How To Tell Which Politicians are Honest and Genuine and Which are Not

Ever wanted to know which politicians are telling the truth as they see it, or to the best of their knowledge at least, and which are plain liars, fake, falsify truth and are dishonest to themselves and others? It seems that most voters don’t care – and are more interested in the veneer and the ‘speak’ rather than the integrity of the person. This is how they sometimes get away with the unthinkable and often what the every day person would never get away with. In any case, why is the question in politics always reduced to the false idea of left or right, and not wrong or right?

Real and convicted or fake and phony?

But is this even remotely possible to tell which politicians are honest and which are fake careerists or somewhere in between? It is actually I believe. All we need to do – though it can be quite a long process to watch all the necessary videos, is to watch the amazing YouTube channel of a body language expert pick apart interviews on our loved and loathed politicians. You know – the eye movements, eye contact, twitches and sitting position etc.

This expert is careful to point out that body language analysis is not an exact science – but it is a great indicator and can be very accurate

As it happens, most of the conclusions this body language expert comes to – and I must point out that by her own admission they are her opinions on these politicians – match my gut instincts on all the folks she analyses. Does that mean I have what the Bible calls the gift of discernment?.. I’m not sure, but either way, her body language videos are a must watch for anyone that is serious about voting in politicians and members of congress and leaders that are honest, or at the very least believe in what they say, regardless of whether what they are saying is the best policy.

At least we can use this resource (for perhaps as long as they are unaware such channels exist!) to see who has at the least – conviction, and who is just an actor – or a mix of both, and to what extent. Anyway enough of this, here’s the channel. Bookmark it and anytime you want to know what a particular person is really like underneath their political veneer or not as the case may be.

Bombard’s Body Language Channel analyses politicians & celebrities >>

Is Donald Trump The World’s Last Hope?

We all know there is only one real hope – Jesus Christ – but in terms of the current world political situation I’m beginning to wonder if The Donald is our last hope of seeing any truth and sensibility before everything turns into one huge socialist and state controlled system as the Bible outlines in Revelation.

Look – we all know The Donald’s business dealings have not always been above board… but then show me a rich business man who has done all his dealings without some amount of corruption (actually I do know two business men that seem to try to do business in the right way -which is really tough when all your competitors are cheatingand I’m sure there are more – lookup one of them – Julian Richer).

A huge vacuum in American (and European) society is being filled

But back to The Donald. It seems that nearly all – if not all – the other politicians are in the hands of their financial supporters and benefactors. Donald seems quite rebel against any kind of establishment who has no need of their cash. Now he’s not what I call a Christian man – but it sure seems he’s had enough of the nonsense – the lies – and he may be the one and only person strong enough to stop the West’s terrible influx of terrible ideologies into the huge vacuum that perhaps unknown to even him, has been left by the atheists and all those who have wanted to banish God from society, school, workplace and family and even church in America over the last 50 years. You know, the same folks that are now sitting around in despair wondering how on earth they can stop the Mid-East Juggernaught that is now coming to run them and us over – a vacuum they are responsible for.

Is The Donald the only person tough enough to stop it?

I’m not sure I would want The Donald as my friend (tho it’s a lot of fun to watch him squashing his opposition with a few home truths) but you got to respect some things about him – he is a no-nonsense guy and whilst that hopeful part of me that always rears it’s head has once again appeared since I’ve seen him in the runnings, it remains to be seem if he like all the others will renege on his promises and things will stay the same or as with Obama – change for the worse.

The concern is that The Donald will have to be taken out

Nigel Farage has just reaped what happens if you challenge the big boys – first it was a plane crash and now all his wheel nuts – but Trump I think is even more of a threat. The thing is – if they try this with The Donald, it will look pretty obvious if anything happens to him, so they would have to pick their moment to make it look accidental.

Watch the video below if you want to understand what a real threat The Donald is to the establishment – to the cronies and old boys club in Washington, and ultimately to the bankers home and abroad. I just can’t see The Donald getting to the White House – not because he isn’t capable, or able to easily win the hearts and minds of the millions of frustrated Americans as we are seeing simply by having the guts to say what we all wanted to say but were too afraid to say – but because it just cannot be allowed to happen – period.

God Designed us to Live Under a Good King

Yep it’s true! But democracy protects us from bad kings, and that’s why generally we don’t like the idea of kings if they are rulers (we like the royals because they have limited power). The truth is that the people are right – there have been far more bad kings in history than good ones and as Winston Churchill said; “Democracy is the worst form of government – except all the others!”

Winston Churhill like the rest of us was far from perfect - just like democracey. But he sure was right about this and many other topics. Check out his views and understanding of Islam - something our modern Christian leaders would do well to study.
Winston Churchill, like the rest of us was far from perfect – just like democracy. But he sure was right about this form of government and many other topics. Check out his views and understanding of Islam for instance and make sure you’re sitting down – something our modern Christian leaders (and secular ones) would do well to study as he had before they open their mouths.

He was right and as such we live under wishy-washy democracy where some leaders venture into areas of selflessness – but never do we find what we really want and dream about in a king; someone that is not interested in fame and fortune, who serves the people first and himself second, and who gives us all jobs and feeds the poor and hungry! That’s what we all long for inside.

I wonder – does any man in history fit that picture? The King of The Jews perhaps? It seems as if God knew the answer to the worlds problems beforehand. He would have to rule it himself but he would let us give it our best shot in the meantime – if only to see that man – at least non-divine man is simply not capable of escaping the corruption that total power always brings to anyone that wields it for any length of time. It’s the reason politicians (at least in the US) are only allowed to serve a limited number of years and the Constitution was drawn up. Come Lord Jesus!