Uncovered by Scientists

Scientists say – they have uncovered the ‘Holy Grail’ of dinosaur fossils. It belongs to a dinosaur that was as big as a school bus and lived in what is now the Sahara Desert about 80 million years ago.

Wait a minute – the Sahara was once lush green? And despite the massive temperature rise earth still flourishes? Obviously I’m missing something

I love dinosaurs – to me they are just another example of millions of animal species and of God’s incredible power and design ability. But wait – this is interesting for another reason; they tell us that we’re all doomed because of global warming right? OK – let’s suppose that is true (i remember in the late seventies when we were all told we would die in a global ice-age – don’t believe me as many of my friends didn’t – well I stumbled across the proof – see the image in this article – strangely all mention of this has gone from the internet).

Anyway – this 8-gazzillion year old animal – they tell us LIVED – in what is now the Sahara dessert. Wait a minute; you’re telling me that the Sahara was once a lush green land – and is now a hot dessert (ie many many degrees of temperature change) and the planet is still here – flourishing? OK – I know I have missed something, but it just struck me as interesting.