An Idea: Collaborative Internet Film Production Anyone?

Q: why is there no collaborative crowd film production service on the net? An idea you heard here first; Imagine you develop a script for a film – and you put it out there on the web, complete with wiki on the characters, scenes, synopsises, plots, technical needs and requirements – writing do’s and don’ts – and invite the world to create this film.

Collaborative Crowd Film Production Via the Internet

What I mean is – invite some folks to create and add the music, some to create the 3D sets and characters and animations, other to record and submit the voice overs, some to finance with the money needed, some to film a particular scene or three, others to market, others to… get the idea.

Well – I’ve been dreaming about this for about 15 years and not seen it yet or had the time to develop it myself – but I thought I’d put it in writing so someone out there can build it who has the time and $. Who knows – I may get round to it some time.

Well God bless. Edward.

The Future of Film?

It’s Sun 29th Nov 2015 and several years ago – around 2005 while I was dreaming up ideas for a book and a resulting movie full of fun characters I had an idea. I’m sure others had it before me but I haven’t seen it anywhere as an idea or in action. I’ve seen a lot of interesting ideas for film like multiple sound sources, multiple cameras filming the same action the viewer can select betWeen to see the action from any angle. But what about this for an idea?

You heard it here first!

Imagine you are watching Star Wars with you and your buddies and you each have a new ‘4D scanner phone’ (not invented or at least released to market yet). Then the film asks you if you would like ‘viewer interaction’ in the movie and which characters you would like to be in the Star Wars film you are about to watch.

you select ‘Yes’ then you upload your full 3D body image via your smart 4D scanner phone to the video/PC device along with a sample digitised recording of your voice. The device then replaces the characters in the movie with you and your friends bodies and voices. Cool!

I have never seen this idea posited anywhere on the web and I think it would be super fun. Take it one step further and the video machine asks you which city you are in and if you would like to replace the locations and backdrops with your city’s – and then it asks if you would like different weapons to the ones Luke and Darth use and you get to select several new ones to add to your arsenal.

Then you and your buddies watch the action play our with all the main characters replaced by you guys! Then you can re-watch the whole thing another night with the characters of your friends shuffled! Coool!

One step further and you could bid for places in the movie whist at the cinema right from your phone! And maybe you even get to where the outfit and sit in the royal box and Darth and Princess Laya! Now that’s a cool idea – imagine it… you go to a premier and get to see yourself as the main character! Better bring your wallet.

Well – remember when it happens, you heard it here first:)

Idiotic Questioning by CNN and Fox Presenters Makes it Harder to Govern America

Have you watched presidential debates recently? It’s a joke (it has been for a long time). But now it’s got ridiculous. There is a particular type of horrible, smug, arrogant, godless presenter that thinks they are clever by using their quick ‘wit’ and hair-brained’ and frankly devious questions to trap and ensnare their subjects on irrelevant and silly points and thereby snag the whole debate – and ultimately snag the proper running of the country. I personally can’t think of anything worse than being in the media and having to deal with these people.

Why would any young person want to get into media and TV these days when they see these moron presenters? Well perhaps there are some out there that want to make the world a better place, but for most looking at this lot, it’s clearly the green stuff and fame – who can ask the stupidest question and get the most followers or tweets. On that note, Twitter has to be the most apt. name ever invented for something that allows twits from all over the planet to say stupid things to each other and get rated for it. “Men are more stupid than birds” the Bible says – it’s not wrong when you look at Twitter!

Back to the issue. Look – 90% of the candidates are not particularly moral people. They are largely ego driven, prone to succumb to bribes and not particularly honest when push comes to shove or getting into office is concerned – get over it. Yes their private life is important, I am not one that thinks all private matters should be kept private for such high profile people since it is often a warning signal that bad behaviour may be carried into their professional life, but with people who are not God-fearing to start with, it is to be expected to some degree and therefore not the best thing to focus all ones attention on, or you get nowhere and just create a mud slinging match – great for TV – terrible for governing the country. There is a time and a place for addressing and interviewing candidates on personal stuff  – NOT on this type of presidential debate.

We need to find out – out of these often shady characters – who has the best brains and most wisdom and yes morality, and who is most likely to take a country forward. Not focus just on the dirt for the sake of making good entertainment and TV ratings and salaries higher. Otherwise these anchors and TV networks who think they are being clever are ultimately just creating a more confused world for themselves. Not only that – by asking questions purely designed to stir up dirt, THEY are making themselves worse than the people they are interviewing.

Probably most of these TV people being non-believers see this as of no consequence and think themselves as above God, since they are all highly paid and very comfortable thank-you-very-much and have no fear and reverence for him. This would explain their often stupid questions. But God sees all, and all will be held – rightly so – accountable for the words and deeds done in the body – including their misleading and diversional questions designed to manipulate the public into voting for their preferred candidates.

The man that put together the following video and inspired my short article – Bill Still – a Christian and for once a trustworthy commentator and financial analyst breaks it down very nicely in the video below.

Brian Williams Should be Sacked

If we sack Brian Williams – we might as well sack them all!

Brain Williams in trouble
Brain Williams has been accused by people across America of ‘fabricating stories’ – who hasn’t done this is what I would like to know. Especially in the media – surely this accusation is some kind of joke?

OK, so perhaps Brian Williams – the very well respected US news anchorman should be sacked for his alleged – but we all know – very likely to be true accusations for false reporting and made-up stories.

It’s a great shame because the guy has a great face for TV and I like the fact that he managed with the help of his barber to get his hair dye just the right tint of brown so it doesn’t go red in the studio lights when they shine through his locks from behind. Someone tell the other guys – less red!

Oh and apparently he is – or was, actually a good or even a great reporter in most ways. The problem is, we just can’t have people in positions like that just ‘forgetting‘ what happened on purpose to bolster his kudos and standing among his big-case reporter friends and the public at large. Not very good is it Brian?

But just before we do sack him and ruin years of hard graft and possibly make the rest of his life very miserable or at least shameful, remember the words of Jesus as you bay for his blood, as they might be applicable to you (and me too);

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

And before you reply; “no I have never made up a story or embellished a tale” – don’t even think about suggesting you or anyone else has never exaggerated a story!

So, I’m waiting: hello… anyone there? Everything seems to have gone quiet all of a sudden?! I can’t hear any responses?.. what’s happening – are some of you having second thoughts about sacking Brian?