Richard Dawkins is Proof Everything was a Cosmic Accident!

Look I don’t normally ‘dis’ people – it’s not nice, especially in public and The Bible tells us we must not bear false witness or speak ill of our brothers – but Dawkins – is he my brother – I’m not sure to be honest. In any case he disses himself by his own words. Some of the nonsense this bloke speaks, trying to sound all eloquent and knowledgeable and meaningful in one breath, and in the other effectively saying everything is meaningless in the other is frankly amusing.

But the scariest thing is that whilst most of the time he manages to conceal his anger and hatred towards God, he sometimes let’s his guard down when challenged and almost spits out his answers – just like many atheists – you know those people that can never prove God does not exist yet still think it wise to call themselves Atheists. Most of course have now cottoned on to this and modify their stance with silly words like; “well of course I cannot prove god does not exist but I would err on the side that he doesn’t.”

Lol what? As far as I am concerned, the very fact that we can never prove that God does not exist (because by His very nature and God would dwell in a realm we could not ‘touch’ or ‘enter if He was a God of any intelligence and the Bible confirms this is in fact the case) is a good proof that God does exist!

The Bible also tells us that professing to be wise they made themselves fools. Jus sayin’

What Kind of Stupid Government Would Hand Out 16K Benefits in Cash?

The British government – that’s who! I mean come on – even a child would be able to predict that if you give someone 16K cash that is not working and perfectly able-bodied, they will be tempted to a) spend it on luxuries – in this case gambling, and not what it was intended for – eating, heating, bills etc, and b) they would have zero incentive to work, and it will exacerbate the problem not solve it!

Use food vouchers, heating vouchers – anything – but not cash!

The Bible says; if a man won’t work – he won’t eat. So did God forget to add; unless you live in the UK? Of course not – this is one of life’s principles and there will always be people that sponge or as I like to call it – steal. Often it is out of ignorance of what they are actually indirectly doing, so let’s not be too hard. But you get my point.

Come to Britain – the government really will give you cash for nothing!

But before you think the governments and people in politics are actually stupid and don’t know what they are doing – think again. As my previous article they know as they learned from their father (you know who I mean) – that a dependent person is an easily manipulated person and more importantly – if you hand them cash they haven’t earned they will love you and vote for you!

Ahh now we see what’s really happening coming into light. The same old socialist trick to make and keep everyone dependent on the state to keep them and their votes in the palm of your hand under the guise of fairness.

And there are many younger idealists that don’t know their Bibles, or that God is neither socialist or capitalist but hard-work-for-your-own-money-and-be-responsible-ist, actually do believe it’s fair to take money from one person and give it to another (when The Bible clearly tells us it is WE personally who should be giving to the needy – not letting the any government take it out of our pockets) but the ones higher up?.. I doubt they really think it’s fair. They are much brighter than that and understand how you can manipulate masses easily by controlling what goes in (and out) of their pockets and ultimately mouths. For them it’s about gravy trains, ego and prestige like most politicians.

Fairness is working for your money and not taking it – or worse – have someone else take it from someone who has been enterprising and worked hard for it and give it to you. Think about it; if I walked up to a well-off person and took half their earnings and then started throwing in the street for anyone and everyone to pick up – I would be banged up for theft. But if a government or despot wants to do it – fine!.. it’s all in the name of fairness. No – it’s in the name of; ‘I can’t be bothered to work – so I’d rather have your money thanks very much’!

And don’t bring the greedy corporates into this and tar everyone – even the hard-working local business owners and people who want to work hard and give others the chance of doing the same with the same ‘capitalist’ brush! Yes many of the conglomerates do need to be smacked down as many of them are downright crooked with their pills and petrol. But many are ethically run so we need to differentiate.

People and corporations often become corrupt – and many start with good intentions

There are people that work and people that don’t Some of these people that work become corrupt and some don’t. Some of the corporations that become rich trough innovation and hard work become corrupt and some don’t. Besides, The term ‘capitalist’ didn’t exist in Jesus day – this is a new word that used to describe the idea of working hard and being paid fairly for it and being able to employ others so they could share in your profits too – but has now been extended to cover all people who profit from their labour – bent or not, and used as a tool to manipulate vulnerable people into thinking socialism is good!

Of course whist the anti-‘capitalist’ people lower down the food chain have bought into the lie and are probably not doing too well (and who might be better of working than flag waving), be assured those at the top selling them this nonsense will be rolling in it. If you are in any doubt read Animal Farm – where some are more ‘equal’ than others.

Now before anyone thinks I am being unfair – first of course there are exceptions – people who cannot work, the old, ill mothers or fathers really struggling etc. For these people there always needs to be a minimum safety net – this is what tithing was originally for – not lining the pockets of churches and pastors and preachers!

I’d be lucky if I earnt 16K and I do all kinds of work

As for me, I don’t just sit here writing articles – I have a part time job, run a totally free singles service to help Christians – a group largely overlooked by the churches I feel (that often nearly kills me and most of the advertising earnings of which I stupidly ended up giving to ‘developers’), do lots of local odd jobs, drive people about to earn a few pence. Through working, what I call ‘extreme saving‘ (being exceedingly tight with myself – ie no holidays, living in places I didn’t want to live but realising even Croydon and Stoneliegh are paradises compared to parts of the world, and buying cheap unbranded food) I have managed to own a property on my tiny wage! (See my article on how to be better off without doing a thing)

But I cannot forget my grandmother’s sister, who’s mother died in her early teens who had to bring up her brothers and sisters on her own – with no hand-outs. Just how did these people do it? I have no idea but she did – she worked – they worked and they survived to tell me the tale.

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Thank Goodness – The Illuminate Are Real After ALL!

So Predictable…

This is hilarious… we all know that he super-wealthy have always felt themselves best suited, best able and most certainly do run things from the shadows – this is no conspiracy theory. I mean if you were Bill Gates and hadn’t read The Bible (or had read it but didn’t take it seriously), and weren’t a Christian you would feel this was your ‘God-given’ job to run the world like every other ‘big’ person throughout history right?

It Sounds so Good…

But this so-called Illuminate group have decided to ‘come out into the open’ and let us all know that they have been working for us behind the scenes all along! What a joke in more ways than fifty… there have been more wars in the last century than all other centuries put together. But then they would tell us without their diligent hard work behind the scenes, there have been a lot more. Especially with J-Zee’s new song – I mean that’s really going to help isn’t it.

No the really hilarious thing about this is that this group who put up the website (be they the real Illuminate or as I rather suspect some enterprising lot who think they are enlightened) are so ‘illuminated’ they couldn’t even get hold of the proper domain name – i.e (this was registered (probably by the ‘real’ illuminate – are you serious?!!  -way back in 1995:)) and have gone with the rather amusing; ‘’ domain. Ha… I’d love to the see official – unofficial – official website!

What… You mean Rich People Really Do Control Things?

Look. We all know that people with lots of money and power have always had messiah complexes, felt themselves as more unlighted that the rest of us surfs – otherwise the God out there whoever or whatever he or it is would not have made them succeed and given them their status or number one position in the charts in the first place right? (wrong! – read the Bible – blessings fall on the wicked and the righteous just like the rain falls on the just and the unjust). Come on – we know that the management of our planet and us stupid underlings is best left to Sting, Obama and Bono right?

But there’s something even more disconcerting about the number of Christians on the web saying; “this website means the Illuminate have come out in the open!” Come on people… something here isn’t right!

Like a Script…

The text and words on this site are so predictable and nearly made me vomit, had it not been for the fact that at worst it’s a hoax and at best it’s a group of fools who really think the the world is better of run by the minds and ideas of celerities (lady gaga and madonna will no doubt be in the mix – what about Bob Geldof?). What a shame we couldn’t have had the wisdom of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston too – I mean we all know they weren’t just great singers, they had buckets of wisdom enough to get themselves completely shafted by the nasty and godless record industry right? Just think if Elvis had lived a few more years he could have been on the illuminate board of health and narcotics (Seriously I loved these people but they were caught up – as we can if we are not on our guard, in terrible evils of the world).

And of course predictably, you can feel it in your water after seeing the video, anyone that would go against the lovely fluffy things said on the website about making the world a better place and all things should be shared and equal must be evil and don’t deserve to live right? Errr… Im not so worried about making the world a better place bit – I like that bit – no no, it’s the; how they are suggesting to do it that bothers me. You know – give the keys to a small secret group – join their social network and as you go up the pyramid of light you get more power and bigger keys – you know that bit.

Of course that’s how all man-made institutions that depend on finances or with to gain power, such as companies, personality cults, secret societies, even churches – yes I said it even most churches have worked that way since the beginning – well almost the beginning. The early church operated on a flatter more horizontal and less hierarchical – much healthier way.

One particularly funny (or not so funny depending on how you look at it) part on the website (you have to dig a bit because remember everything is buried so as not to give all their secrets away) was the bit where they say something lie; “more responsibility will be given to you as you go along with the organisation” – like we really want film stars, Tom Cruise and other ‘enlightened’ ones – you know the people who were wise enough to signup for things like scientology started by the infamous Ron Hubbard!

And then the creme de la creme was the; ‘Sign Up now >>’ button – I mean sigh up for what? To be in a social network of totally deluded and self centred and self important individuals who have realised there is no use in getting God (you know their creator) involved in things if we want to do things properly. Oh no – lets do it ourselves! Let’s use our own wisdom that has served the world so well over the last 200 years shall we! All it really needed was a; ‘Login with Facebook’ and then the cat would have been out! I mean there really are people that would want to signup to this so they can be ‘elite’. But might I remind the reader that The Son of man had no pillow to lay his head let alone an Illuminate account!

But It’s All True

Despite my joking around with this website and group – whoever they are – the things on the website and spoken about in the video ARE actually what the ‘enlightened’ ones in our word think. You know the super-rich Ted Turner and people like him. These Godless people and their ancestors realised eons ago than man with all his ego problems could never have peace without a single world system run by ego-less likes of Ted, Bill and friends, and definitely without religion getting it’s nasty little mitts involved.

And of course this is true – The Bible tell us so. Bill and Ted will never gain control of their egos without Gods’ Holy and cleansing spirit renewing the physical neurons and of their mind and rewiring their darkened minds. In the last days man (just like Nimrod and all the other tyrants in history have tried to do) here will be a single world financial, governmental and military system and his will bring about ‘peace and safety’ – until of course the inevitable sudden destruction comes as it always does to any thing setup against God. And I know, I know – they do believe in God, but it’s a different, light-bearing God (Hmmm… where have I heard that before?) and definitely not that bloke Jesus that never said anything that was not true and fair – no not the God we believe in.

There can’t be peace until every being on the planets’ whereabouts and activity is known at all times 265 days a year 24-7. But the same fools didn’t consider that whoever might get the reigns to this power might turn bad. Of course they did I hear you say! Well you are probably right – they are not stupid when it comes to things that require knowledge – but wisdom is a totally different ball game and what they lack (God refuses it to those that don’t earnestly seek it). Knowledge and Wisdom are worlds apart as east from west. Yes it’s true, they’ve probably got their hair-brained scheme as to how to ensure that a tyrant can never create mayhem with all this power and ensure it doesn’t and ‘can’t’ ever happen. You know, like handing over the power to some inanimate, unbiased, all-knowing computer. What could possibly go wrong?


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