Stars Call Music Industry Demonic

None of us want to believe it – it’s so much fun and I have always loved music and been entertained by many stars and bought their records. But we need not to be taken in by the music industry glitz and glamour – it’s made that way for a reason. All the time we buy the records and fill the pockets of the CEOs and producers, the artists are more and more spending their time trying to dodge the bullets the industry and those tangled up in it constantly fire at them. Elvis – Morrison – Joplin – Winehouse – Houston – Hendrix – Jackson – there IS a connection.

Rock inspires a rebellious spirit – there is no way round it (I know – I played it)

Why did God create sound, music and harmony? To be used to glorify Him and his creations. So that means we don’t have to always sing about God – but what ever we do musically needs to glorify Him – and certainly not glorify carnal man. We can glorify God in folk tales, stories about creation, lyrics that describe conversion – or just lyric-less music of such beauty it inspires us to look towards Him – as many of the old believing composers did. But this all goes wrong when turn music into a commodity. With the love of money being the root of all evil – it is a given that it will soon become corrupt – and soon people will be singing and playing things they otherwise wouldn’t because their contract demands it. The Devil ALWAYS seeks to use money – in other words bread – literally food – to control and enslave us, and cause us to compromise our morals – it’s the essence of prostitution and happens in all walks of life and vocations and to a greater or lesser degree.

The deceitfulness of riches

The problem is this; F A M E – and that’s what undoubtedly killed the ‘King’ – Elvis Presley’s step-brother insists (Elvis hated that label and ironically always insisted there was only one King). Fame means performing – performing means huge highs followed by lows and sleep problems and a perpetually unnatural lifestyle. This requires medication to sleep and to wake up and get going again for the stage. Elvis can be seen complaining about it on film as early as the 50’s. Needless to say by 1977 he was on 32 – yes 32 sleeping pills a day – and all sorts of stimulants to get back on stage and tour.

Now we are told that it’s entered the church (I think it was never not in the church on one form or other – preachers are not immune from the problems caused by fame either – and men were NEVER created to be worshipped. Setting yourself up as an idol has to always end badly according to the Bible) So let’s not revere stars and see fame for what it is. Speak to anyone of these stars parents and the truth will come out. Unfortunately we the fans turn a blind eye to what fame really does to the stars we love – induces a false sense of security – pride, a lack of a need for God and on and on – that’s the unvarnished truth.

Madonna will Want to Make Sure it’s not Just Her Head that Rolls

Madonna goes viral at the Twit Awards

I don’t like to mock other people’s misfortunes, but Madonna seems to be an expert at doing it to herself and this has to be one exception. I am sick to death of these self-appointed so-called ‘stars’ and their ever more outrageous behaviour in public that should be made illegal in our part of the cosmos and is in fact illegal – rightly or wrongly in many parts of the world unknown to many of us.

A lesson for all of us

It is worth noting that if you set yourself up as a idol, sooner or later (hopefully sooner) if in the unlikely event you avoid becoming a caricature of your former self, God is very likely to knock you off your perch for you. Just look at poor Elvis, Morrison, Hendrix, Joplin, Cobain, Houston, Jackson, Carpenter, Sid Vicious and the whole host of other ‘stars’ that have fallen from grace and died before their time having signed on the music industry’s (sorry – The Devil’s) dotted line and ascended to demi-god status by allowing him to sift and suck the talent and eventually the very breath and life out of them.

What’s real talent?

By the way, the word talent comes from an old description of money – so as you have heard – some people have a God-given talent and this is literally true, except a talent from God is a real form of currency and investment and one that could (if you will use it wisely) last forever and benefit all mankind – not the silly money that men think it’s clever to invest in others in order to gain a quick buck without working – there is NOTHING clever about not working for your money in fact, the opposite is true but that’s another article – no – God’s talent has real value and can have real rewards and benefits for all – not just the money-hungry investor. The question is?… what are YOU going to do with your talent, what God invested in you, and how are you going to use it and – who are you going to use it for? Are you going to emulate Madonna young people?

Now you see her now you don’t!

I had to think twice about putting this article under ‘Music’. I may just create a new category called; ‘Noise’. To be frank, I wish she’d fallen of hers a long time ago when her records stopped being half decent. And I don’t mean dead – I may be being a bit mean today (through exasperation only I assure you!) but I’m not that mean! But having just read this ‘article’ back (and added this line) I am shocked by my own headlines and writing. I guess I must be fed up with the incessant rantings and garbage or ‘pop’ stars living in the twilight zone.

Horns, beasts and devils – what’s got into her?

Madonna will want to make sure it wasn’t just her head that rolled after her beast and Devil glorification ceremony… sorry I mean after her ‘performance’ at the ‘Brit Awards’ – or a better title for those numb-skulled morons who think that either God is not watching them or that they can actually mock Him without being knocked of their bird-brained perches might be ‘Nit Awards’ or dare I say it; ‘Twit Awards’!

Has Madonna put a little rock n roll back into her shows?

Oooops!… the bigger they are the harder they fall. Surely ‘Madonna’ – this really is a sign from someone upstairs that it’s time to quit?

I’m sorry, I don’t normally say things like this but Madonna has turned into such a… well disagreeable personage, helping to corrupt all our children with lewd shows and sexually explicit lyrics and Godless songs, that I just have no patience left for this kind of trashy nonsense any more.

Let’s get real people. We put people like her who ‘write’ repetitive tunes with meaningless (on the surface) lyrics, put to a 3-bob dance beat with an obligatory dance routine to go, on a pedestal way above the people in society that really matter and are really important. And I don’t mean web-masters like myself, critics or other generally un-productive people who are largely non-contributors to society – most of us are more interested in twitting our vacuous opinions than actually getting off our be-hinds and doing something for someone – no – I’m talking about doctors, nurses, toilet attendants, train drivers, bus driver and so on – you know the people that do real work and actually make life better and get paid for an honest living – not for seeing how far one can stretch the boundaries of ‘art’ and shocking people (as an artist I feel I have some credibility to discuss this matter) or people who look for ever more lurid ways to entice and ensnare the young (and old) in their webs of fantasy. What happened to the good, the honest, the decent, the uplifting, the edifying?

It’s Madonna – not her wardrobe that’s malfunctioned

Come on Madonna – we’re all guilty of it but you really are still a small girl shouting out to be noticed in a grown woman’s body – apart from learning to sing in tune, isn’t it time to give up all this child’s play, come out of the kindergarten and at least go to school? You can watch the ridiculous chain of events – oh, and the fall – unfold here.

What Killed Elvis Presley?

The Average Rock Star Only Lives to His Mid Sixties!

According to his close relative and member of his entourage called the ‘Memphis Mafia’ it wasn’t drugs or fast food that was at the root of Elvis Presley – the so-called King of Rock-n-Roll’s death. It was actually fame itself that was at the root.

And so we see and have seen history repeat itself over and over and over throughout the rock ‘music’ genre and many other genres too whereby these ‘stars’ are setup to be idols and it would appear that in most cases, the bigger the star – the stickier their end.

I used to love Elvis Presley but as a musician God has taught me over a number of years that he like all the others sold his soul – or at least his life here on earth – for the price of fame. Wether he makes it to heaven is not for me or anyone else to judge however we can and are instructed to test and weigh up what we see and hear and in this case we can clearly see God allowing the once sleek and God-like Elvis to become a parody of himself. Something that I believe Elvis was clearly and painfully aware of towards the end. But by this time it was too late.

Exactly the same happened to Michael Jackson – he too was worked to the bone and rinsed out for everything he had by the record companies until finally he was propped up by pills to keep going. Same with Witney Houston and countless others!

It may well be that Mr Presley will make heaven as he was a believer and a searcher but really we cannot know his heart so there we must draw the line. Suffice to say; young people, think very carefully BEFORE you ask God for fame – he might just grant your wishes and no man was EVER meant to be worshipped. The inevitable – and I mean inevitable end for any man that sets himself up – or willingly is setup to be a God – is his own destruction.


Christianity and Music

When we want to consider music and Christianity, first lets consider that Lucifer was a master of music – in fact, God doesn’t do things in heaven by halves so he was THE master of music. How interesting that the greatest being in heaven apart from God and Jesus shhould be a master musician! This tells us that music is hugely important both here on earth and in heaven – the outer realm. So what then is music, what is it for and how does it relate to Christians today?

Being a musician and very much into rock n roll, heavy metal and the like for much of my life – including my Christian life, and having asked The holy Spirit to reveal the truth in this matter, I feel I am at least a little qualified (if there is such a thing) to put forth my opinion on this subject and to reveal frankly the effects it has had on my life and how I believe it will effect others wether they know it or not.

For years and years I couldn’t reconcile the negative opinions of those that were against ‘rock’, ‘metal’ and other forms of secular music and music styles with my desire to play and listen to this type of music. It was only much later in life (I’m now 41) that the real origins, effects whils playing it and to the listeners of rock music (and other types too) came to my understanding.

When you chnallenge a person who listenes to rock music you will be faced by a barrage of reasons to why it is ok and that ‘it is only music’ – how can musical notes have a negative negative on someone  etc etc. Keep this reaction in mind as we will return to it later (it’s one that I too shared).

To be continued…