Stars Call Music Industry Demonic

None of us want to believe it – it’s so much fun and I have always loved music and been entertained by many stars and bought their records. But we need not to be taken in by the music industry glitz and glamour – it’s made that way for a reason. All the time we buy the records and fill the pockets of the CEOs and producers, the artists are more and more spending their time trying to dodge the bullets the industry and those tangled up in it constantly fire at them. Elvis – Morrison – Joplin – Winehouse – Houston – Hendrix – Jackson – there IS a connection.

Rock inspires a rebellious spirit – there is no way round it (I know – I played it)

Why did God create sound, music and harmony? To be used to glorify Him and his creations. So that means we don’t have to always sing about God – but what ever we do musically needs to glorify Him – and certainly not glorify carnal man. We can glorify God in folk tales, stories about creation, lyrics that describe conversion – or just lyric-less music of such beauty it inspires us to look towards Him – as many of the old believing composers did. But this all goes wrong when turn music into a commodity. With the love of money being the root of all evil – it is a given that it will soon become corrupt – and soon people will be singing and playing things they otherwise wouldn’t because their contract demands it. The Devil ALWAYS seeks to use money – in other words bread – literally food – to control and enslave us, and cause us to compromise our morals – it’s the essence of prostitution and happens in all walks of life and vocations and to a greater or lesser degree.

The deceitfulness of riches

The problem is this; F A M E – and that’s what undoubtedly killed the ‘King’ – Elvis Presley’s step-brother insists (Elvis hated that label and ironically always insisted there was only one King). Fame means performing – performing means huge highs followed by lows and sleep problems and a perpetually unnatural lifestyle. This requires medication to sleep and to wake up and get going again for the stage. Elvis can be seen complaining about it on film as early as the 50’s. Needless to say by 1977 he was on 32 – yes 32 sleeping pills a day – and all sorts of stimulants to get back on stage and tour.

Now we are told that it’s entered the church (I think it was never not in the church on one form or other – preachers are not immune from the problems caused by fame either – and men were NEVER created to be worshipped. Setting yourself up as an idol has to always end badly according to the Bible) So let’s not revere stars and see fame for what it is. Speak to anyone of these stars parents and the truth will come out. Unfortunately we the fans turn a blind eye to what fame really does to the stars we love – induces a false sense of security – pride, a lack of a need for God and on and on – that’s the unvarnished truth.

Christianity and Music

When we want to consider music and Christianity, first lets consider that Lucifer was a master of music – in fact, God doesn’t do things in heaven by halves so he was THE master of music. How interesting that the greatest being in heaven apart from God and Jesus shhould be a master musician! This tells us that music is hugely important both here on earth and in heaven – the outer realm. So what then is music, what is it for and how does it relate to Christians today?

Being a musician and very much into rock n roll, heavy metal and the like for much of my life – including my Christian life, and having asked The holy Spirit to reveal the truth in this matter, I feel I am at least a little qualified (if there is such a thing) to put forth my opinion on this subject and to reveal frankly the effects it has had on my life and how I believe it will effect others wether they know it or not.

For years and years I couldn’t reconcile the negative opinions of those that were against ‘rock’, ‘metal’ and other forms of secular music and music styles with my desire to play and listen to this type of music. It was only much later in life (I’m now 41) that the real origins, effects whils playing it and to the listeners of rock music (and other types too) came to my understanding.

When you chnallenge a person who listenes to rock music you will be faced by a barrage of reasons to why it is ok and that ‘it is only music’ – how can musical notes have a negative negative on someone  etc etc. Keep this reaction in mind as we will return to it later (it’s one that I too shared).

To be continued…