Piers Morgan Interviews Realistic Robot

If you thought Piers Morgan was just a realistic robot – you ain’t seen nothin yet! Sorry Piers – was that was a bit mean? Well we’ve all seen the sci-fi films of the eighties and nineties like Robocop and others, where we were convinced that the sophisticated robots on the screen were many many decades away, well apparently not – here’s the state of the art when it comes to animatronics and robotics.

Why recreate what God has already perfected?

Creepy as it seems, I’ve no doubt that the next generation of kids will grow up with these things as their guardians, teachers, mentors and it won’t be long before people are demanding the rights to marry them. It’s quite disconcerting to be frank for us oldies – perhaps I speak for myself, but what do you think? Is this kind of being walking among us going to be good for mankind, or is creating half-baked versions of God’s already perfected human body more akin to designing bumper stickers for Ferraris?

Our job to look after our neighbours, will become redundant and the perpetual pursuit of leisure will ensue

Call me old fashioned, but personally I cannot see how this will add to the happiness of mankind – it just makes the real thing – us – and our roles in life prescribed in the Bible – to look after each other and our neighbours, redundant, leaving us to become ever more self-serving, self obsessed and ultimately selfish just as we see today, and the Bible predicted; “in the last days people will be lovers of self” (Jesus might as well have said “lovers of selfies“). As an aside, it’s interesting to note that unscrupulous people and politicians have known from the beginning of time that dependent (on handouts), self serving and self-obsessed people are much easier to control than people who choose to be independent, and to willing  servants of others over servants of self. This is why the Bible is always the first thing to be outlawed whenever tyrants want to gain power.

No amount of manipulating chemicals and molecules will give rise to real living conscience

What’s really interesting about this though is one fact; no scientist will ever be able to place a soul – a living conscience in one of these things no matter how hard they try. Only God has the key to creating conscience – a soul and the ability to attach it to living flesh to create a self-aware mind conscious of it’s place in time and space.

90 Year Old Man Faces Jail for Heinous Crime; Feeding The Hungry

Forget illegal email servers and pay to play… the real criminal Abbott had his dastardly plan to feed hungry and homeless folks stopped in the nick of time before more damage could be done by US law enforcers. How dare he look after his fellow neighbours without a license!

Yep, it looks like the times that the Bible describes in great detail are finally here. When they call good evil and evil good. They really have lost the plot, or perhaps they ate some of this man’s clearly poisonous food that needs throwing in the bin and him quarantined. But seriously, the powers that seek to control every aspect of our lives, because we can’t be trusted have actually arrested an old man in the USA – Arnold Abbott – for doing what?… feeding hungry people!

“Officer shouted; drop that plate – right now! – like it was dangerous weapon”

What an evil old man! Listen folks, something is clearly not right – not that we didn’t know that already, but this just underlines once again that the PC lunatics have indeed escaped from the hen-house and unwittingly helping to build themselves and us, a prison for everyone.

The USA for all her government official’s misdemeanours in failing to follow the original American Constitution’s rules – incidentally the most amazing piece of legislation ever created designed to limit governmental powers and install real and lasting freedom FOR the people, is the last genuinely free place on earth – so we should mourn these events. Folks – it’s no longer conspiracy and the Bible as ever was right on the money. Here’s one of many articles on the subject here; www.independent.co.uk –  ninety year old man facing jail for giving food to homeless people

Red Cross Madness?

Not only that, but we hear that the Red Cross have allegedly been kicking out locals who have set up shelters and feeding and clothing stations for flood victims and throwing the food away and taking over. I imagine they will still be happy to take financial donations however and not throw those away at www.redcross.org (look we love the Red Cross really but what’s this all about – did they go nuts?!). What has the world come too?.. how dare these people presume to help their fellow men (and women for the PC crowd) without going through the government. Soon we will all need a license to help old ladies across the road. It remains to be seen if this is in fact actually happened (they have since denied it) but for sure this is what’s coming – no more autonomous serving the poor or your next door neighbour – everything must pass through governmentally approved channels. Read more about the Red Cross investigation here.

Pope: Sea Level is Rising. Science: Sea Level is Lowering

Look – if the climate is getting warmer and by not fixing it we are going to become extinct – then of course I am all for fixing it and making whatever changes necessary to stop this happening for all. The trouble is, even with my pea-sized brain and knowledge of science I can see something is amiss. I mean have you ever stood back and looked at the sheer gargantuan volume of atmosphere on google earth compared to the actually number and size of people and chimneys there are? From a visual standpoint alone it’s almost negligible. But ok – perhaps you do need more than common sense.

But what about the fact that we know that the climate has changed from hot to warm to cool, to warm to hot and back again a hundred times since the year dot, and ‘mother’ nature has amazingly responded to all these changes and we are still here. I mean – they – the politicians and religious folk tell us the ice is getting smaller and all the polar bears are falling into the sea – but the scientists – the scientists, tell us that the ice mass in the Antarctic actually getting larger.

In the 1970’s we all told we were all going to die from global cooling

So as ever, I am not going to tell you the what I think the truth is one way or the other as I am not 100% sure – all I know is that common sense tells me the ‘warming’ they are talking about – which many scientists say is actually cooling in any case (remember kids, that in the 1970’s we oldies were told by the people in the ‘know’ that we were all going to freeze to death – nothing than in the end a few warm jackets didn’t fix;) is very likely to turn out (as often happens with scientists I might add) a load of baloney to is simply being used to achieve a certain goal of the big players like the U.N and it’s friends.

So who’s right? Is global warming really happening and does it matter?

You and I must do our OWN research to get to the bottom of this. One thing is for sure, global warming is the perfect tool to bring everything that matters to our leaders, money, power and more power, under one umbrella and use it as a means to persecute all those that disagree or even suggest the science may not support their claims, with the claim that doing so is potentially putting others lives at risk. And, if we don’t get to the real facts, you know the ones that went missing in lots of emails between lots of climate ‘scientists’, these same people one day might collude to make this article and ones like it illegal simply for asking questions. Now that cannot be right and should definitely ring alarm bells in everyones ears whichever side of the fence you are on.

What Kind of Stupid Government Would Hand Out 16K Benefits in Cash?

The British government – that’s who! I mean come on – even a child would be able to predict that if you give someone 16K cash that is not working and perfectly able-bodied, they will be tempted to a) spend it on luxuries – in this case gambling, and not what it was intended for – eating, heating, bills etc, and b) they would have zero incentive to work, and it will exacerbate the problem not solve it!

Use food vouchers, heating vouchers – anything – but not cash!

The Bible says; if a man won’t work – he won’t eat. So did God forget to add; unless you live in the UK? Of course not – this is one of life’s principles and there will always be people that sponge or as I like to call it – steal. Often it is out of ignorance of what they are actually indirectly doing, so let’s not be too hard. But you get my point.

Come to Britain – the government really will give you cash for nothing!

But before you think the governments and people in politics are actually stupid and don’t know what they are doing – think again. As my previous article they know as they learned from their father (you know who I mean) – that a dependent person is an easily manipulated person and more importantly – if you hand them cash they haven’t earned they will love you and vote for you!

Ahh now we see what’s really happening coming into light. The same old socialist trick to make and keep everyone dependent on the state to keep them and their votes in the palm of your hand under the guise of fairness.

And there are many younger idealists that don’t know their Bibles, or that God is neither socialist or capitalist but hard-work-for-your-own-money-and-be-responsible-ist, actually do believe it’s fair to take money from one person and give it to another (when The Bible clearly tells us it is WE personally who should be giving to the needy – not letting the any government take it out of our pockets) but the ones higher up?.. I doubt they really think it’s fair. They are much brighter than that and understand how you can manipulate masses easily by controlling what goes in (and out) of their pockets and ultimately mouths. For them it’s about gravy trains, ego and prestige like most politicians.

Fairness is working for your money and not taking it – or worse – have someone else take it from someone who has been enterprising and worked hard for it and give it to you. Think about it; if I walked up to a well-off person and took half their earnings and then started throwing in the street for anyone and everyone to pick up – I would be banged up for theft. But if a government or despot wants to do it – fine!.. it’s all in the name of fairness. No – it’s in the name of; ‘I can’t be bothered to work – so I’d rather have your money thanks very much’!

And don’t bring the greedy corporates into this and tar everyone – even the hard-working local business owners and people who want to work hard and give others the chance of doing the same with the same ‘capitalist’ brush! Yes many of the conglomerates do need to be smacked down as many of them are downright crooked with their pills and petrol. But many are ethically run so we need to differentiate.

People and corporations often become corrupt – and many start with good intentions

There are people that work and people that don’t Some of these people that work become corrupt and some don’t. Some of the corporations that become rich trough innovation and hard work become corrupt and some don’t. Besides, The term ‘capitalist’ didn’t exist in Jesus day – this is a new word that used to describe the idea of working hard and being paid fairly for it and being able to employ others so they could share in your profits too – but has now been extended to cover all people who profit from their labour – bent or not, and used as a tool to manipulate vulnerable people into thinking socialism is good!

Of course whist the anti-‘capitalist’ people lower down the food chain have bought into the lie and are probably not doing too well (and who might be better of working than flag waving), be assured those at the top selling them this nonsense will be rolling in it. If you are in any doubt read Animal Farm – where some are more ‘equal’ than others.

Now before anyone thinks I am being unfair – first of course there are exceptions – people who cannot work, the old, ill mothers or fathers really struggling etc. For these people there always needs to be a minimum safety net – this is what tithing was originally for – not lining the pockets of churches and pastors and preachers!

I’d be lucky if I earnt 16K and I do all kinds of work

As for me, I don’t just sit here writing articles – I have a part time job, run a totally free singles service to help Christians – a group largely overlooked by the churches I feel (that often nearly kills me and most of the advertising earnings of which I stupidly ended up giving to ‘developers’), do lots of local odd jobs, drive people about to earn a few pence. Through working, what I call ‘extreme saving‘ (being exceedingly tight with myself – ie no holidays, living in places I didn’t want to live but realising even Croydon and Stoneliegh are paradises compared to parts of the world, and buying cheap unbranded food) I have managed to own a property on my tiny wage! (See my article on how to be better off without doing a thing)

But I cannot forget my grandmother’s sister, who’s mother died in her early teens who had to bring up her brothers and sisters on her own – with no hand-outs. Just how did these people do it? I have no idea but she did – she worked – they worked and they survived to tell me the tale.

Read the full article that inspired mine here; http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/man-16k-year-benefits-blames-6719055?ref=yfp

Like The Idea of A Single World Government? Think Again

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1999 19:02:55 Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott believes the United States may not exist in its current form in the 21st Century – because nationhood throughout the world will become obsolete! He said; “All states will recognize a single, global authority”

This idea goes way back before this statement, and it sounds great – the new and perfect solution to all the world’s problems. No famine, no war, no illegal drug trafficking, no money laundering, no corruption. Hang on a minute? If you are looking to eradicate corruption, the LAST thing any sensible person would do – with any knowledge of history or mankind’s propensity to become corrupt, the last thing you would do is create a single world governing system. Unless of course you were on that gravy train and promised all kinds of privileges and perks and status.

The trouble with world government is, is it’s not perfect and it’s not new. The idea goes all the way back to Babylon – specifically the tower of Babel and even before this, where man’s desire to become like God started way back in the garden. It’s worth considering that God himself does not like the idea of a single governing, all-powerful body at all. So much was His dislike that he confused all the world’s languages (the one thing that will enable a single world system) so that these evil power-hungry rulers could not complete what they set out to do.

God showed us His displeasure back then but He will let it happen – and the whole world will fall for it and see how the saying that under a man or men; absolute power corrupts absolutely – is absolutely true! It’s unavoidable. All men even at the ‘lowest’ level of society struggle with pride and power issues and world leaders are no different. If anything they are likely highly driven and highly power hungry and very good at disguising it.

So before you signup to the coming ‘Novus ordo seclorum’ (new secular or ‘world’ order – basically a God-less, socialist world order controlled by one entity) we see so proudly displayed on the back of the dollar bill for all to see (I mean what the Dickens is this doing on the back of a US dollar bill in the first place?!!) think again, you might get more than just a bang for your buck.