Stars Call Music Industry Demonic

None of us want to believe it – it’s so much fun and I have always loved music and been entertained by many stars and bought their records. But we need not to be taken in by the music industry glitz and glamour – it’s made that way for a reason. All the time we buy the records and fill the pockets of the CEOs and producers, the artists are more and more spending their time trying to dodge the bullets the industry and those tangled up in it constantly fire at them. Elvis – Morrison – Joplin – Winehouse – Houston – Hendrix – Jackson – there IS a connection.

Rock inspires a rebellious spirit – there is no way round it (I know – I played it)

Why did God create sound, music and harmony? To be used to glorify Him and his creations. So that means we don’t have to always sing about God – but what ever we do musically needs to glorify Him – and certainly not glorify carnal man. We can glorify God in folk tales, stories about creation, lyrics that describe conversion – or just lyric-less music of such beauty it inspires us to look towards Him – as many of the old believing composers did. But this all goes wrong when turn music into a commodity. With the love of money being the root of all evil – it is a given that it will soon become corrupt – and soon people will be singing and playing things they otherwise wouldn’t because their contract demands it. The Devil ALWAYS seeks to use money – in other words bread – literally food – to control and enslave us, and cause us to compromise our morals – it’s the essence of prostitution and happens in all walks of life and vocations and to a greater or lesser degree.

The deceitfulness of riches

The problem is this; F A M E – and that’s what undoubtedly killed the ‘King’ – Elvis Presley’s step-brother insists (Elvis hated that label and ironically always insisted there was only one King). Fame means performing – performing means huge highs followed by lows and sleep problems and a perpetually unnatural lifestyle. This requires medication to sleep and to wake up and get going again for the stage. Elvis can be seen complaining about it on film as early as the 50’s. Needless to say by 1977 he was on 32 – yes 32 sleeping pills a day – and all sorts of stimulants to get back on stage and tour.

Now we are told that it’s entered the church (I think it was never not in the church on one form or other – preachers are not immune from the problems caused by fame either – and men were NEVER created to be worshipped. Setting yourself up as an idol has to always end badly according to the Bible) So let’s not revere stars and see fame for what it is. Speak to anyone of these stars parents and the truth will come out. Unfortunately we the fans turn a blind eye to what fame really does to the stars we love – induces a false sense of security – pride, a lack of a need for God and on and on – that’s the unvarnished truth.

An Idea: Collaborative Internet Film Production Anyone?

Q: why is there no collaborative crowd film production service on the net? An idea you heard here first; Imagine you develop a script for a film – and you put it out there on the web, complete with wiki on the characters, scenes, synopsises, plots, technical needs and requirements – writing do’s and don’ts – and invite the world to create this film.

Collaborative Crowd Film Production Via the Internet

What I mean is – invite some folks to create and add the music, some to create the 3D sets and characters and animations, other to record and submit the voice overs, some to finance with the money needed, some to film a particular scene or three, others to market, others to… get the idea.

Well – I’ve been dreaming about this for about 15 years and not seen it yet or had the time to develop it myself – but I thought I’d put it in writing so someone out there can build it who has the time and $. Who knows – I may get round to it some time.

Well God bless. Edward.

The Painted Veil 2006 HD full movie

I decided to watch this movie I’ve never even heard of today – The Painted Veil – while I as working and though it started off quite slow, it turns out to be one of the best films I have ever seen. This movie made in 2006 and the HD version in full presented here is full of incredible story twists and subtle nuances – a far cry from today’s storyline-less blockbusters.

I haven’t done any film reviews but I had to do one after seeing this and I guarantee you will want to cry at many parts during the story and it leaves you with a sense of what is really of value in life – I think what the story teller and movie makers intended and succeeding in getting across. Watch The Painted Veil HD full movie below and send it to your friends. We need more movies like this. My review on The Painted Veil film is second to none – excellent – must see.

Apple Stands Up to The Bullies – But Will We?

As usual – they are trying to put pointless and underhand limits on what the good law-abiding folk do. I mean we all know that criminals will always find ways to get round the law and do bad things whatever limits are placed on them. For an example, and not to say that one is right or wrong but to point out – which criminal has ever taken notice of a gun free zone? – none I would wager – ever! Or which drug dealer has ever taken notice of the fact that a drug has been made illegal to sell?

If you’re not doing anything wrong – what have you got to hide they tell us? Pull the other one – it’s about more more power and more control

OK – well let’s have full access to Barak Obama’s phone, Hilary’s phone – oh and while you’re at it, the chief of the CIA’s phone. What?.. that’s not necessary? As usual, a band-aid is being used to fix an underlying problem with the internal mechanics. I say fixing the world’s crime, poverty and almost every other kind of social problem is as simple as putting The Ten Commandments put back in every home, every school – every workplace and dare I say it – yes I’ll say it – every church in every nation! Unfortunately that’s not going to happen any time soon, so I’ll let the Christian and upstanding William (Bill) Still – that man I call The real money master explain the full outrageous story…

The Future of Film?

It’s Sun 29th Nov 2015 and several years ago – around 2005 while I was dreaming up ideas for a book and a resulting movie full of fun characters I had an idea. I’m sure others had it before me but I haven’t seen it anywhere as an idea or in action. I’ve seen a lot of interesting ideas for film like multiple sound sources, multiple cameras filming the same action the viewer can select betWeen to see the action from any angle. But what about this for an idea?

You heard it here first!

Imagine you are watching Star Wars with you and your buddies and you each have a new ‘4D scanner phone’ (not invented or at least released to market yet). Then the film asks you if you would like ‘viewer interaction’ in the movie and which characters you would like to be in the Star Wars film you are about to watch.

you select ‘Yes’ then you upload your full 3D body image via your smart 4D scanner phone to the video/PC device along with a sample digitised recording of your voice. The device then replaces the characters in the movie with you and your friends bodies and voices. Cool!

I have never seen this idea posited anywhere on the web and I think it would be super fun. Take it one step further and the video machine asks you which city you are in and if you would like to replace the locations and backdrops with your city’s – and then it asks if you would like different weapons to the ones Luke and Darth use and you get to select several new ones to add to your arsenal.

Then you and your buddies watch the action play our with all the main characters replaced by you guys! Then you can re-watch the whole thing another night with the characters of your friends shuffled! Coool!

One step further and you could bid for places in the movie whist at the cinema right from your phone! And maybe you even get to where the outfit and sit in the royal box and Darth and Princess Laya! Now that’s a cool idea – imagine it… you go to a premier and get to see yourself as the main character! Better bring your wallet.

Well – remember when it happens, you heard it here first:)